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Okay, I didn't see this answered and the thread where I could have asked about this seems to be closed?

I'm having trouble with PGE's pokemon editor.
- When I start it up, it lags for a while and then brings up a popup about just-in-time (JIT) debugging.
- If I continue past the JIT debugging popup, it loads with some lag.
- If I try to scroll down the pokemon list even one pokemon, the program freezes, as in (not responding), and it won't continue no matter how long I give it.

I tried with different roms (FR, emerald, FR with the 649 patch and the correct roms.ini...) and no matter what, I got the same results each time

If anybody can provide any help here, that'd be really appreciated since this tool would be a great help with a hack I'm helping work on. Thanks in advance.