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UMC Grass: Johto Update #2:
+Beat Morty after leveling JASON for a long time.
+Went and defeated the Red Gyrados and Rocket Grunts.
+Fought Pryce and won.
+Got medicine for Jasmine and the sick Pokemon. Also defeated Eusine.
+Fought Chuck and won.
+Fought Jasmine and won.
+Got call about Goldenrod.
+Saved Goldenrod from Team Rocket and got Clear Bell.
+Defeated Suicune.

Currently: Making my way to Blackthorn for the last gym of Johto!


PERCY the Meganium Lv.41
Body Slam-Synthesis-Iron Tail-Razor Leaf

GROVER the Weepinbell Lv.41
Vine Whip-Sludge Bomb-Wrap-Sleep Powder

JASON the Exeggcute Lv.41
Confusion-Sleep Powder-Leech Seed-Rollout
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