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Originally Posted by Gexeys View Post
Here's an Amarua sprite I made today, not sure if you wanted to use it or not.
Accepted! I like the colours which is usually fairly rare, so I may not have to change so much,
the face and sails a Little bit but otherwise very good (y)

well, i'm a crap artist. BUT since I figured I would eventually be mooching off this resource in the future, I tried to contribute something. Don't berrate me for this crap quality as this is my first attempt at spriting EVER and i'm sure I broke multiple cardinal spriting sins and I doubt this will be of use lol. Hopefully it will be used as a base? maybe. At least I tried It's 64x64 and I used sugimori's inspirtation for the pose
I can´t actually see your attachment for whatever reason. Perhaps you could upload it to
imgur or something?

Also for everyone else, I´ve more or less finished Sylveon´s front sprite, so that´ll be the next one
I upload, after editing Superjub´s submission for the backsprite.

Then it´ll probably be Spritzee, Trevenant or Amaura.

EDIT: Sylveon! Credits to Superjub for the Back Sprite!

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