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Quote originally posted by Satoshi Ookami:
To put it bluntly... no, it won't work because anime has to continue =D
Yea, putting Serena as osananajimi character may show that writers start to put romance a bit into anime but no, anime has to continue with fresh new characters that join Satoshi.
If SatoSere were to work, I don't think they would go separate ways and that would break the rule of having new girl protagonist each season.

I'm still SatoHaru, though =D

Aren't there already a thread to discuss this ???
Anyway , Pokemon can't go on forever by repeating the same circle ! You saw how lower rating XY series debut got despite being more excellent then previous series debut .
At this moment , Replacing Ash Or not replacing him will have the same result .
So , Writer might finally break the circle and end Ash's story for Fresh new start therefore Setosere might be a cannon
Problem is that Serena's personality & her relationship is just too average and plain.
We need a heroin who can create moment like this-



As You see , Only a Serious-minded Tsundere can create moment like this !
Someone who doesn't admit her feeling and always tries to act like an adult by sacrificing her girly & childish side but fails .
Nice guy character like Ash fit well with Tsundere .
Serena's Very cute but she staring look too normal !
So Unless Writer do something to make Serena personality interesting , This Shipping won't go further then it already gone now !!!

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