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Originally Posted by Astinus View Post

It was weird to me that Twilight couldn't just teleport to get the dresses. Actually, Twilight is just weird this entire season. No one gives any reactions to her being a princess and wandering around in the open. Especially that pony that wouldn't give up the cab to her. It's not like Twilight can just hide her status. She's an alicorn.
She couldn't teleport, because she hasn't seen that place before, as further explained by the fan-made crossover "Turnabout Storm." I kind of imagine Manehatten as the place where you're treated as a normal citizen no matter who you are, especially how isolated the place is from the rest of Equestria, making any disastrous news taking place outside the city go unnoticed. It's only in small towns like Ponyville where Twilight gets respect as a princess.
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