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Originally Posted by Morkula View Post
If you still have the same case, it's nowhere near the size of a Defender. They're just big and bulky. I had one on my old phone and, while it's built like a tank, it more than doubled the size of it. Plus the rubber on them doesn't hold up very well...the case that I have (which is the same as yours) has actually held up much better on this phone.

And guys I ordered an SSD for my desktop. Looking forward to installing that Wednesday when it gets here. \o/
I've never used a case. I've tried them and I just can't stand the extra bulk. I'm very careful, though, so my phone is in really good condition, despite 3 years of case-less use.

If it's your first SSD, you're in for a nice surprise. The ONLY downsides are reduced space (not really an issue for a desktop with data drives) and that it makes it hard to go back to anything else