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Originally Posted by Necrum Warrior View Post
I think I'll give everyone til the end of the month to wrap up any Gen 5 standard Ultimate Challenges, then start a new thread that will enforce X and Y as a requirement for Ultimate qualification. A fresh start. And I can say that the thread is really my own, since the previous one was taken over by me from someone else who started it.
Their username was Illuminaughty by the way, and they didn't even create the original thread on this forum. It was Alakazam17 I think (right? Is that how you say it? Or am I mentioning the wrong person entirely?) but that was like 2011, maybe even 2010 I think. I don't see why this information is useful, just thought I'd throw that into the conversation.

Now for the real reason I'm here. Has anyone ever tried a challenge where you only use Pokemon introduced in the Generation of the game you're playing? I'm doing it on Y right now; it's really fun.
Semi-active challenge participant! :D

I formerly owned several challenges, but no longer wish to run them due to other commitments that I must honor first.
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