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Originally Posted by Squirrel View Post
I've bought a lot of the 5th Gen starter decks and I can tell you they're all great for casual play. My favourites are the Leafeon/Glaceon Plasma decks and the Genesect theme deck, but as Don said I don't think you'll go wrong with any of the recent ones. Just pick one of those and then start adding to it from boosters once you get to know the deck/cards a bit better and you'll be grand.
Thank you but i already bought plasma blast genesect and valcorona ,my friend told me it's pretty good and it was his first deck.
Even if the deck is hard to master i'll manage ,if these 2 decks suck i'll just kill my friend.
Btw my current 2 decks(toxic tricks and power play from emerging powers)are good ? i can mix them with one of the plasma blast decks ? create a new deck by mixing them ?
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