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Originally Posted by Unidentified View Post
In my opinion, there is no best starter.
It really depends on one's self, but I personally like Charmander the best.

That's only because it's the very first starter I picked in my history with Pokemon.
I like its appearance when it evolves into Charizard, it looks very cool and it even has a good Sp. Atk.
Originally Posted by Fernbutter View Post
Based on just the game, I would definitely go with Charmander.

But if it had to be based on the one I like most, it would be Bulbasaur.
Squirtle's cool I guess.
Originally Posted by ObnoxiousOboe View Post
Must go with Charmander, even though all three have their qualities.
Originally Posted by Alloute View Post
I like Charmander best because it evolves into Charizard. I always liked Charizard's design more than any other Kanto starter Pokemon.
Originally Posted by RookieComedian View Post

Originally Posted by SadfaceSquirtle View Post
I actually put the starter in the box and keep it there at first best opportunity. I'm boring that way. :p

I guess I'm a little biased, but from a mechanics perspective, Squirtle is probably best. Not only is Water fairly overpowered, aside from Magikarp/Gyarados it actually takes a while to find a Water-type, both after Grass and Fire-types have been found.
Originally Posted by joeb3 View Post
It depends on what team you plan on using.
Of the 3, Charmander is the best because its final form of Charizard is an absolute beast.
However, I typically choose Bulbasaur because I use Arcanine as my fire type and Lapras as my water type.
Originally Posted by Nordk View Post
I've always liked Bulbasaur, can't really say why though. I do feel sad for the Squirtle that just sits there for the rest of the game, though.
Originally Posted by withuse View Post
Originally Posted by Kensuke View Post
Squirtle, because it's cute as hell and you're gonna die as it becomes to it's last evolution and mega evolves. O_O
Originally Posted by pokemonleaguechamp View Post
I've always been a Charmander fan. Don't get me wrong, given the change, I get all 3 Kanto starters. But at the beginning of my first file, I got Charmander. This same Charmander has since become a Charizard, and has been used in breeding little Charmanders that have since been sent into Generation IV, V, and soon VI.
YEAH guys your all are right. Pokemonleaguechamp I am also a Charmander fan. Really you got 3 starter in one game ? and great to here about your trend to gen IV,V,VI

joeb3 yeah charizard, charmander all are great evolved forms. And all starter are great.
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