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Quote originally posted by Unidentified:
In my opinion, there is no best starter.
It really depends on one's self, but I personally like Charmander the best.

That's only because it's the very first starter I picked in my history with Pokemon.
I like its appearance when it evolves into Charizard, it looks very cool and it even has a good Sp. Atk.
Quote originally posted by Fernbutter:
Based on just the game, I would definitely go with Charmander.

But if it had to be based on the one I like most, it would be Bulbasaur.
Squirtle's cool I guess.
Quote originally posted by ObnoxiousOboe:
Must go with Charmander, even though all three have their qualities.
Quote originally posted by Alloute:
I like Charmander best because it evolves into Charizard. I always liked Charizard's design more than any other Kanto starter Pokemon.
Quote originally posted by RookieComedian:

Quote originally posted by SadfaceSquirtle:
I actually put the starter in the box and keep it there at first best opportunity. I'm boring that way. :p

I guess I'm a little biased, but from a mechanics perspective, Squirtle is probably best. Not only is Water fairly overpowered, aside from Magikarp/Gyarados it actually takes a while to find a Water-type, both after Grass and Fire-types have been found.
Quote originally posted by joeb3:
It depends on what team you plan on using.
Of the 3, Charmander is the best because its final form of Charizard is an absolute beast.
However, I typically choose Bulbasaur because I use Arcanine as my fire type and Lapras as my water type.
Quote originally posted by Nordk:
I've always liked Bulbasaur, can't really say why though. I do feel sad for the Squirtle that just sits there for the rest of the game, though.
Quote originally posted by withuse:
Quote originally posted by Kensuke:
Squirtle, because it's cute as hell and you're gonna die as it becomes to it's last evolution and mega evolves. O_O
Quote originally posted by pokemonleaguechamp:
I've always been a Charmander fan. Don't get me wrong, given the change, I get all 3 Kanto starters. But at the beginning of my first file, I got Charmander. This same Charmander has since become a Charizard, and has been used in breeding little Charmanders that have since been sent into Generation IV, V, and soon VI.
YEAH guys your all are right. Pokemonleaguechamp I am also a Charmander fan. Really you got 3 starter in one game ? and great to here about your trend to gen IV,V,VI

joeb3 yeah charizard, charmander all are great evolved forms. And all starter are great.

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