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Second Sapphire update. This time span was so annoying. Training a Zubat that only knows Supersonic and Leech Life isn't an easy task.

-Defeated Team Aqua grunt in Rusturf tunnel and retrieved the Devon goods.
-Saved Peeko
-Got a PokeNav from the President
-Travelled to Dewford Town with Mr. Briney (How do you fit in that boat???)
-Obtained an old rod
-Set the trendy phrase to: "Nosepass is too weak", because why not.
-Caught a Tentacool on route 106 and named it Jam.
-Obtained HM05 (Flash) in Granite Cave
-Caught a Zubat in Granite Cave and named it Tinywings (Don't ask me why. It was my first Zubat's nickname, and I named it when I was ten. So I've kind of stuck with it.)
-Trained Tinywings and Jam
-Took on Dewford Gym
-Defeated Brawly's Makuhita using Dustfly's confusion. Got the Knuckle Badge
-Taught Treeko flash
-Delivered Steven's letter
-Taught Tinywings Steel Wing
-Traveled to the shores of Slateport

Current Team:
Dustfly (Dustox)
Lv: 17
Gender: Male
Ability: Shield Dust
Nature: Hardy
Held item: None
Moves: Gust, Confusion, Poison Sting, Harden

Jam (Tentacool)
Lv: 16
Gender: Female
Ability: Liquid Ooze
Nature: Mild
Held Item: None
Moves: Poison Sting, Supersonic, Constrict

Tinywings (Zubat)
Lv: 16
Gender: Female
Ability: Inner Focus
Nature: Docile
Held Item: None
Moves: Steel Wing, Supersonic, Astonish, Bite

Treeko (Hm Slave)
HM moves: Flash, Cut

Badges: 2/8
Current Challenges (The ones that are underlined are complete)

Ultimate Monotype Challenge (Poison)
Ultimate Progress: LeafGreen 0/8, SoulSilver 0/16, Sapphire 0/8, Platinum 0/8, Black 2 2/8, Y 0/8

Ultimate Monotype Challenge (Ghost)
Ultimate Progress: Firered 0/8, SoulSilver 0/16, Sapphire 0/8, Platinum 8/8, White 2 0/8, Y 2/8

(Ghost) Black 0/8
(Poison) White 0/8