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Ultimate Water Challenge, FireRed LeafGreen part 3

Challenged Vermillion Gym finally. By now Surge was laughably easy. Shock Waves didn't even hit Damon (Vaporeon) for a tenth of his health. Obtained... Dynamo Badge?
Cleaned out the Team Rocket hideout, also laughably easy, since I had gotten Hyper Beam for Noriko (Gyarados). Chelone evolved into Blastoise sometime around now. Giovanni was incredibly easy.
Challenged Celadon Gym. With Hyper Beam on Noriko and Aurora Beam on Damon, this gym was much easier than last time, but not quite laughably so. Obtained Rainbow Badge.
Returned to Lavender, started ascending the tower.
Beat Rival (Pokemon Tower), which was really easy when you're ten levels higher than him.
Got the Poke Flute from Mr. Fuji. Went south of Lavender, got Snorlax out of the way, and finally obtained the Super Rod.
Obtained Staryu, named Messier. (Pallet Town)
Obtained Poliwag, named Lee. (Viridian City)
Went through Safari Zone, obtained Surf and Strength.
Challenged Fuchsia Gym, obtained Soul Badge. Went fairly well- I just surfed everything to death.
Headed to Saffron to clean out Silph Co. Holy crap the first scientist nearly swept my team. Its Magneton kept paralyzing things and then getting them to low health before I could even hit it. Noriko damaged it with Twister before fainting, and then Damon took it out with Quick Attack finally. After that the rest of Silph Co. was easy.
Defeated Rival (Silph Co.) with no effort.
Defeated Giovanni again, saved Silph and obtained the Master Ball.
Challenged Saffron Gym, defeated Sabrina without much difficulty, obtained Marsh Badge.
Arrived in Cinnabar.
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Ultimate Water Monotype Challenge
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