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So, guys. I need advice.

Well one, let me explain what happened with my current room mate.

Right, so, Saturday I got a text from her telling me she got a notice of the damages from the pipe bursting, something like 1,400 bucks. (We had a pipe burst in my room on New Year's Eve, spraying water EVERYWHERE, and high pressure too. Also note, I am NOT on the lease.)

Later I learned that it wasn't just a bill/notice for payment, it was an eviction notice and that if it wasn't paid in ten days we would be forced to leave. It just seemed fishy to me, and to my dad. No one had inspected the apartment since the pipe burst, and we had heard nothing from the people below our apartment. My room mate has a habit of well, not being a good person. She has a bit of a bar issue, and a bit of a 'bring home men in the middle of the night while room mate is sleeping' thing. And it ended up once with a naked man in my bed room. I've been worried about her paying my half of the bill, since I give her cash for it so there is no paper trail, note, not on the lease.

Now, at this point I was ready to pay the damages myself. I'd been saving up to go back to school and better my life, that's why I moved there, to save money for school. I'd saved a little over what was needed, so I was gonna pay, then move out at the end of the month. I was willing to give up an entire year's worth of saving for this because I felt the damage to the pipe was more my responsibility, and I'm a good person. Also, my room mate, a thirty-nine year old woman, with children she sees every weekend, is friends with my mother. They work together, her working as my mom's assistant.

My dad made her text a picture of the notice, and my dad, using a fake name, left a message for the landlady saying he was from some church that was wanting to help us. Though he never really talked to her.

My dad called my mom, and told her that he'd talked to the landlady, but he didn't say what was said, only that they would 'talk later'. In truth, he never talked to her. My mom then told my room mate that my dad called the landlady, and my room mate was pissed. She was pissed my dad called the landlady, but my mom said he was trying to help. And was shocked to find her so angry. After a bit of working things out my room mate admitted that it wasn't for damages for the pipe, it was because she was three months behind on rent.

She'd been using the rent money to pay off other things, and ignoring the rent. We're already 18 days late this month, and hadn't paid in two already. This was ridiculous, seeing as I'd been giving her my half, she should have no problem with hers. This is entirely her fault, and I am not giving her a cent.

So I am not paying, and I'm packing to move in with my parents until things settle, which is gonna suck because I haven't lived with my parents in more than four years.

She hasn't even started packing. Nor has a cent been paid, and nor will it be paid by me. I plan to move on Friday or Saturday.

I'm done helping this *****.

But here I am at the impasse of, where the hell do I go? The only real solution, moving in with my girlfriend of two months. Well, by the time we move in together it will be three, but still. See, she's in a bad situation too, living trapped in a lease with a crazy ex. And we've talked before about this, it makes sense and will help us both mutually, I just want to figure out things I need to know and stuff. Advice? Comments?