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Originally Posted by The Artist Formerly Known As Shining Raichu View Post
OK so it's a big step to move in with someone, particularly after such a short time. The questions I would ask are the following:

1. Does this mean more than just the necessity under which you're doing it?
2. If so, are you comfortable with the speed at which you're moving?
3. If not, are you happy to take such a serious step for such a meaningless reason?
4. Would it be better to live with your parents or risk your relationship?

I have two friends that moved in together after not being together for very long. They're still together over a year later and they're quite happy, if a little co-dependent. So that's my only experience to share with you. Let me know what you decide!

1. Right now it's a mix. We both agree we've never would have let a relationship move this fast, and haven't, with anyone else. It's just, well, she says when it feels right, it feels right and she wouldn't do it otherwise.
2. If it feels right, it feels right. I'm a really laid back person, usually if she's okay with it, so am I. I'm a little nervous maybe, but who wouldn't be?
3. I don't think it's meaningless. We do both love each other, and I do feel different about her than I have for anyone else.
4. Well, my parents and I do not get along. There was a reason I was pretty much homeless throughout high school. We are better with each other now, but living together might change that. My dad beat me until I was 18, when I finally moved out. So, no, I'd rather not stay at my parent's for long. My dad and I have reconciled, but still, leftover emotions are there. And since I came out things have been a bit weird. Geez, just imagine when she comes to visit. (She's already met my parents, they like her, but are still weirded out about things.)

We're gonna spend some time to figure things out. I do really love her and never felt this way before I thought I've been in love before, but this is totally different. I just don't want this to turn into a lesbian U-Haul situation. We did somewhat agree that if anything happens, forbid, we can remain friends and civil room mates. Which is why I suggest a two bedroom, just being cautious. What do you think?