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  • Links to the Battle Server have been added to the navigation links, right next to chat. Which leads me to...
  • In order to make room for the Battle Server links, the "Your Options" menu has been removed from the navbar. You can now access the same menu by clicking on your username up at the top next to where it says "Welcome"
  • The list of themes from the dropdown menu at the bottom of each page has been rearranged and now display them in alphabetical order
  • A new type of announcement has been added to the forums. Occasionally, moderators and administrators may post "global" announcements (also called howlers :D) that will appear on the main forum index. There is no way to hide these and I have no intention of making it possible, so please, don't ask.
into this wild abyss
the womb of nature
and perhaps her grave
of neither sea nor shore nor air nor fire
but all these in their pregnant causes mixed confusedly
and which thus must ever fight
unless the almighty maker them ordain his dark materials to create more worlds
into this wild abyss the wary fiend stood on the brink of hell
and looked a while
pondering his voyage