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Ultimate Water Challenge, Firered Leafgreen part 4

Went through the Pokemon Mansion, obtained the Secret Key.
Challenged Cinnabar Gym, obtained Volcano Badge. Blaine was so laughably easy I don't even think he landed a hit.
For a sixth and final team member, unboxed the Lapras from Silph Co. and named Laplace.
Challenged Viridian Gym, wiped the floor with Giovanni one last time, and obtained the Earth badge.
Went through the Seafoam Islands, murdered Articuno.
Went to the Power Plant, murdered Zapdos.
Went off to the Sevii Islands, did a bunch of stuff, found and murdered Moltres.
Returned to Route 22, defeated Rival.
Entered Victory Road, came out the other side.

I finally use some TMs to finalize movesets, which also involved buying tons of coins from the game corner for Ice Beams.
Chelone: Surf, Ice Beam, Bite, Return
Noriko: Dragon Dance, Secret Power, Hyper Beam, Surf
Damon: Surf, Ice Beam, Bite, Quick Attack
Lee: Brick Break, Earthquake, Body Slam, Surf
Messier: Surf, Psychic, Ice Beam, Thunder
Laplace: Ice Beam, Hydro Pump, Body Slam, Shock Wave

Elite Four
Brick Break, Shock Wave, and Thunder managed to wreck her team without too much trouble.
Surf and Psychic made short work of him. Mega Kick came close to giving us trouble but Hitmonlee fell before that could happen.
Arbok and Golbat fell to Messier's Psychic, the Ghosts fell to Bites from Chelone and Damon.
Ice Beams all across the board.

Laplace felled Pidgeot in two ice beams without taking too much damage.
Rhydon falls in one hit to Chelone's Surf.
Messier takes out Venusaur with two Psychics before it can get a Solarbeam off.
Arcanine was a bit harder. Extremespeed hits Damon for around a third of his health, but Surf knocks it into the red. Garry used all four Full Restores on the dang thing before I managed to take it down. It gets off a second Extremespeed, though.
Alakazam's Psychic hits Noriko hard. Noriko Dragon Dances. Noriko Hyper Beams and 1HKO's it.
Garry's last pokemon- Gyarados. Messier's Thunder knocks off a massive chunk of its health and paralyzes it. It Thrashes, Messier takes heavy damage. Garry heals (guess I miscounted those Full Restores), but the next Thunder hits as well. Ice Beam for the KO.

And that's game!
Team Photo:

Oh also it turns out my Trainer ID was 33455. how cool is that?
(Photos courtesy of friend William, who lent me LeafGreen; he also lent me a gameboy player or whatever it's called so I could do the final battle on the TV and get photos of quality. Many thanks to friend William.)

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Ultimate Water Monotype Challenge
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