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Originally Posted by gogojjtech View Post
Just swap the order since they're not used in the sprite sheet)
I guess I wasn't very clear with the description. The way the tall grass behaves, it normally hides most of the sprite. This is achieved by the entire graphic covering the player at all times. I changed the tiles for the tall grass and it gives me this:

Whereas I would like the tiles to behave like the normal grass:

but still force the player to walk, and call up the tall grass battle screen (and be a different color, but that's manageable because it's different tiles). I'd imagine this is ASM related.

Edit: Apparently, this behavior byte causes even the tiles on the lower level to cover the player, as seen here.

After a bit more exploring, I think I found the cause of the problems. In normal grass, both the player and the grass overlay have a priority of 2. In tall grass, the player gets priority 3, and the top of his head and the grass are 2. I'm fairly sure I'd be able to fix this if I had the address for the ASM routine for the tall grass. Could someone help me out, or point me to how I would find this address?