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Perhaps others who got to know me wouldn't think I'm trying to demean ppl when I'm simply pointing out flaws and things I see that are wrong. My point is with all the sensitivity towards my comments to have that approach to a subject such as incest even if it's a joke just doesn't seem balanced or fair. But since he's a mod he's fine, that's the attitude I pick up on around here.
I didn't say you were trying to demean him. I was saying that CC wasn't trying to demean anyone with his bio. If his bio were this, for example:

"I have sex every night with my wife who is my sister."

That would be wrong. What he has is nothing offensive or rude to anyone. I have seen non-staff members with much stranger things in their bios, including a guy that claimed to be married to Reshiram and another person who had a fetish for pillow pets. Much more strange than a small joke about incest, but they were still allowed to keep their bios with that info. And again, the people he's referring to are not actually related to him in any way, shape, or form. So it's not real incest he's talking about.

Again, I really think you're reading too much into this.
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