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Originally Posted by Master Trainer Empoleon View Post
Misty and Iris (as much as I don't care for her) are solid Type A tsuderes. May and Dawn are a mix of Type A and Type B. Serena on the other hand, is definitely a Type B.

We'll see more of her "Tsun" side fleshed out over time.
Misty is a Tsundere , Iris isn't !
Iris happen to writer's failed attempt to create a Non-violent Misty.
Honestly , Ash fit much well with Tsundere due to his dense personality .
So , I believe a Tsundere rival is a good match for Ash .
Now that I think of it , This show doesn't have a single female Challenger around Ash's age who really really strong . Forget about rivals !
Most of the Female challenger are ether rookie and Comic relief .
Katie (AG) probably the strongest female Challenger while Maccy (Jotho) probably the strongest 10 year old challenger.
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