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Midori "Kyuu" Kuramoto






Midori is a rather tall girl, compared to the rest of her brothers and sisters, standing at the height of five feet five. Her slender, well proportionate frame, makes her seem ever so graceful in her movement.

The girl has almond-shaped amber eyes, a small nose and a tiny mouth framed by full, rosy lips that give her a cute, innocent appearance. Her short, burgundy hair falls loose, framing her face ever so nicely, a cute fringe threatening to cover her eyes with every blow of the wind. She prefers bob-like haircuts as she finds it easier to take care of her hair that way and because of her hatred of long hair that she gained as a child, because of a prank that didn’t end well for her.

When it comes to clothes and outfits, Kyuu seems to be a huge fan of baggy dresses, her entire wardrobe consisting of a variety of baggy dresses in all shapes and colours, some plain, others covered in intricate patterns, some sleeveless and others with long or elbow-length puffy sleeves. The only accessory that she pairs with her dresses is usually a pair of puffy bracelets made of the same material her dress is made of.

For her journey, the girl opted for a couple of baggy dresses, a purple one and a teal one. The purple one, mainly suitable for the warm seasons, has puffy sleeves that stop right above her elbows and is made of mainly cotton, with a lacey, black fabric that sticks out at the front, covering her breasts and at the bottom, forming a cute, frilly edge, adding just the right touch of cuteness. Her wrists are covered in pink, puffy bracelets.

Her teal dress is her choice during the colder seasons. It is a hand-made, knitted dress, as short as the purple one, the only difference being that this one has long sleeves and covers her cleavage entirely, as opposed to her purple dress. She wears a pair of black tights and her bracelets are replaced with a pair of black gloves.

The girl’s choice of footwear consists of a pair of black sandals, a pair of sneakers and a pair of black hiking boots. She also has a pair of rain boots that she pairs with a lovely rain coat and in her backpack, she also neatly folded a nice winter coat that fits her choice of outfits.


Personality-wise, Midori is a rather quiet girl that prefers observing from afar rather than getting caught straight in the middle of the action. Being the youngest in her family, she got used to being ignored or forgotten about so she simply started ignoring everyone else as well.

Trying to understand Midori could be a challenge as she rarely leaves any of her emotions be read on her face and in her behavior. She doesn’t speak much, preferring the company of Pokémon over that of people most of the time. If approached, however, she tends to keep a polite, formal attitude towards those that decided they wanted to get to know her.

Despite her seeming much like an iceberg when approached, Kyuu is a kind-hearted person and, deep down in her heart, she sometimes wishes to meet people that could make her love people as much as she used to as a kid.


The purpose of Midori’s journey is to become the best Ghost Type Pokémon trainer across the region of Hoenn and maybe even the World. as opposed to her brothers and sisters that found Ghost and Dark Type Pokémon scary and creepy, Kyuu loved them with a passion, especially Ghost Types and, once she got her very first Pokémon, a Phantump, she knew that she wanted to know all there was to know about Ghost Types and she wanted to own every single one of them and learn about their unique traits.

Brief History:

Midori was the youngest child in her family, having eight brothers and sisters. Being born in such a large family, Kyuu was often forgotten about and had a hard time getting her point across, especially since she was quite shy as a kid and had a hard time expressing herself.

The girl earned both the nickname Kyuu and her love of Ghost Types during a family trip. During a camping trip, a 7 years old Midori wandered away from the camping place, in her chase of a colorful Pokémon and ended up getting lost in the forest surrounding the grove the family was camping in. Her family only realized she was missing when they rounded everyone up for dinner and they figured they were missing the ninth child. As they went looking for her, they starting calling her name, one of her brothers started calling out for “Kyuu”(it means nine in Japanese) instead of Midori. Apparently, the rest of her family decided it suited the little girl so she got stuck with it.

As the Sun started setting, little Kyuu realized she got lost and that she didn’t know how to get back to camp so, after wandering about for a while, the little girl sat down on a tree stump and started crying. Little did she know that she had sat down on a sleeping Phantump, disturbing its sleep.

Suddenly awoken from its nap, the Phantump shook the little girl off its head and stared at her curiously. A startled Midori stared back at the Stump Pokémon. Somehow, the two instantly connected and the Phantump seemed to understand the reason of the girl’s sadness and offered to help her get back to camp.

Despite of her fear of Ghost Type Pokémon up until that day, Midori chose to trust the Pokémon in front of her and to follow it. The two reached the camp and, as soon as the girl’s family showed up, the Phantump vanished, leaving a saddened Midori behind.

The next day, Midori found out she had gained a new nickname and also realized that she missed the Pokémon that had helped her the night before. She spent the entire day looking for it, but to no avail. So, when the time came for the family to go back home, the little girl was heart-broken. Little did she know that the very Phantump that had helped her was closely following her on her way home.

A few days after their trip, as Midori was outside, playing with two of her sisters, thePhantump decided to reveal itself to her. The girl was happy to see the Stump Pokémon. Her sisters, however, weren’t and they ran inside screaming, causing their mother to panic and rush outside, only to see a now happy Midori playing with her new friend. That same night, Kyuu and her parents had a talk that revealed how the girl befriended the Phantump and, after much thinking, her parents allowed her to keep the Phantump and even gave her a Pokéball so she can capture the Pokémon when she felt ready to become a full-fledged trainer, much to Kyuu’s brothers and sisters’ dismay. The two have been inseparable ever since and, when the girl turned ten, she finally felt ready to capture the Phantump, even though she still didn’t feel ready to go on a journey.

The years had gone by and Midori’s older brothers and sisters had already left for their journeys and they kept sending news back home. They were slowly becoming great Pokémon trainers and Midori suddenly felt a little jealous so she decided it was about time she went on her own quest to becoming a Ghost Type Pokémon expert.


Kyuu's favourite fruits are Raspberries and Oranges.
She wears Green Tea scented perfume.
Kyuu's Phantump is nicknamed Kiichigo, usually shortened Kii. Kiichigo means Raspberry.
Kyuu's Phantump is Female.
Kii spends most of her time outside of her Pokéball.
Kii likes Sweet Berries.
Midori's Phantump can get over-protective of her trainer.

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