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Layla Riese





Favourite computer game:

League of Legends




Layla is rather tall, standing at the impressive height of 5'9". Despite being the tallest among her friends, the young woman is ever so graceful in both her walking and her actions.She has long black hair that cascades all the way to her hips and a cute fringe that stops right above her mesmerizing blue-grey eyes.

Layla prefers sporty outfits and can be usually seen wearing white, sporty tank tops and short, pleated skirts, usually blue or teal to which she pairs thigh-length white socks. Her feet rest comfortably in a pair of either blue or teal sneakers, usually matching her skirt's colour. During the cold seasons, Layla pairs her outfits with a sporty blue coat and a white scarf.

The young woman is not a huge fan of accesories, the only one she can usually be seen wearing, being a gold necklace that she got as a gift from her late mother, back when she was twelve years old. The necklace is her most prized posession and she is always extremely careful not to missplace it.


Up until her Mother passed away, Layla used to be an extremely cheerful girl that loved being around people. Since the deaths of her Mother, however, the girl prefered to look for comfort in sports and video games. Nowadays, she is a quiet girl that would much rather spend her time alone than surrounded by people. She hates crowds and noisy places.

Though solitary, Layla is kind-hearted and would go to great lengths to help a person in need, especially if she holds them in high regards in her heart.

Online, the young woman is a complete opposite of the every-day Layla. She's confident and open to talking to people. While gaming, she can get daring and aggressive, to the point of ruthlessness. She feels that she can express herself better in the Online world rather than the real world, because "people in the online world don't feel sorry for you" as she likes to say. She has yet to find someone to prove her wrong.


Layla was an only child, being raised by a single Mother. Her relationship with her mother was a special one, the two being the bestest of friends. When her Mother was diagnosed with lung cancer, a twelve years old Layla was devastated. She entered a state of denial that reached its peak the moment her beloved Mother closed her eyes for the last time. After her Mother's death, the girl focused mostly on sports and vowed to become a great athlete, to honor her late Mother's memory.

Prior to PokéLink, Layla spent most of her time training, studying and gaming. She finished school with almost perfect scores and got a Scholarship in Sports Studies at a renowned University, pushing hard towards her goals. She, once again, worked hard towards great scores, joined competitions and various clubs and activities that she considered could help her reach her goals. In her second year at University, Layla travelled the country with a group of students from the same year, as part of a project that had the sole goal of promoting sports and outdoor activities among children and teenagers. It was then that she heard of a new game, PokéLink that was under development. The game piqued her interest so, about a year later, when she recieved a newsletter about PokéLink being in need of Beta Testers, she couldn't resist the urge of signing up, thinking that it could be a "good way to spend the holidays".


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