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Its not like i said yo sig was tatally shbeeful. -.- I can understand why young thugz (YO 16?!) like well thugz like puttng skanky shawty sprites n thair sigs fo tha sake of puttng skanky shawty sprites n thair sigs. I fo one doesnt like that knd of stuff snce it makes sigs look ugly and it makes tha community look a lot childish that normal. I just hope i didnt come out of tha curtans TAO bad fo you. >X Apologize fo any seizures i couldve commited. And fo Tha Bootylicious Saiybean, tha staff isnt tha whole foum's government. ANd plus, what i said is probaly what goes around n some thugzs mnd at time ta time. So pleaze mnd what you sez bout thugz that isnt staff. We is not plastic crap typng on keyboards thank you Now i thnk no one else should post n dis thread unless you is on tapic bout fakng ponters you can write down. Most of it is already put down so yeah. Peace, kapeesh? XD
Mah ID is now Auel. ; O.o