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Finally got around to starting on this I've gotten to be very particular with my characters, so I can take a bit to make them sometimes o3o' I'll update this as I go then link back to it when I'm finished.

Finished this a lot more quickly than I thought I would Let me know if I need to change anything.

Sekirei SU

Name: Fia

Gender: Female

Number: 9


Fia has wide, clear eyes the color of a perfectly blue, cloudless sky; their color darkens to a deep ocean blue when she is in deep thought or irritated. Straight, wispy hair as white as snow, with only a few stray silvery strands to add an extra sheen, falls down her back and just reaches nearly to her knees. No matter how much the wind may blow it, or how ruffled it may get, it always seems to fall perfectly back into place with little to no effort on her part.

Her skin is pale with only a slight peachy color to it. She doesn't have much of a chest to speak of, but what she does have suits her build perfectly. She isn't very tall, only being a childish height of about 4'9", but with her graceful movement and style of clothing she is difficult to see as a child. Her body is slim and petite with slight curves. What compliments her more than even her appearance, however, is her captivating voice.

She dislikes colorless, mundane clothing and insists on wearing clothes that are brilliantly colored and made of fine, expensive materials. However, she dislikes anything too flashy and goes instead for a more graceful beauty. She also dislikes wearing anything with long sleeves and will bear the cold for as long as she can before submitting to wearing one, as she believes it degrades from her physical appearance. She usually sticks to a single outfit each week, though they all share similarities. These similarities being a slim-fitting, usually sleeveless short dress made of silk; A ribbon or bow of some color that contrasts brightly with her hair, such as blood red or bright pink; tights or long socks over her legs, with delicate sandals of a matching color on her feet. Even with her particular taste in clothing, she isn't so picky with her accessories. She wears a pink ribbon around her right wrist and a metallic red band around her left wrist.

Personality: Every movement Fia makes is made with utmost grace, and every words she speaks is spoken with absolute calm. She very rarely raises her voice in anger, even if such emotions roil beneath her skin. She finds it amusing to watch as those intent on angering her grow frustrated with her serene nature. One of the few things that can rile her is if one of her possessions is harmed, whether that possession be an item or a person. This is especially so since she despises sharing with anyone and keeps a close hold on what she considers to be hers. Even so, she outwardly retains a cold calm until she has enacted her vengeance in whatever demeaning way she finds suitable.

Though she may seem to be completely tranquil, she is innately cruel and sadistic. She exercises her savage interests on those she dislikes or simply doesn't care for by plunging her way into their deepest thoughts through sly and manipulative ways, then using their greatest fears to pull their strings and knock them down. The greater her hatred of the person, the more torturous she is when ripping them apart. Besides finding pleasure in the emotional pain of others, she also finds it in physical pain. In a fight, if she has the upper hand she'll purposefully draw it out for as long as possible just to see how much she can beat them before they fall and watch as hopelessness fills their eyes. Her teasing isn't always cruel, however; she is constantly teasing and laughing at others faults just to annoy them. She is also incredibly smug when she accomplishes some difficult task and makes it a point to flaunt her ability.

One thing she can always be depended on to do is to keep her promises. She has yet to break a single promise she has made, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem, and she plans to hold that record for the rest of her life. She takes the breaking of promises very seriously and despises those who don't keep their word.

She can be very particular about the things she wants. She'll only eat the finest foods and wear clothing made of the best materials. Anything dull or bland, taste or look wise, she instantly rejects.

Starting Location: North District

Destiny: Up to Fate

Abilities: Like herself, her abilities are very graceful and often beautiful, yet at the same time dangerous. In its most basic form, she can create orbs of blue fire and cause flames of the same color to dance across her skin. She can further this ability, however, by singing. The pitch and tone of the music manipulates her flames. The higher pitched her voice, the more brightly the flames burn; the lower her voice, the dimmer and calmer they become.

The flames do more than just burn, though. She can manipulate them into different forms as well, plus control who they burn. She uses her imagination and music to manipulate the flames. Calm, soothing songs are better for manipulating the flames into a more peaceful, tranquil state that is used more often for support of some sort than actually fighting. Viscous, angry sounding songs make for fiercer, unpredictable flames and frightening creations. One particular song she often uses that has always been imprinted into her mind gives her a pair of flaming wings.

Her emotions play a part in her ability too. The calmer she is, the more controlled the flames are. The more frustrated she gets, the wilder and more powerful the flames become.

Norito: "The flames of our melody will burn those who dare to defy my Ashikabi to ashes."

Greater Techniques:

Voice of the Phoenix- Fia takes on the form of an anthropomorphic phoenix. This form is a few feet taller and bulkier than her normal form. She stands on the legs and talons of a bird of prey, with a body covered in white feathers, with red at the tips of her wings. Her arms become her wings, so she is no longer able to grip anything with her hands; her feet work just as well for gripping, though. Her nose and mouth meld together to form a sharp beak. She is swifter and stronger as a phoenix. Blue flames constantly wreathe about her while she is in this form.

While in the form of a phoenix, her usual abilities are not only stronger, but slightly different. Using her voice, she can manipulate the flames around her into a tangible item or creature that can make physical contact as well as burn; however, using these flames causes her to lose the flames surrounding her. If the item or creature is somehow extinguished, the flames appear around her once again. Besides these flames, she can also use her flames in the usual manner.

Phoenix Storm- Fia begins with a soft melodic tune that causes a cloud of fire to form and swirl in the sky. Suddenly, she raises the pitch sharply and holds it as the fire transforms into a number of fiery birds which crash down towards the target. The longer she continues he melody, the more fiery birds there are. If she breaks off even once during this melody, the fire will dissipate.

Phoenix Choir- Fia makes a short whistling sound that sounds like birdsong, and bird about the size of an eagle with coloration similar to her phoenix form appears from her flames. While it is created from her flames, it is not flames itself but rather a living and breathing creature. This bird can help Fia control her flames with its singing, allowing for a wider array of fiery creations as they can each sing a different song at the same time. Besides this, its wicked talons can be a handy weapon at close range. When the birds are killed or when Fia extinguishes them herself, they disappear in a small burst of flames and everything they have seen and heard is transferred to Fia's memory. Fia can create a small number of these phoenixes at a time and conduct them like a choir. While three or four of these birds don't require much thought on her part to control, any more would require more concentration on her part and strain her mind.

Brief history:

RP Sample: Took it from one of my posts in Pokemon Odyssey: A New Beginning. Hope that's alright.
The light of the dying sun cast a soft pink glow over the gravestones, one in particular being lit up by a dark blue glow that mixed with the light of the setting sun to create a purple highlight across the name:

Darius "Hunter" Chalmers

The source of the blue glow was the faint midnight blue core of the flames belonging to Daricka the Infernape. Her oceanic blue eyes stared down at the name carved in stone, a silent plea in their normally emotionless depths. What should she do now...? The Dark One was still out their somewhere, and Daricka had no doubt that someday he would be back, so she hadn't really fulfilled her vow. Well, she supposed she had done what she said she would... The Silver Tribe was no more. But, would Darius be satisfied knowing she'd called it quits when the one behind it all was still alive and on the loose? Did she really believe that Valkaria would be safe simply because Darkrai had fled? No. But what could she do about it?

Lifting her left hand up, she stared down at it as the familiar blue energy of a Focus Blast swirled to life in it; however, before it could fully form and stabilize, the shimmering orb collapsed and the energy dissipated. Daricka released a sigh of disappointment; try as she might, even a full week after the final battle she still couldn't gather enough energy within her for a single ability. She could pump herself up with Calm Mind, but even then, the attack would fade away almost immediately after forming. While she had regained some energy when Penance had connected all of their minds, she'd given most of it to Guardia; and even with what she retained, nothing could replace the Life Flames she'd used. What use was she if she no longer had the power of a member of the Gold Tribe?

A squeak caught her attention; instinctively tensing she flashed her gaze about. Standing at the edge of the cemetery and staring up at Daricka with an awed look was a young Buizel. When Daricka's stare locked onto the water Pokemon, she squeaked again and shuffled awkwardly. Finally, when the Infernape offered up no words, the Buizel seemed to gather her wits and spoke up in a bold yet nervous voice, "You're from the Gold Tribe, right?" When Daricka gave a silent nod, the Buizel seemed to gain more courage and stood taller, her eyes shining in admiration. "I think it's amazing what you guys did, standing up against the Silver Tribe like that. I wanna be like you one day!" he stated confidently.

Daricka stared down at the Buizel in surprise, though it didn't show on her face. After a moment of silence, she said, "The Alpha Alliance did their part as well."

This simply caused the Buizel to squeal for some reason, Daricka wincing as the high-pitched sound grated on her ears. "Yeah, but they didn't have to go up against Auron and the rest!"

Daricka looked helplessly at the Buizel for a moment longer, then shrugged and turned away; it didn't seem as if anything she said was going to convince the young Pokemon that the Gold Tribe hadn't done all the work. However, the encounter had sparked an idea in her mind. Who said this generation had to be the one that saw the permanent downfall of the Dark One? Who said she had to physically take part in that battle? Returning her gaze to Darius' grave, she made a new promise to him: 'One day, whether it be in the next generation or not for many more generations to come, the Dark One will be brought down. And I'll do my part to help lead this generation on towards that future.'

But first... Daricka glanced down at here right hand, where a piece of paper was clutched. Written on the parchment was an invitation from Penance to attend a meeting. What that meeting would be about, she wasn't sure; but, she had a feeling it would be worth her while to attend.

Walking away from her mentor's grave, she paused as she passed the Buizel at the gate and turned her head slightly to look at the water-type. "If you really do want to be like us, don't wait until you're older to start working toward it. Start building your character now; then when you're ready, look for me at H.A.S. I'll be waiting." While she doubted H.A.S. was still operational after the war, it could be rebuilt just like everything else. With the Buizel still staring after her, Daricka continued away, her heart filled with a new determination.
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