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I wouldn't get too excited about the new system being revealed this year. It's rumoured to be a simple plug-in controller that you can play games on using your TV. Hardly a new console as such. Probably won't even see the light of day outside Japan.

The portable gaming market is set to become a warzone, just like the console one is now. It's ridiculous - and it's also all the PSP's fault. Seeing the GBA and PSP saddling alongside their respective consoles, Micro$oft will inevitibly design their own handheld. Quite possibly with rocket launching, FBI-hacking and sandwich-making capabilities.

The GBA is a fantastic machine. It has no real need for an upgrade anytime soon. Before Sony's greed in wanting to enter the handheld market, Nintendo were able to go at their own pace as far as power goes. Now they're being forced to up the anti somewhat, partly because many people are bound to a console by flashy visuals alone. "omg did u c psp is 3d must buy now lol"

Indeed, the videogame market is now officially a total joke.
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