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Working on it still~

Finished owo

Ashikabi SU:

Name: Akira Takako

Gender: Female

Age: 19


Akira has curly, jet black hair that goes nearly to her waist, and rather puffy bangs covering her forehead. Her eyes are large and watery blue and appear to have slitted pupils due to the contacts she wears. Set on top of her ruffled hair is a pair of phony cat ears that she never removes. She does her best to keep her hair covering her actual ears so it looks more like the cat ears are her real ears.

She stands at 5'5", not really short but not really tall either. Her skin is lightly tanned from the amount of time she spends outside, though not incredibly so since most of that time is spent either in the shade or in the late evening. Her hands are rough and calloused, contrary to what her soft appearance would make one think, and she usually sports a number of cuts and bruises from falling over, which she does a lot. While she may not appear so, she is actually quite strong from all the time spent climbing trees, running after stray objects, and other feline activities.

Besides the cat ears she wears on her head, she also wears a collar with a bell around her neck and a fake cat tail attached to whatever pants she is wearing. Since she believes her cat form would be black to match her hair, she wears nothing but black clothes. Black pants, black shirts, black shoes, black everything. There isn't a single article of clothing in her closet that isn't black.

Personality: For someone her age, Akira is definitely quite childish and playful. She is very bubbly and seems to have boundless energy. She simply can't hold herself still and is always on the move, making some new discovery or playing some game. She is very curious about the world around her, but the conclusions she comes to are rarely realistic, ranging from stories of angry ghosts being the cause of depression to stories of magical beings that control the weather with their emotions. No matter how far-fetched something may be, Akira is bound to believe it. However, she's only gullible about unbelievable things; if someone tells her something that's perfectly believable and normal, she's more likely to be skeptical about it, even if they are telling the truth. The only ones she'll believe under any and all circumstances, whether those circumstances be abnormal or normal, are her close friends. Akira also gets very upset when a friend gets hurt and is likely to do something even more reckless than her usual stunts if she thinks it will either help them or get back at the person who hurt them.

Akira can get along with most anyone; or at least, she would be able to if she was a bit more down-to-Earth. Most of the people are really just trying to be polite when they sit and listen to her prattle on about whatever topic. While Akira is very outgoing, she is also quite blunt and isn't afraid to speak her mind, and that puts a lot of people off. This added to her unrealistic beliefs leaves her with very few real friends and with absolutely no romantic relationships, or any relationships for that matter. She doesn't seem to care much, however, and keeps a positive outlook on life - as well as an outlook for any possible adventure.

Her attention span is very short. One moment she could be having an in-depth conversation about the upcoming zombie apcolypse, and the next she's running after a feather caught in the breeze. When she's given a responsibility, however, she is very strict on herself and won't allow anything to distract her.

Promises are very important to her and she never breaks any promises she makes, no matter the cost to her. People in the past have taken advantage of this, but she's becoming more careful who she makes promises to.

Starting Location: Northern District

Talents: Akira is an excellent cook, proven by the fact that even Fia enjoyed her food. She also has a very sharp eye and can catch small details quite easily.

History: Akira was raised by a mother and father who cared very little for her beyond her basic necessities. They fed her, they clothed her, and they sent her to school, but beyond that, they could care less about her or what she did. To make up for the love she didn't receive from her parents, she tried to make friends with other children her age; however, to them she was either too clumsy or just too strange. When she learned that she wasn't going to be making any friends any time soon, she turned back to her parents, questioning why they never spent time with her. They answered of her pleas for family time with promises for trips to the park on the weekend or for large family meals if she did well in school or anything else that would make her leave them alone; every time, when the time came for them to fulfill these promises, they would come up with an excuse for why they couldn't keep them and Akira would be left alone again. It was because of all of these broken promises that Akira became so resolute to never break a promise she made; she didn't want anyone to feel as if a promise, not matter how small, meant nothing at all.

After years of trying, Akira finally gave up and moved on to trying to find other things to distract herself with. She turned to exploring the area around their house, gradually moving her expiditions further and further away from the house until she knew pretty much every nook and cranny within a few miles of where she lived. This couldn't keep her entertained forever, though; then one day, she finally was tall enough to open the attic door.

For eight whole years, the attic was the only place in the entire house Akira had never seen, even if she used a step ladder. Then finally, at 8 years old, she could make it up! Within the confines of the dusty - but surprisingly well lit - attic, Akira found a box full of her father's old manga collections. From that day on, she spent nearly all of her time up there, reading manga after manga - many of which probably weren't the best thing for a young girl her age to be reading. Her innocent mind took many of the fictional plots for fact, and she became especially attached to any cat-like characters, partly because of the cat her family owned. This attachment quickly became an obsession, and it eventually reached the point where she somehow became convinced that she was actually a cat that had been trapped in human form.

Really, this was a way for her to deal with her parents' indifference towards her; after all, if she was a cat, then there was no possible way she could truly be their child, so they had no obligation to show any love for her. As the years went by, though, it became more than just a way of coping with her loneliness, and she truly started to believe it. Her parents were no help, since they didn't take notice of the obsession until it was too late.

By the age of 12, Akira had adopted her current style of clothing, and had even schooled herself in the art of purring. At first, she had simply thought it was appropriate to purr when she was happy since she was a cat. After a time, though, it had simply become a habitual thing that she did without even thinking. The other kids at school avoided her even more and she was the topic of many scornful conversations, but she had long ago stopped caring as she believed she had found her "true self".

Then, when Akira was 16, Fia came along. It was pure coincidence that they met. Akira was attempting to climb to the very top of a tree, when one of the branches snapped. She only survived because her landing was padded by a certain white haired Sekirei. After recovering from a sore back and rump, and after a million apologies which Fia tried to brush off so she could simply be on her way, Akira insisted on repaying her by making her dinner. Fia, not one to turn down what could possibly be a very good meal, went along with the teenager.

Akira did not disappoint. She had been forgotten during meals before and so had cooked for herself many times before, and
she now used everything she had learned to repay her unintentional savior. Fia was so delighted with the meal that she decided she would be staying in Akira's house. Akira had no problem with this; in fact, she was quite excited at the prospect of a possible friend. However, she doubted that her parents would be too keen about the idea of a random stranger staying in their house, even one as beautiful as Fia.

In the end, Fia made set herself up in the attic. Akira had cleaned it up over the years, so it was no longer the dusty mess it once had been and was actually rather cheery, even having a small window to let in light besides a bright lamp. Since Akira already spent most of her either up there or outside anyways, her parents didn't suspect a thing - not that they had anything to be suspicious of, since both of them were usually at work all day.

Over the next few weeks, the two grew surprisingly close. Akira was completely unaffected by Fia's biting comments, and Fia in turn found Akira's strange fantasies quite amusing to listen to. Their relationship became one similar to that of siblings. Fia was the condescending older sister attempting to straighten out her wayward younger sister, and Akira was the innocent younger sister with no idea what the real world was like, yet who still had a child's wisdom to share.

To Akira's disappointment, barely six months had passed before Fia had to leave for a reason she wouldn't tell Akira; after all, during her time living in Akira's house, Fia had not once told the teenage girl what she was, and she had no intention to reveal that secret now. Fia left after promising Akira that they would meet again one day. Akira continues to believe that they will.

A few short years later, Akira moved out of her parents' house to make her own way in the world. She started out poorly enough, having trouble finding work that suited her odd habits, but eventually she settled on setting up her own little home-run daycare. She found it quite pleasing, as the children didn't care how strangely she acted, and the parents found her to be trustworthy enough despite her odd view on the world.

Despite having quite a comfortable and happy life now, Akira still continues to hope that one day, she'll be able to live out one of the adventures from her manga.

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