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Rm2kDude - Thanks for changing the title!!!
Trikip - read above...

More screenshots!
PalBark: While playing
PalBark Forest: At night, in the Forest "Maze"
Professor Oak's Lab, choosing a pokmon.

Note: This is not a G/s Remake. Just because you can choose Totodile as a starter, that will make in a G /s Remake. Your starter are each chosen from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn. You can choose from one of the 3 starters in CDest (nickname of my game, I found "CD"...boring! :D )
Torchic - Hoenn
Totodile - Johto
Bulbasaur - Kanto.

I didn't want this game to be boring so I....mixed up the starters a bit :D
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