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Just gonna drop this in here. If nephews don't get in the way, this should be done over the weekend~

Name: Adina Maralyn

Race: Divine Manakete

Age: 536

Gender: Female

Class: Manakete Princess

Human Form:

Adina is fairly tall for a woman, being about 6'1" tall. Her skin is lightly tanned, though with its barely noticeable greyish tint, it appears paler than it really is. Her body is nicely curved, though her scraggly hair and abnormally large feet detract some from how many people think a perfect lady should appear, not to mention she is fairly well muscled. Her hands are quite petite and soft, besides the scales covering the backs of them and the black claws that take the place of fingernails. Her ears are pointed stick out a bit more than a human's. Her wavy hair is snowy white, with the tips a pale blue hue; long bangs brushed to the right side of her face go down just past her eyes while a single longer lock of hair hangs down on the left side of her face. In the back, her hair goes down to just barely brush her shoulders. Her eyes are an icy blue, with black slits for pupils; small white scales surround them.

Her apparel doesn't really serve much purpose, Adina simply choosing the clothing that was comfortable or that she liked the appearance of. She can usually be seen wearing a silky red v-neck shirt that just barely covers her shoulders and with wide sleeves that end about midway down her biceps, but which have a longer strip that dangles down further. The shirt stops just above her belly button, then continues on down on either side of the belly button at a diagonal angle to reach the pelvis on either side, forming a triangular opening over the stomach. Her baggy blue pants, held up by an orange sash, bunch up at the ankles where the pants constrict more on the legs - or in her case, on the heavy, knee-high black boots she wears. On her arms, she wears a peculiar type of gold band made up of two strips; one strip is at a horizontal angle when her arm is pointing downwards, while the second strip is above the first one and forms a diagonal circle about the arm.

To hide her Manakete features, Adina also wears a pair of black leather gloves over her hands and a dark blue cloak with numerous hidden pockets. The gloves make her hands appear a bit larger than they really are, since her claws prevent her from pulling them on all the way. She usually lets the cloak fall closed in the front if she is expecting to encounter anyone who is not a Manakete; otherwise, she pulls it back behind her shoulders like a cape. The hood of the cloak is usually pulled up over her head to cast a shadow over her face, making it difficult to see her draconic eyes and scales.

Dragon Form:

When standing upright on her hind-legs - as she usually does - Adina is about 11 feet tall. She has a slender build that allows her more speed than strength - not to say that she isn't strong, being a dragon and all. Her legs are thicker and more muscular than her arms, since they have to support most of her weight. Her hands have opposable fingers, allowing her to use them to grasp objects. She uses her tail, which is nearly as long as her body, not only to help direct her flight, but also to help balance herself when she is standing. The scales around her mouth only really allow for her jaws to open and close and don't allow enough flexibility for facial expression, so most of her emotion is shown with her icy blue eyes... and growls and roars. There are black spikes protruding backwards from her jaws, as well as spikes on the tops of her wings. Her scales are completely white, while the leathery film of her wings is golden. Beginning from her head, light blue feathers go all the way down her neck and cover her chest. There are more feathers of the same color on the end of her tail and on the tops of her wings.

-Adina's Divine Dragonstone
-A small amount of gold

Allegiance: The Kingdom of Aecilia

Fighting Style:


Adina has a very high opinion of herself and isn't particularly friendly with anyone. She believes that being a Manakete sets her above all other species, and thus she rarely interacts with anyone who is not a Manakete. This may not seem entirely strange since Manaketes generally do not reveal themselves to outsiders, but she takes it to the extent of even being cold towards the royal family of Aecilia. She acknowledges those in positions of power, but will not respect them unless the give her reason to.

If you want someone to comfort you and tell you it's all going to be alright when you make a mistake... don't look to Adina. Criticizing and pitiless, Adina believes there is no room for mistakes or sympathy, and so she will pick apart and criticize every tiny little fault in a person (or anything else). She doesn't take criticism as well as she gives it, though, and tends to get very irritable when the tables are turned on her. When someone does something to hurt her pride or tarnish her image, or really does anything that she dislikes, no matter how minimal the offence or if it was even on purpose, she will have her revenge. The means of her revenge may not be entirely obvious or physical, but they can still be quite damaging. Physical aggression is a possibility if she loses her cool and becomes truly enraged with someone, though common sense advises against pushing her to this limit since she is a dragon after all. It is rare that she will take her vengeance in a physical form, however; she has an image to uphold after all, and she finds it more satisfying to thoroughly ruin or a person's life through subtle means.

As much as she absolutely hates to talk things through, Adina does actually have the ability to. She understands that she has certain responsibilities as the princess of the Manaketes and that she will often have to work things out with people she dislikes. This isn't to say she's very willing to compromise on matters; rather, if she's having a diplomatic discussion about some important matter, she very carefully words things so that the other parties think they're getting the best deal, but in reality, Adina has worked it all out so it favors her and the Manaketes.

Quick to take in her surroundings and always on the alert, Adina is difficult to catch off guard. She takes in an area's smallest details when she enters it, from the stalls lining a street to the weeds peeking out of the cracks in a cobblestone street. This isn't so much out of cautiousness or any similar emotion, but simply to occupy her mind. Also, she finds that small details can help her understand situations and people better; though she claims to have no real interest in people, only an interest in knowledge. Because of her eye for detail, she is able learn things about people she wouldn't otherwise be able to know without speaking to them. She takes pride in this ability, causing her to be even more aloof as she believes this sets her even higher above other races.

Despite believing that Manaketes are the mightiest race in existance, Adina still finds herself curious about the world around her. She tells herself and others that anyone who is not a Manakete is below her notice, but her actions say otherwise as she often leaves the safety of the mountains to explore the surrounding kingdoms. Her thirst for knowledge is simply too great, and there's only so much one can learn living in seclusion for 500 years, so she opts to learn about other races - even if they are lesser beings.

Adina also has an almost childish fascination with "cool" things and trying to make herself seem cool, and this feeds her ever present curiosity as she is constantly on the lookout for some new cool thing. This can alter her judgement in some situations to something that may be totally illogical, simply because she thinks it's cool. Seeing this as a weakness, she tries very hard not to show how interested she is in these things, but anyone with a good eye can tell when something has piqued her interest.

History: For the first 200 years of her life, Adina was raised in the Manakete city within the mountains of Aecilia with very little contact with the outside world. The few times she did venture into human territory was only to travel with her mother, Queen Anadine, to visit the royal family of Aecilia and keep up relations with them. From the very beginning, it became apparent that Anadine's benevolent nature had not been passed on to her daughter, as Adina clearly regarded any humans with disdain. She didn't show any outright disrespect to Aecilia, as she understood that it was only thanks to their grace that the Manaketes had a place to call home, but the little respect she offered them was no where near as much as her mother showed.

It was near her 211th birthday that Adina began to grow restless. As much as she praised her own kind and loved living among other Manaketes while looking down upon the "lesser species" that were humans and Laguz, she was also tired of having all of her knowledge of the world fed to her through books and tales that weren't always completely accurate. She wanted to experience the world for herself, even if it meant leaving the Manaketes behind and interacting with those other... repulsive races. Thus, she began to travel about the continent of Vojun, sometimes leaving the Manakete city for years at a time when her travels took her to the farther reaches of the continent. She did come home quite often, however; and when she did, she would stay for a few years before she would feel the need to travel more. And with the world constantly changing over the centuries, there was always something new to learn on each venture away from the safety of the mountains.

Whenever news of a new ruler in Aecilia reached her, she would always hurry home to join her mother in visiting the new king and/or queen; more for appearance's sake then to actually meet the monarch. Proud as she may be, she wasn't going to let that pride destroy the relationship between Aecilia and the Manaketes. After the pleasantries were done, she would immediately leave again.

Her meeting Leon was a complete coincidence. Adina had returned from another one of her journeys a few days before the errant Prince had come to visit the Manakete city. He didn't seem too incredibly fond of her when they met, and she didn't much like his unprofessional personality much either. She didn't really bother with him much after their first meeting, though she did meet him on a few other occasions either when she would visit Aecilia or when they both happened to be in the Manakete city at the same time.

Adina only started taking more of an interest in Aecilia's affairs when tensions between Aecilia and Belial started to rise. She realized that if Aecilia fell, it could spell trouble for their allies, including the Manaketes. She is currently traveling back to the Manakete city to find out what Queen Anadine plans to do; though no matter what her mother's plans may be, she doesn't plan to just sit back and do nothing.

Leon Hadaway- D
Adina doesn't hold much respect for Leon; she is quite glad his older brother is next in line for the throne instead of him.
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