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[QUOTE=deathbyalice]I did some searching, and there are no official Sabrina clubs here. *Scrtaches head* Why not? I think she is one of the coolest gym leaders there is!

Sabrina, the psychic pokemon master, located in Saffron/Yamabuki City. Sabrina is also the holder of the Marsh Badge! Her team of Pokemon include: Kadabra, Mr.Mime, Venomoth, and Alakazam; though she also likes ghost Pokemon as well, and in the older games was seen with a Haunter and Gengarand other Pokemon such as Hypno and Jynx (listed on Pokemon cards). In FireRed, have you noticed that her Mr. Mime is female? There are NO female Mr. Mimes!

To Join:
Just ask to join and I will add you to the member's list!

Same as PCs!

The dark gym leadder.I will join.