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Quote originally posted by Matt:
Peekimon Can i Change Game From Rm2k3 To rmxp?And can u help me with day / night and other script in rmxp? i am very big n%b in Rmxp
Thanks Matt
Off topic: Matt, to answer your question, if you want to convert the materials (aka, the Chipsets, tilesets etc.) from RM2K3 to go well with RMXP, all you have to do is download a convertor, the links is located in the Resources thread. I did....start's not hard if you aren't far in development...
BTW, the day / night, the way I did it was very easy. PM me if you want me to tell you how ( i can't here because it would WAY OFF topic :D)
With ruby, I am just a beginner who is still learning, so, I can't help you with Ruby....sorry...


I agree, the grass was WAY too much, so, here's the forest + the menu (thx virtual for the main code) which I tweaked and it shows your location.

(BTW: The "JK" is the currency of JohKan, Johkas, like 3 Johkas.
This is not permanent and I would like you to comment on this...currency name.)
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