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Quote originally posted by eeveeandmew:
Joint posting takes forever tho. We can't help that we are active on RPs.

On PC it's in general the GM's mission to make it easy and interesting for all players involved to post. As of now, this is looking like a two player RP and unless there's special circumstances we usually don't allow two player RPs here - and in your specific case, you guys could just RP through private messaging or a chat instead, since your posts are small compared to the posts of most RPs on this site.

I hope you know we're not trying to be mean or ocerly strict or anything, we are always open to new trends and ways of RPing! But some things we have learned from the past that we want to keep certain standards about and rules around. Post length is one of them, number of players is another. All to make the Roleplay Corner as good and qualitative place for forum roleplaying as possible. We hope that you want to help us keep those standards up :)

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