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Chapter 2

As the St. Anne was coming closer to the coast of the Orre Region, Ash, Misty, Pikachu and Black Jack noticed some nearby docks, a large building and a lot people walking about. Finally, Black Jack said. I was getting bored around here.

Yeah, me too, Ash said. I could get into some action right now.

Suddenly, a growling noise was heard and it came from Ashs stomach. How about going for some burgers first? Misty said as she wrapped her arm around Ashs lower back. Your determination is as big as your appetite as usual, Ash.

I agree, Ash replied with a small laugh.

As they got off the St. Anne, along with Brock, Stevens, Max, May, Jenny and the former Team Rocket trio, Jenny announced that they would have to leave for Pyrite Town right away when she spotted a man wearing a police uniform, waiting for them.

Hang on a sec, Ash said. I was wondering if we could take a little break. We have been travelling for a long time, yknow.

Im afraid that crime doesnt rest, Mr. Ketchum, Jenny replied. We have no time to spare.

Cmon, Jenny, Black Jack said. I bet my next bottle of beer that the other guys are hungry. Right, Brock?

Im hungry for you, Jenny, Brock said dreamily, making his comrades anime-fell in embarrassment, apart from Max and May who pulled each one of his ears.

Whatever, Black Jack said, who also didnt fall in embarrassment but showed a small frown. I could torture for some right now.

How about you three? Stevens said as he turned to his assistants. How about a snack?

You mean we finally get something to eat!? James said excitedly.

Yes, but Stevens stopped what he was about to say and said, What do you mean finally?!

Very well, officer Jenny said with a small sigh. Ten minutes.

Lets split, Black Jack said.

After ten minutes of break time, they all gathered back to the previous location where theyve split up. Alright, everybody, Jenny yelled. On to Pyrite Town!

She turned to her fellow police officer and walked over to him while the others followed. You kids go ahead, Black Jack said. Ill get my bike and follow you.

His comrades nodded as he left the group. As he went outside where the St. Anne was, he spotted his motorcycle that he placed near the entrance after getting off the ferry. He got on it, started up the engine and drove it inside another part of the building. Little did he notice, that there was a small chip was attached to his motorcycle.

Meanwhile, Ash, Misty and the others were waiting for him by a couple of police vans. In no time at all, Black Jack made his way out of the building and rode near the vans. Ready? he asked.

Ready! everyone yelled.
Then lets go.

They rode through the dusty roads of the Orre region. As they rode, Black Jack noticed a few fossilised pokemon skeletons and thought that they mightve died trying to go through the deserts. It took them a few hours to get to Pyrite Town.

Upon entering, they got out / off the vehicles and observed the town. The place looked filthy and rotten, the buildings looked like that they have been damaged by vandals and never fixed, they also looked badly designed and there was a cave at the other side of town, along with a bridge that looked old but mended and what was more, it was deserted.

Hello! Ash yelled. Anybody here?
Sshh! Jenny warned. What if the Team Dark grunts are on to us?
Simple, Black Jack answered. We smash their faces in.

Not if we smash yours first! yelled a voice, catching our heroes attentions.

Different Team Dark grunts came out from different places, surrounding them. Black Jack looked and spotted every one of them, even those in hiding. A bunch of you against nine of us? he asked. As far as Im concerned, you Team Dark punks are outnumbered. Even I can take you all out by myself.

You against us? one of the grunts yelled. Youre mad!

Maybe Black Jack said as he clenched his fists, making bone-cracking sounds. But I cant have fun on my own.

As he expected, all of his pokemon became released of his pokeballs that were attached to his belt, each of them were letting out their loud roars. This will make our day, he said with a nasty smile.

Attack! yelled one of the grunts. Upon hearing that command, all of them startedcharging and leaping onto to them, most of them threw out their pokeballs to release their pokemon.

Black Jack snapped his fingers, motioning that was now the time to fight. He and all of his pokemon ran at the grunts and pokemon and started fighting them. Come on, you guys! Ash yelled as he took out his pokeballs. Black Jack cant do this alone!

He tossed them all out and all of his pokemon came out. Lets get them! Ash yelled and his pokemon yelled out their battle cries in response.

He and his pokemon joined in the fight, much to Nidokings annoyance.

(A/N: Pokemon speak their own language so Im doing the translation here.)

We dont need any help! Nidoking yelled as he was beating up a Dodrio, one of the Team Dark grunts pokemon. But if you have to join, at least leave us a few!
I always knew that you didnt like sharing, Nidoking, Ashs Sceptile replied as he ran passed him.
Hes a funny guy, isnt he? Nidoking asked as he looked down at the beaten Dodrio.
WHAT!? all three of Dodrios heads yelled in shock.

(A/N: Translation ended.)

Ashs right! Misty yelled as she took out her pokeballs. Grarydos, Corsola, go!

Her two pokemon became released from their pokeballs and yelled out their battle cries, ready for battle. Incidentally, one more pokeball popped open from Mistys belt, releasing one more pokemon.

Psy yay yay? the little duck pokemon cried in a confused tone as he held on to its head.
Psyduck? Are you saying you wanna battle too? Misty asked in a hopeful tone.

Psyduck looked at what was going on in a curious way. As he looked on, Nidoking and Feraligatr (Both belonging to Black Jack) held a stop sign each, waiting for a weakened and dazed Hypno to stand up between them. As it did, both of Black Jacks pokemon slammed it in the head with their weapons on each side, knocking him out.

Seeing that, Psyduck panicked as he ran back to Misty and pecked its pokeball, making him being zapped back into it, much to Mistys embarrassment.

Now that the embarrassment is over, Misty said with closed frowning eyes, she pointed at the opposition and yelled out, Grarydos, Hydro Pump! Corsola, Spike Cannon!

Grarydos shot out a huge spray of water at some of the grunts, knocking them down while Corsola glowed vigorously as she shot out numerous Mechas, stinging various grunts and their pokemon.

Cmon, Combusken! May yelled as she tossed out her pokeball. Lets go!

A young fowl pokemon materialised after being released from its pokeball, yelling out its name.

Team Dark were at a disadvantage, thanks to the teamwork of Ash and the others. In particular, Black Jacks Blaziken was doing away with one of the grunts. As he kicked him the stomach, the grunt stumbled backwards. As Blaziken saw the other grunts coming, he and Mays Combusken looked at each other and gave each a slight nod. Blaziken kneeled down on one knee as Combusken ran up to him and jumped on his shoulder, it leapt up again to give a leap kick to the staggered grunt, sending him flying into the other grunts, knocking them down.

Amazing! Max said in astonishment. We only knew Black Jack and his pokemon for a few months and already were showing some good stuff.

Things are getting nasty, Stevens said. And a little suspicious as well.

He turned to his three assistants. Jesse, James, Meowth, he said as he walked passed them. Help them out.
What are you going to do? Jesse said.
Some investigation, Stevens replied.
Peraps we can come wiv ya, Meowth suggested.
No! Stevens replied in protest as he kept on walking. Ash and the others will need all the help they can get.

Jesse and James turned their attention to Meowth. Wot? he asked nervously.
You first! they yelled in unison as they grabbed him and tossed him out. Double Edge attack!
Wait! Meowth cried. I dont know that attack!

Black Jacks Tyranitar heard Meowths screaming and turned his attention to him. Instinctively seeing this as an attack, he quickly retaliated and knocked him right back into Jesse and James.

Leave the clearing to me! Brock said as he tossed out his pokeball. Forretress! Explosion!

A Forretress came out of its pokeball and landed in the middle of the battlefield. It glowed vigorously and exploded, knocking everyone down. After the smoke cleared, a few coughs and groans were heard from various people and pokemon, mainly Ash, Black Jack, Misty and their respective pokemon. As Black Jack got up, he looked around and noticed a lot of the grunts were knocked out, he then noticed Ash covering Misty away from the explosion.

Misty, Ash said. You okay?
Pikachupi? Pikachu squeaked as he leapt towards them.
Yeah, thanks to you, Ash Misty replied with a small smile but she suddenly noticed that Ashs arm was bleeding. Hey! Youre hurt!
Its nothing, Ash said.
Nothing? Misty said in a concerned tone. Being in this rotten place, you could get germs and sand in there.

Brock! Misty called, making him snap out of his trance while he was staring at Jenny. We need first aid!

Black Jack noticed that as his and Ashs pokemon were walking over to him.

(A/N: Pokemon translation)

I have this urge to do that sitting in the tree poem, Feraligatr said with a sjirachi as he looked at Misty wrapping a bandage around Ashs arm.
Go ahead, Ill join in, Sceptile replied as he had both his paws at the back of his head in a relaxing manner.

(A/N: Translation ended)

Suddenly, they sensed that more grunts were coming into the battle scene, while some of them were standing up, recovering from the blast. Better make it quick with the first aid thing, kids, Black Jack warned as he also sensed the dangers coming in.

Come and get us, you creeps! Ash yelled as he stood up. We want more!

Leave them to me, said a young calm arrogant voice. Umbreon! Confuse Ray!

Everyone became stunned and confused, thinking of where the voice came from when suddenly the grunts became dizzy as they began to wobble, feeling the effects of the Confuse Ray. Now, Tyranitar! shouted the voice. Hyper Beam attack!

Out of nowhere, another Tyranitar leapt into the scene and landed on his feet and shot out numerous huge light beams at the grunts and their pokemon. We must retreat! one of them cried as he and all of the other grunts ran away, while some lay on the ground unconscious.

A young man stepped off his gigantic machine for a bike and walked into the scene. He had silver spiked hair and confident yellow eyes, with a white stripe painted across his face. He was also wearing a long blue jacket with a weird gadget attached to his sleeve; he was also wearing black jeans and boots.

Its Wes, Jenny said.
Wes? Ash said curiously.

Hey, Wes! Wait for me! cried a girls voice. She ran into the scene wearing a blue jean jacket with fluffy purple lines as patterns, a mini skirt and red boots. She also had red hair with ponytails on each side. Riding on her shoulder was a Plusle. She quickly grabbed hold of Wess arm, making him blush in embarrassment.

And Rui, Jenny continued.
Ah ha! yelled a familiar voice.

Everyone turned to the voices attention and spotted Stevens standing next to Black Jacks bike. What are you doing over there? Black Jack asked sounding a bit cross.
I found something attached to your bike, Stevens replied.
A small minichip. I have a feeling that the grunts may have followed us here using this gadget.

Black Jack quickly walked over to Stevens; he snatched the chip away from him and looked at it. Punks, he snarled as he crushed the chip into pieces. He then angrily looked at Stevens and harshly grabbed him by the neck without choking him. Rule no.1, he snarled. Never go near my bike.

Okay, Black Jack, calm down, Ash said as he got between both men.
Fine, Black Jack replied as he released Stevenss neck.

Wes, Jenny said as Wes was observing Black Jacks actions. On behalf of the police force, theres a request Id like to ask you.
Well? Wes replied in an uninterested tone.
I was informed that you are looking to take down Team Dark. The thing is, so are we. Would you like to team up with us?

Wes looked at both Ash and Black Jack, the two pokemon masters with high reputations, and thought long and hard. He then showed a confident smile. All right then, he replied. Im in.
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