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Chapter 2

Rui was walking along the beach with Plusle and soon spotted a man sitting in a hut, selling anything beach related.

Hey, Plusle, Rui said. Wanna buy some stuff?
Plus! Plus! Plus! Plusle replied happily.

They both quickly walked over to the shop. Hey there, kid, the shopkeeper said. Is there anything you want here?

Rui spotted a beautiful looking necklace. The lace looked like it was sparkling like a diamond, and there was a small pretty looking shell attached to it. Pretty, she said enthusiastically.

Hmm? You like this one? the man asked.
Yes, she replied. How much?
Five dollars. It may look pretty, but nothing special. But rumour has it that it brings good luck.
Really? Ill take it!

After she bought the necklace, she carefully observed it as she sat down. Plusle, plusle? Plusle asked curiously.
Oh, nothing special, Rui replied, hoping she answered Plusles question correctly.

Suddenly, a huge exploding sound was heard a few distances away. Rui and Plusle looked at its direction. Rui took a pair of binoculars out of her carry bag and looked into it so she can see whats going at the far distance.

She saw a man in a uniform driving an army tank. He was driving over other vehicles while firing randomly at different shops. Team Dark! she cried in shock. Cmon, Plusle! We got work to do!
Plusle! Plusle cried in a determined tone.

As they left the beach, Jenny stepped in front of the tank. The tank stopped and a Team Dark grunt came out and stood on top of the tank. What do you think youre doing!? Jenny yelled.
Im just testing out this machine, the grunt answered joyfully. And having fun at the same time.
Im placing you under arrest!
Aw! Youre such a spoilsport!

The grunt jumped back inside the tank and resumed towards Jenny. Suddenly, a Seviper swung its glowing tail and slammed it on the right side of the tank, but it caused no damage on it, much to Sevipers surprise.

It was Jesses Seviper as she and James ran into the scene. Jesse and James! Jenny cried. I had doubts that you two would be coming here.
Well, it was either that or we could get beaten up by Black Jack or Stevens! James complained as he took out his pokeball. Go! Cacnea!

He tossed out his pokeball and out popped Cacnea. Cacnea immediately gave James a big loving hug and at the same time piercing his Mechas into Jamess skin. Eeeeeeeee! James cried in pain. Cacnea! Pin Missile attack!

Cacnea leapt off James and shot out his attack. Cacnea! it cried.

The pins hit the tank but it bounced off causing no damage at all. Not good, Jenny said as the tank continued towards them. Jump out of the way! she yelled.

Meanwhile, back at the pokemon center, Wes walked out of his room after taking a short nap. I wonder what Rui is doing? he thought to himself. He walked down to the main entrance but found out that the automatic door could not be opened. Hey! he said. Whats going on here?
Im afraid you cant leave, said a womans voice.

Wes turned round and saw a nurse behind him. Why not? he demanded.
You may not believe this, the nurse replied. But theres trouble going on outside. A tank is nearby blowing up nearby shops.
Oh no! Wes thought worryingly.
So for your own safety, I suggest that you remain here.
I cant do that! Wes yelled in a desperate tone. I have to be outside! You have to open this door!

He took out his identity card, showing that he is working for authority. Oh! the nurse replied in realisation. You couldve showed that to me earlier.

She went back to the desk and pressed a button to open the door. Thanks, nurse Joy! Wes called as he ran out of the door.

Back at Jenny, Jesse and Jamess location, their pokemon were at a losing end as they were no match against the giant tank. The pokemon were down and hurt and no longer able to battle.

Chimecho! Return! James cried as he held out his pokeball.
Return! Dustox! Jesse cried.
Growlithe! Return! Jenny ordered.

We have no pokemon left! James cried worryingly. What are we gonna do?
You do nothing! a voice shouted. It was Rui and Plusle running onto the scene.

Leave that tank to me and Plusle! She yelled in a determined tone. Plusle! Thunderbolt attack!

Plusle leapt into the air and charged its electric powers, it then let out a large yell as it shot out a powerful electric attack. Attaboy! Rui shouted. Zap it good!

But after taking the Thunderbolt attack, the tank took no damage! What!? Rui yelled in shock.

Dont you morons ever learn? the tank driver taunted. This tank is unstoppable!
Oh really? said a familiar calm voice. Tyranitar! Tackle attack!

A Tyranitar dived down on the tank and knocked it down. Hey! Who did that!? the driver shouted from the inside.

Wes landed on the floor, along with his Umbreon and Espeon. Well, well, he said.
Wes! You came! Rui cried excitedly.
Just dropping by, Wes replied.

Suddenly, a strange blue energy surrounded the tank as it self-righted itself so it would be ready to battle again. Did you actually a knock like that would stop my precious machine!? the driver yelled.
There are other ways, Wes replied with an evil smile.
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