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Kevin and Abby have been traveling for about one year. They are now both in considerable shape, magically and physically. Abby, who used to be thin and weak, now looked more like the griffins Kevin had seen: sleek and with a deadly look to them of natural born hunters. Kevin had grown into an average mage, which is very spectacular considering the fact that he learned it all on his own.

Kevin, who usually always woke up first (griffins need there rest), got up extra early. Why? It was about one year after there escape, but more importantly, it was their birthday. And, being Abbys second celebrated birthday (the first she could remember), he wanted to make it a special one. He remembered just how he got her present.


They were at the town of Morbat. She sat and looked into a store window. It was a jewelers shop, and she was looking sadly at a gold necklace.

What are you looking at? asked Kevin in a whisper. They did not want people knowing of her intelligence.

The jewelry, she answered in the same whisper. I wish I could have one. You see, Abby had every 14 (almost 15) year old girls yearn for jewelry. Kevin often felt sorry for his sister, who just wanted to be normal.

He suddenly had an idea. He told her that the supplies she got for the trip south were fine, and that she should go back to the inn. She did, with her head hung low, and her wings tucked in to her body in such a manner that told anyone who knew how to read Griffin body language Im sad, please leave me alone. Now Kevin went to the blacksmith and told him what he wanted. The blacksmith had no idea why he was making it, but he made it; for a price. Now, Kevin and Abby had gained a considerable amount of money, from Kevins magic and a few jobs from Abby. With his share he paid for it.

*end flashback*

Now, on their birthday, Kevin was doing his best to make a feast; which was hard to do, because they didnt have that many supplies; not to mention the variety of the twos diet. There was raw beef and cooked beef, and some other things that you or me would find repulsive but a griffin would find enticingly delicious.

Now Kevin sat at one end of the picnic a few meters away from the sleeping Abby and waited. He waited for about three minutes, before Abby picked up her head.

Without opening her eyes, she began to sniff the air. She then asked, Kevin, what is that

When her eyes finally opened and focused, she gasped at the sight layed out before her. Although Griffins cannot smile, her eyes lit up, her head shot up, and her wings folded out slightly from her body. This was the griffin was of saying, I am happy.

Happy Birthday, Abby, said Kevin quietly.

She trotted over to him with a (griffin) grin and he hugged her around the neck while she rubber his back with her beak. In a griffins world, crossing necks and rubbing the others back is like a human hug. A griffin kiss, if you were curious, is the intertwining of two griffins necks.

They ate what was set out, and talked about there adventures, lives, and anything else you could imagine. And somehow, they got on the topic of jewelry. She gave a sad griffin pose (neck hung, close eyes, low voice, drooping wings and tail) and told him that she would do anything to be able to wear a silver necklace. That was his que.

He pulled out his present, a silver necklace (more like chain, if you ask me) that would fit around her neck. Her eyes immediately sparkled at she got out of the sad pose. He put it around her neck, and it fit perfectly. She gave a glad stance and began to admire herself.

How do I look? asked Abby.

Kevin chuckled at the fact that a griffin was saying this, but said, You look great. Best griffin Ive ever seen.

She did look nice. Her gold feathers looked nice with the silver necklace.

And dont thing I forgot about today, she said, reaching into the pack which was tied on her back with her beak. She pulled out a small vial. She carefully gave it to Kevin.

What is it? he asked her, his voice filled with wonder.

A vile of Griffin Tears, she said proudly. They both knew that the tears of Griffins had healing powers.

Thank you! he said. She suddenly went stiff. What? What is it?

She collapsed to the ground. Kevin saw a tiny dart in her leg; with a red feather in it, and written in blood, RB.

Taking his finger and dipping it into the vial of Griffin tears, began to make a symbol in the air. When he flicked the center, the dart suddenly shot off and Abby sat up. What was that? she asked.

A dart. Be glad you gave me this now. Two armored me came out of the woods to there right. Another two came from behind. There armor was black, except in the front where, in red, a large RB was written.

With an ear piercing screech, Abby lunged at two of them. Muttering something in elvish, Kevin ran to the other two,
Ahh, how things change.
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