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Ash arrived at the Haunted Tower at 5:50 pm sharp. The sun had hardly set and a paranormal air had already shrouded the tower. Ash got his Typhlosion to light up the place.

This was the second time Ash visited the tower but some things had changed: he was no longer afraid of ghost Pokmon unlike his first time. The room was lit with a yellow/orange hue from his Pokmon. There were cobwebs and a queer rotting smell permeating the rooms. The traces of his last visit were still there, including the hole in the first floor made by James and Jessie 4 years ago. Despite the spine-tingling environment, he walked on as normal, looking for his friend. He stormed into every room, looking for Casey. Finally he got into a dark dining room. Ash found Casey tied up in ropes. Ash!? Ash! Dont come here its a trap! Casey warned when she saw Ash. A what? Ash asked. Suddenly a boy holding a couple of blades in his right hand flew down from the ceiling.

The red menacing metal blades were shaped like a stag beetles antlers. I have been waiting for you, Ash Ketchum. We meet at last as mortal enemies! Ash recognized his opponent as his junior, John Stag. John, why are you doing this? Ash asked. Correction, my real name is Kuwagarr Megahorn and why am I doing this? Because you killed my uncle! John answered back. His cyan-colored hair danced with his rage. Ash was surprised by the fact that John was a blood relative of James. Kuwagarr purposely tried to make his opponent angry so he revealed, My uncles ghost is a vengeful one. To put him to rest, I gave him your mothers soul.

Ashs mood swung from astonishment to rage and he fell for Kuwagarrs ploy. Ash punched Kuwagarr.

The duel between Ash and Kuwagarr intensified with time, destroying the table in the dining room. Suddenly Ash was caught between the two blades of Kuwagarrs sword. Looks like this contest cannot be judged by our skills of the sword, but by the power of our Pokmon. Kuwagarr sent out his Pokmon, Ninjask and Shedinja. Ash sent out Pikachu and Xatu. A 2 VS 2 Pokmon battle ensued. Pikachu used his Thundershock attack on the Ninjask who evaded it. Simultaneously, Xatu tried to peck Shedinja who also dodged the birds beak. Xatu and Shedinja then battled each other using their speed, with the ghost as the loser in the end. Ninjask used its Fury Cutter on Pikachu but it missed and slashed up the table to smithereens. Leech Life! Kuwagarr ordered Ninjask. The cicada extended its proboscis and pierced it into Pikachus body. Screeeeeeech.! Ninjask fainted into electrical paralysis.

Stop this senseless fighting, you two! a voice rang. It was Xanatos Gammus, a graduate of the Psy Academy! Ash explained, Xanatos, Johns uncle was a Team Rocket member and he is speaking up for him? Then do you know why my uncle joined Team Rocket? Ash interrupted before he could answer, Theres no reason to be a criminal. Life is a choice! Choices? Ha! My uncle wasnt given any choices throughout his entire life. His parents didnt give him any freedom to choose at all. Joining Team Rocket was the right decision for my uncle. He had tasted freedom and from it, learned independence. My uncle even could make his own decisions unless if they were instructions from the Boss. He also found true love in Team Rocket. If not for you! Kuwagarr explained.

Your uncle is not you. Kuwagarr! James is James. You are what you are. You live your own life not your uncles. Jamess philosophy of life cannot be applied to your life. Xanatos tried to knock some sense into the vengeful kid. The young mans words were hundreds of times as powerful as a fist thrown at ones head. It was truly a wake up call for Kuwagarr Megahorn. The evil in his eyes dissipated along with his rolling tears.

Suddenly the floor cracked open and gave way. Kuwagarr fell right through the hole in the floor. Xanatos ran forward to grab his hand but at the same time he sensed a powerful Psychic force holding the frail boy inside the hole. A wave of Psychic energy hit Xanatos in the head, loosening his grip on Kuwagarrs hand.

Like a frail puppet in the wind, Kuwagarr was swept away by the Psychic winds and fell to his death at the basement of the tower. Ash freed Casey who hugged the teenage boy tightly. Serves him right! Ash blared with anger. Ashs mother has been avenged.

On the top of the Haunted Tower, Stood an angry Gary Oak for his plans had been foiled again. Ash Ketchum, you have may defeated me at the Silver Tournament but beware, I will defeat you. Just you wait! Death was only the beginning!
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