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I'm assuming this topic might be closed, but I was looking through many of the fanfics around here and looking at other people's replies to them. I'm not going to mention any specific stories or names, but most are like...

"Wow, nice fic, can't wait for more!"

"Great fic!"

"You're an awesome writer! Can't wait to see what happens next!"

And these types of replies may come after a fic with obvious grammatical errors, story structure, plot holes, and the what-not. >.>;; Yeah, there may be the occasional suggestion, but these so-called "reviews" are about as weak as a Level 1 Magikarp.

Now, I know sugar-coated reviews are nice and yummy, but how do you expect to get better when you don't know what's wrong with your fic? Nobody's perfect, of course. But don't get me wrong, there are a lot of excellent fanfics out there, and it would be hard to place a finger on what's wrong with them. However, some fics are in need of constructive criticism, in order to make them better, as well as their writers.

You're probably telling me, "Geez, don't take it too seriously. They're only Pokemon fanfiction." But if you're taking it seriously enough to post it on a message board, let alone even write it in the first place, then you probably want to receive serious response. Also, if you want to pursue writing as a serious career, you'll want to learn how to get better. It'll also help you in school when you have to write reports and/or stories. :D

However, I've seen concrit gone wrong at times. Some people pick out the most silliest excuses for an error and blow it to enormous proportions. And then there are those who just downright dislike a fic because of their personal preferences. It'll be hard to pick out the good advice from the bad, and if people are sensitive, they just might get their self-esteem hurt by the bad advice. And speaking of sensitive people, some may be hurt by good advice, and may just want to halt their fanfic because of the criticism received. They may not want to work harder on their fic. I've seen it happen.

Basically, I'm trying to vie for more constructive and comprehensive fanfic reviews, that's all. *points at Shadow's fanfic rules sticky* It may be a bit of work, but it'll be good for the community. Not all of it is picking out problems, you can say what you liked about it and some plausible suggestions.

But also, there's another problem. Some fics aren't even getting any notice at all. I know it may be because of personal preference (or sheer laziness to read a long fic ^^;), but as a community, we should work together to give advice to each other and improve our works together. And that Level 1 Magikarp I mentioned at the beginning? Yup, it has the capability to evolve into a powerful Gyarados. I hope for the same to happen with our fanfics and reviews. (Heh, I just had to have some sort of symbolism chucked in there.) ^_~

So...yeah. Who here would like some more serious reviews on their work? And who here would like to start getting serious while making reviews? What do you think?

(Oh, and please don't ignore my comments because I'm a "newbie" here. I'm a longtime writer, as well as a former fanfic forum mod at a certain Pokemon forum.)

...for some strange reason I feel that I will be flamed for this...oh well!

she's back. run for your lives.
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