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Chapter 2

Black Jack was asleep n a shawt room, which looked like a prison. He slowly opened up his eyes as he woke up. Where tha heck be I? he thought ta himself as he picked himself up.

He looked around tha room and soon realised that he, his posse and tha nnocent thugz have been captured and he gots locked up n tha Tebe Dark base. How embarrassng! he thought. I gotsta thnk of somethng ta git everyone out of here.

Elsewhere, n anothar part of tha Tebe Dark base, tha nnocent were ben surrounded by tha grunts, along wit Isaac, Max and Meowth. I dont like tha look of dis one bit, Meowth said nervously.

Y-aw have nothng ta fear, said a voice. Everyone looked n fear as thay saw tha dawg n tha lab coat, Dr. Lawson.

Do not be frightened, he said. I have sent mah troops ta collect tha whole lot of you ta help y-aw have a future. All I need is yo attention and yo trust.

Who is you? And wheres mah sister!? Max dedawgded.

Hey! Shut up! shouted one of tha grunts as he shoved him down.

Thare was no need ta be rude, Clark, Dr. Lawson replied. I, mahself, have been rude enough not ta ntroduce mahself. Mah nbee is Dr. Lawson, currently perfomng operations and experiments ta ncrease ones strength. I gathared y-aw here ta do just that, fo I promise everyone that thay will have a bootylicious future and purpose n life. And dont you worry, child, yo sisters safe.

I dont know bout you homeys, Isaac said. But thares no way youre gong ta be operatng on me!

We said shut up! shouted anothar grunt as he smacked Isaac n tha face.

Why you Isaac snarled angrily as he started pummellng tha grunt bout. Tha othar grunts jumped on him and started stampng on him. Meowth and tha othars were held back and hurt by anothar bunch of grunts.

Dr. Lawson turned round, unnterested of tha situation as he turned round ta look at anothar grunt. Adrian, he said. Git Black Jack out of his cell and lead him ta tha operatng room.

But sir, Adrian replied. I dont thnk Black Jack will not agree ta yo favour.

We have ta takes risks sometimes. If he refuses, than you must foce him nta it.
Yes, sir.

Back n Black Jacks cell, he was thnkng of a way ta git out of that predicbeent. But when he heard tha door opened, he smiled at tha fact that Tebe Dark was eithar brave or stupid enough ta let him escape. Even though he had tha chance ta escape he decided ta let tha grunts n first. Three grunts stepped nta tha cell, ncludng Adrian.

What d-ya want? he asked n a rude tane.

Adrian stepped n. Hello, he said, tryng ta be brave. Mah nbee is Adrian.

I dont cis, Black Jack replied bitterly.

I have a proposition fo you. Dr. Lawson wants ta perfom an operation on you. We all know that you and youre pokemon is very strong, but Dr. Lawson can make you stronger. N exchange, he wants yo attention, trust, yo worthness and loyalty ta Tebe Dark.

Firstly, Ill become stronger mah own way, Black Jack replied. Secondly, Im loyal ta no one but mahself and mah pokemon!

Black Jack ran at tha grunts and started pummellng tham. After knockng out tha two grunts, Adrian gots scisd and taok out a gat. Dont move or Ill shoot! he cried.

Black Jack quickly stepped tawards him and knocked tha gat out of his hand. He than punched him n tha stamach causng him ta vomit and fall ta tha floor wrigglng n pan. Black Jack ran out of his cell ta look fo tha othar prisoners. Adrian taok a walkie-rapie out of his pocket and reported tha problem ta Dr. Lawson.

You fool! Dr. Lawson yelled back. Send out two of our strongest pokemon traners you can fnd n dis buildng!

But sir, Adrian groaned. Im afraid that thair pokemon isnt fully developed yet

Just do it!

Black Jack ran across various rooms and corridors ta look fo tha prisoners ta help tham escape. Fnally, he gots nta a room where tha prisoners were ben held. A bunch of Tebe Dark grunts were surroundng tham until Black Jack entered.

Hey! How did you git out! shouted one of tha grunts.

I tald you hes unpredictable! whispered anothar loudly.

Dis is as far as you can go! Its gbee over fo you! shouted tha first grunt.

Im no computer gbees expert, Black Jack replied. But a homey like me can smack all of you punks nta pieces n one go.

Tha grunts cbee rushng n on Black Jack but he fended tham off, knockng tham down and out. I cant just have fun on mah own, he said as he taok all six pokeballs off his belt and tassed tham all out. Cmon out, bois!

All of his pokemon cbee out of thair pokeballs and thay contnued tha fight aganst tha grunts. Black Jack and his pokemon cant do dis alone, shouted one of tha homeless. Lets help tham out!

All of tha homeless, ncludng Isaac, Meowth and Max ganged up on tha grunts, Black Jack looked round ta see if everyones thare, he noticed that one person was missng May. Soon all of tha grunts were knocked down and out. Meowth, Max, Wolfpack, Black Jack said as he called back his pokemon. Git thase thugz out of here. Im gong May-huntng.

May-huntn? Meowth asked himself as Black Jack ran away.

Okay, thugz! Isaac yelled. You heard tha big dawg! Lets move out!

Wait! Max yelled. Let me go look fo her!

Let him go, Isaac said, holdng Max back. Black Jack knows what hes dong.

Knowng dis, Max gave up tryng ta git through his comrade, and had full faith n his friend.

Black Jack was runnng through corridors tryng ta look fo May. Even though he and his tebemates rescued tha prisoners, he cant just let one person die n tha hands of Tebe Dark.

He immediately stapped and looked round, he randomly selected a door and barged nta it. But, nstead of fndng May, he found Adrian and two tall, muscular men standng beside him.

You agan Black Jack snarled bitterly.

Ah, Mr. Black Jack, said Adrian confidently. Snce youve rejected our offer and rudely left witout lettng us givng you a demonstration, I thnk that now would be a good time ta show you why you shouldnt have refused us.
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