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Writer's Lounge Need advice? Want to give advice? Come on in and share ideas with your fellow writers. Just remember, all fics go in the main forum.

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Old July 12th, 2009 (7:42 AM). Edited July 31st, 2009 by Astinus.
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(As a note, this thread was inspired by A Ficcage Recycling Community on LiveJournal. While we're doing something somewhat similar, let's see if we can go in a different direction.)

» Introduction/What Is This Thread?

Because I'm exceedingly lazy lately, I'm just going to get straight to the point and tell you what this thread is and isn't.

First off, let's start by defining the term "plot bunny." A plot bunny is simply an idea for a story that nags at your brain. It can be overly detailed ("Ash goes through [fancreated region] and [insert actions here]"), or it can be as simple as a small concept ("Ash as a girl").

Also, plot bunnies tend to kill fics. Why? Because they're shiny, and some authors like to chase shiny objects off into the sunset and abandon already created work. Not all authors do this, of course, but it happens.

Now, how about this thread?

Basically, it's a dumping ground for all those plot bunnies you know you really shouldn't write. The thread's first purpose is to get you to write about them so they're out in the open. It's a means of saying, "I came up with this idea, but I don't want it. So, it's up for grabs."

Secondly, it's also a means of inspiration. For those of us actually looking for something to write about, reading the ideas already preconceived might trigger an "a ha" moment and help someone chisel down that writer's block to nothing.

Third, for those of us who are guilty over having abandoned our stories – chaptered or not – it's a way of orphaning them in case someone else decides to pick it up. Especially if you're really clever about it and disguise your efforts as something along the lines of the first purpose. (Hint, hint.)

Okay, so what is this thread not?

» The Rules/What Is This Thread Not?

1. THIS IS NOT A THREAD IN WHICH YOU CAN GET OPINIONS FOR YOUR IDEAS. If I could put this in blinking text, I would, but the main idea is if you plan on using these ideas, don't post them here. We are not here to rate your ideas or tell you how to fix them up. If you post your ideas here to be rated, we will ignore your questions and put it in the archive to show they're up for grabs by anyone who wants them.

2. This is also not a thread to advertise your fic. We have a plethora of other stickies for that, so please go to them. If you're orphaning a fic, that's totally cool and what this thread is also for.

3. We can only accept fic ideas that apply to the PFF&P rules. Therefore, no smut fics.

4. Post your own ideas and incomplete fics only. If I find out you've actually stolen the idea or piece from someone else, you will be blacklisted from the thread, barring you from the ability to use it.

5. This is not a donation center in which you can freely pluck ideas without having to do anything in return. When taking ideas, please post in this thread to state you've done it so we can take it off the list by using the form at the end. Additionally, in the header of your fic (in the first post of your fic thread, before you get into the text of the chapter itself), please give credit to both this thread and the original poster of the idea for courtesy.

6. This is not a Nazi regime. If you want the fic idea back, go for it, but please wait a week before coming along and taking your idea back out of the orphanage (to avoid abuse of the thread).
6a. Also, if you wish to take an idea, you're free to pick up as many as you'd like so long as you've completed and posted at least one chapter of the resulting fic at the time that you post here to say you've adopted it. In other words, no material to show us = no adoption.

With all that in mind, let's move on to how to submit a story idea.

» Submission Forms

There's three different forms: one for concepts, one for orphaned fics, and one for fics born from ideas on this thread. When posting any of these forms, fill them out completely and remind us which one you're doing.

Orphaned Ideas

Keywords: (Give us a very short, one-liner phrase that summarizes your idea and can function as a temporary title for your concept.)
Fandom: (Yes, we accept non-Pokémon ideas too.)
Description: (Give us as detailed a description about your idea as possible. Include things like who you think should be in it, what the setting is, what's going on, backstory – pretty much anything you think we'll need to get the story going.)

Orphaned Fics

Title: (Whatever you've titled your fic while you were working on it. If you don't have a title, use a keyword line like the one for the orphaned ideas form.)
Genre: (Whatever category this fic falls into. See The Fanfiction Index for a list of what we're accepting.)
Characters: (Advertise your fic even further by writing up who's in it. List only main characters. If the main characters are original, put original and see the end of this form.)
Summary: (Obviously, what your story is/will be about.)
Material: (Whatever you've completed thus far. If it's three pages long or less, please put it behind a spoiler. If it's longer, put it in an attachment. If it's on the internet, a link will do.)
Comments: (Notes about where you want the fic to go and what you don't want us to do with it. Or just whatever else you feel like mentioning.)
Supplements: (If your fic features a fan-created character, region, or Pokémon, please describe all of them behind a spoiler tag so we know what we're working with.)

Completed Fics

Title: (What's it called now?)
Original Author: (Please state the name of whoever posted the original idea here. Also link to the post/quote the entry in the list if you can.)
Status: (Is it a one-shot, or is it a chaptered fic? Are you done, or is it still in progress?)

» Questions?

If you're ever confused about what's going on here, feel free to drop me a line, either through comments to this thread or VMs/PMs.

» The List

As a note, everything will be sorted in two easy categories: Orphaned Ideas and Orphaned Fics. (Completed Fics may not get a category of their own; it depends on what you all want.) Additionally, everything is alphabetized by the working title/keywords. See the links for more details (including summaries).

Orphaned Ideas

Andrew Wiggin in Hot Topic
Submitted by: Valentine
Fandom: Enderverse/Astinus's Twisted Sims Adventures

Submitted by: Ditto-Jelly
Fandom: Pokémon

HM Slave
Submitted by: Dagzar
Fandom: Pokémon

How to make a universe implode
Submitted by: Astinus/Valentine
Fandom: Pokémon/Enderverse/Pokécommunity/whatever

Kingdom Hearts Crossover to the Extreme
Submitted by: txteclipse
Fandom: Everything ever

Ouran High School Pokémon Club
Submitted by: Valentine
Fandom: Ouran High School Host Club/Pokémon

Project: Fakemon
Submitted by: Giratinasaur
Fandom: Pokémon

Orphaned Fics

Jesse and James, behind the dysfunction
Submitted by: rmmstnr
Fandom: Pokémon
Genre: Friendship/Angst
Characters: Jessie, James
Professional ninja. May or may not actually be back. Here for the snark and banter at most.

Need some light reading?
Anima Ex Machina (Chapter 20 now available)
The Leaf Green Incident (SWC 2012 winner)
Braid (Creepypasta apparently)
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Old July 12th, 2009 (11:18 AM).
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Orphaned Fic
Title:Err, no title, Jesse and James, behind the dysfunction.
Genre:Friendship, Angst (?)
Summary:Just a story/set of stories that follow Jesse and James (and Meowth) in the early days of their dealings with Ash and friends; basically looking into the dynamics of the group and introspective moments of the characters. Diary style I suppose, but a look at them instead of their own narratives.

"Sigh." Staring unto the untold depths of the velvet night sky through the gentle embracing fingers of the foliage of the wood, James begins to ponder just why he is here. Just like every night. Why is he camping out in this forest, why is he trailing that miscreant and his pikachu, why has he not left this rag-tag group of misfits to lead his own life? In his heart, he knows. And it's quite unfortunate for him that he knows, because it's the exact same thing he has beaten himself over the head with for months.

"Weak. It's because I'm too weak to leave them." Bitter thoughts, laced with both contempt and love. Contempt for himself of course, his two traveling companions are the only friends he has in this world, minus his beloved Koffing. James glanced to his left. His long-time partner in crime, Jessie, lay dimly highlighted by the glow of a full moon, softly respiring in her slumber. The pale silvery lines cast by the celestial giant robbed her beautiful hair of it's bold, vivacious color. To his right, Meowth, was also peacefully snoozing, curled up at the gnarled roots of a tree.

James sat with his back against a local timber, mind flowing it's usual bitter tirade of disdain and repugnance. He's here because he knows not how to strike out on his own. All of his life he has been spoon-fed everything, never having the chance to prove himself. To who? Why, to James of course. Freshly free from the suffocating setting of his home and parents, he quickly found himself in need of something. He needed toil and drudgery, he craved a challenge. But most of all, he needed companionship.

Enter Team Rocket. The excitement was there, the application was there, and the companionship? Well, there were people, people tied to the cause of the collective. The simple thought of being part of a group seemed enthralling, just what ailing James needed to get on track. Now here he was, regularly receiving beatdowns from the new target of their criminal efforts. Come to think of it, James regularly received most of his beatings from Jesse. A weak tug of the corner of James' mouth was all of a smile that he could muster.

"Your life gets put into perspective when the closest thing you have to a best friend sees nothing of pummeling you into the ER." The thought stuck and quickly echoed, each richochet beating him further into a state of despair. The idea of bringing out Koffing for company and comfort seemed the most tempting thing in the world, and James fumbled for his pokeball. Milky lunar efulgence glinted off the ball's crimson upper finish, and James gently swept his thumb over the object and was almost soothed by the familiar sight and feel. His brow and shoulders fell; Koffing would be long asleep by now.

Fastening his ally's quarters back onto his belt, he silently muttered "all the better. I'd best not upset Koffing anyway." He cared deeply for Koffing and tried to hide his ever-deepening depression as much as possible. Whether it worked or not, he wasn't sure. Feeling lonelier than ever amidst the group, James struggled to fight back a tear. A gentle breeze whispered through the forest, and he crossed his arms tightly to fight back the soft but ceaseless chill of the night air. Knowing that as always he would accept his predicaments and weather yet another sleepless night, James quietly wished to be among the brilliant stars above.

Couldn't decide how to continue

Next Bit #1

Dawn came, and as usual James watched the sun break over the horizon, listened to the soft rustling in the distance of caterpie and weedle toddling through the brush. Listened to his team struggle to remain unconscious as the light of day crept over their faces through an overhead filter of leaves. Alas, with yawns aplenty and a great deal of stretching, everyone was awake. "Seeing as you've been awake, what's the status of the twerps?" shot Jesse. "I don't really know," explained James, "last I knew, they were about a half a mile ahead."
"Well then we better be on our way then," Jesse finished. Her early morning grumpiness was fading, but not quite gone.

Next Bit #2

The morning came, vivacious and effervescent. Even James couldn't stay downtrodden in the presence of such a warm symphony of joy incarnate. The smattering of clouds above seemed gilded in the purest of gold, and he couldn't stand to behold this sight by himself. Flicking his wrist, pokeball in hand, he quietly spoke, "Koffing! Come on out." With a flash and a long yawn, Koffing floated to his trainer and dear friend. "Doesn't a day like this make you feel happy to be alive?" proclaimed James. Koffing wheezed in eager agreement.

By the time the others had awaken, the sun was up and the sublime sunrise had become but another day. After breakfast (a little something stolen out of a window-sill in the last town), the group was back to trailing pikachu and company. They were about a half a mile ahead, courtesy of the last defeat dealt by the hands of those juveniles and that yellow electric rodent.

Comments: No, this isn't an excuse to get Jesse and James together (it wouldn't work). While I planned on illustrating how each would have the idea of "what if" in their moments of wistfullness and trouble, I feel strongly that they would never act on it (besides, you'd have to carry the story on until they drop out of the anime to do it). However, if you pick this up it's yours, so do what you will; after all I coudn't do better Xp. I look forward to what can be made of it. I also wanted to include at least one moment of significant triumph for the group, once again, behind the scenes of the anime (can't really catch pikachu now can we?)

P.S. Unfortunately I have more fragmented stories, I know, I'm ashamed. Just didn't wanna throw out a literary graveyard here
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Old July 12th, 2009 (3:04 PM). Edited July 12th, 2009 by Giratina ♀.
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I am submitting an idea that I think could be done very well by someone more skilled than I am. Keep in mind that my Plot Buneary Zoo ends up rambling on about the characters too, so any part of this can be modified by the new owner. I've left replacement names in there just because I didn't want to delete that part, so don't feel obligated to call someone Blanko. xD

Keywords: Um... 'Project: Fakemon', I guess.
Fandom: Pokémon.
Whenever scientists say they’ve discovered a new region, it’s not exactly ‘new’. The scientists go through a process of finding out which new regions are livable, and will sustain public interest.

Of course, what is of the places that don’t cut it as Regions? The scientists simply have found no Pokemon in the region, and therefore there is probably little to no interest in moving there. When these scientists find a new region that is inhabited by Pokemon, they send the coordinates back to wherever they have set up a base and scramble around in their scientific fashion. When it’s not inhabited by Pokemon, they name it, chart it on some big map, and move on so that they know not to ever check it again.

Of course, sometimes they miss some places. There may be an entire host of Pokemon on some region, which the scientists just can’t find. Or maybe the Pokemon don’t want to be seen.

Or maybe, just maybe, the Pokemon can’t be seen…

There’s a legend, you see, that a great big island exists, somewhere, that has a whole new host of Pokemon… but these Pokemon were all conjured by the minds of young children, all over the world, who have dreamed of setting out to be a Trainer early with a Pokemon of their creation.

Though these children don’t know it, they have just brought that Pokemon into existence on that island. There is such an island in existence. An island which the Scientists have found no interest in, and proclaimed to be the Region of Regioname. So yes, this means your younger brother's giant flying dinosaur bear Pokémon thing named 'Fireball' and knows all the attacks in existence or ever will be in existence actually lives and thrives somewhere.

There’s always those annoying loonies to take legends and myth a little too seriously… you know, the guys who always end up summoning a ridiculously powerful Legendary Pokemon and seriously messing with one balance or another. Yes, those guys. Well, the Regioname myth has its own loony too.

But Regioname’s loony is around __ years old.

A person named Blanko had dedicated him/herself to finding this island. She /he eventually set off for the open sea, having found what she/he believed to be the right island by constantly pestering her [parental figure or other adult friend], who so happened to be one of these scientists. Eventually she/he got the coordinates to the island, but her/his [parental figure or other adult friend] couldn’t figure why she/he really needed to know these numbers.

Later that week, Blanko set off. Nobody saw her/him again… at least, for a while. One other person was about to be flung into this literal world of imagination, piloted by a self-declared 'ruler' of questionable legitimacy and/or sanity.

Note: If you were wondering or had no clue what to put there, the region 'Regioname' was originally 'Codrum' and the 'person of unknown gender and questionable legitimacy and/or sanity' was a woman named Moira.

THANK YOU for making this thread~ Maybe I'll post another one some other time.
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Old July 20th, 2009 (4:34 PM).
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(As a random side note, yeah, I don't really make "you're approved" posts here or anything, so if you post here, it'll be up eventually. *thumbs up*)

Now, for a crack idea I really shouldn't be writing and another one that has no post attached to it...

Keywords: Andrew Wiggin in Hot Topic
Fandom: Enderverse/Astinus's Twisted Sim Adventures
Description: Angel (or another Enderverse character) needs to go to the mall/shopping district/space station commerce area to pick up a few things, but unable to do much with Andrew "Ender"/"Andy"/"Fluffy" Wiggin, (s)he's forced to bring Andy along. However, Andy's keeper decides (s)he needs to go get a drink at a nearby stall and leaves Andy alone for five minutes. Andy finds Hot Topic and wanders in. Hilarity ensues.

Keywords: Ouran High School Pokémon Club
Fandom: Ouran High School Host Club/Pokémon
Description: Tamaki finds a mystic portal in what he thinks is a broom closet. Upon passing through it, he finds himself in a laboratory, being mistaken for a new trainer. Now equipped with a starter Pokémon, he's shoved out the door and forced to find a way back home... or, um, he'll go and experience the apparent "commoner pasttime" that is Pokémon training. You know. Whichever he feels like doing more at that particular moment. So, naturally, most of the Host Club follows suit and get Pokémon of their own, except a very confused Haruhi (And maybe one other club member. Haven't thought that far.), who had been out getting instant coffee while the others played with metaphysical sources of incredible power.
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Old July 20th, 2009 (8:25 PM).
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Wow. This thread filled a very large and unwanted vacuum. Now I can dump all the crap I've been thinking about on the rest of you and get it out of my freaking head share some ideas that could be great but I just don't have the heart or time to write.

Keywords: Kingdom Hearts Crossover to the Extreme
Fandom: All
Description: A flipping huge Kingdom Hearts fic that encompasses any and every fandom the author cares to include. The heroes from each fandom become keyblade warriors, combating a Heartless and Nobody plague that threatens the entire multiverse. Requirement: must include Sweeney Todd, and his keyblade must be called "My Arm is Complete" and be shaped like a straight razor.

More to come...
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Old July 21st, 2009 (11:00 AM).
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There's no way I'm going to ever write this, so I might as well hand it out.

Keywords: HM Slave
Fandom: Pokemon


MC (Main Character) is an awesome trainer and if you’re around him long enough, you’ll know it too. He wins battles with ease and is always training his Pokemon to be the best fighters. He’s also rather arrogant, which makes some people want to punch him in the face! He cares only for his six Pokemon and anything else can just go to hell.

So, of course, he hates wasting his Pokemon’s time by making them learn weak techniques. Unfortunately, since he’s training in Sinnoh, the region requires his Pokemon to know moves such as Cut and Rock Smash if he actually wants to get around in the wilderness.

So, not wanting to waste his real Pokemon’s time, he catches a Bidoof to function as an HM slave and appropriately calls the Pokemon ‘Slave’. Since carrying over six Pokemon is illegal, he keeps the Pokeball in his pocket and only takes it out when he needs something out of his way.

Sinnoh, not only being a harsh environment, is also home to thieves. And isn’t MC surprised when he wakes up one morning to find all his Pokemon gone! The only one he has left is Slave, since the Bidoof’s Pokeball wasn’t on his belt. Now MC is mad beyond belief! He’s not going to stand around while his hard-earned Pokemon were somewhere else. Screw the Police, he’s going to track down those thieves by himself.

Though, with only a Bidoof to aid him, MC is going to find that looking for those thieves is much more tricky than he thought…
"After being saddled with two ten-year-old brats and being sent out on her long overdue Pokemon journey, she can’t help but wonder… is it worth it?"
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Old July 22nd, 2009 (9:22 AM).
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keywords: Animorphosis
fandom: Pokemon
description: It's about a boy called Ken who, hearing about a spate of armed attacks on Blackthorn city (he lives in Mahogany town), decides he wants to have a go at stopping them. When thinking about how he's going to do it, sitting at his favourite hiding spot in the Lake Of Rage, he's somehow transformed into a Dratini. The basic plot of the story, is if he can find out how he became a pokemon, how he can change back, and if he can stop Team Rocket, even while he's in a dratini form.
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Old July 28th, 2009 (9:13 PM).
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So, basically, Asty and I were up late talking, and when that happens... uh... other stuff happens.

Nine months later eventually, we ended up with a baby plot bunny neither of us actually has time to write. Enjoy the crack!

Keywords: How to make a universe implode
Fandom: Pokémon/Enderverse/Pokécommunity/whatever
Astinus and Valentine, the PFF&P's resident lesbians, have just realized that for three months, their ages would actually be the same. Now, normally, this would mean absolutely nothing, but apparently, there's a cheesy prophecy going around that states that when two maiden warriors' years on earth coincide with one another, that would mean either doom and universal destruction or peace and healing for everyone. Unfortunately, an evil organization the forum finds out that it's actually both at once. As in, each time these two so much as hold hands, the universe implodes and remakes itself. This ends up happening at some point.

So, enter the Pokémon universe, the Enderverse, and just about every other 'verse. Apparently, having one universe implode in on itself and remake itself instantaneously around a focal point kinda disturbs all the other universes around it. Ash Ketchum goes to investigate, only to find himself face-to-face with a life lesson Brock should have taught him ages ago. Rendered rather moot except for a passing reference, a certain researcher accidentally meets a certain former child soldier/governor/hero/mass murderer and current priest-like figure. Both realize their universes are kinda crumbling around this unstable universe, and both know that they'll probably need each other to go stop whatever's causing their neighboring 'verse to constantly collapse on itself.

Only this is Andy and Bill, so you guys are kinda screwed.

Extra points for slashing up the wazoo and hilarious other crossovers.
Professional ninja. May or may not actually be back. Here for the snark and banter at most.

Need some light reading?
Anima Ex Machina (Chapter 20 now available)
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