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General Chat Reporting for duty!

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Old September 30th, 2010 (07:41 PM).
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I can't say I'm active enough in many sections to the point where I'd feel totally and completely happy modding anything but what I mod now. But if I was doing it all over and had my pick of any section and qualifications didn't matter I might pick FF&W instead despite only having posted there like 3 or 4 times. I could get back into writing while doing something to help PC. It would be a challenge modding an area I don't really know, yeah, but it could still be fun.

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Old September 30th, 2010 (07:50 PM).
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I'd likely accept the position as long as it was a forum section I visit such as OVP, OC, OT or even CQ&F if they ever had a mind to employ a mod for it. XD
Put me in any other section and I'd be like a fish out of water. x3

Still, I certainly don't ever expect to be asked to be a mod here. Too many members of staff don't see eye to eye with the way I feel about things I know about PC. XD
The rest of it is simply because I either don't know because they can't/won't share it, or because I'm not "there" to hear what's decided because I'm not a member of staff.

Seriously, I'd **** about 50 bricks if I ever got seriously asked to mod here...I know all too well that my chances are no better than a snowball's chances in hell. XD
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Old September 30th, 2010 (07:54 PM).
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I think I would accept. I would take the Pokémon Trivia section. It is the place I visit the most here.
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Old September 30th, 2010 (07:57 PM).
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I'd take it if it seemed like that board needed some attention. I'd probably prefer one of the sections I'm active in at the time of this hypothetical promotion. Or the TCG section (like that'll ever happen). ^-^;;
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Old September 30th, 2010 (08:53 PM).
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Patchisou Yutohru
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My favorite forums are Community Questions & Feedback, The Community Headquarters, Black and White, Other Entertainment, Other Voting Polls, and Other Chat.

Community Questions & Feedback: Seeing as how CQ&F will probably never have a set moderator and always be in charge and run by the higher staff, though I would like to mod the forum, this is an impossibility.
The Community Headquarters: This is my favorite forum and the source of my enthusiasm for PC now that I have access to it, but since moderators don't have access to the HQ, I wouldn't be able to take it - and I think Erica would probably want to kill anyone who ever became moderator there. She's so protective of it and it makes me think that if HQ was an actual baby, she's actually be a good mother. lmao. So, I wouldn't be able to get that - it would be the one I would want the most. But another impossibility. :(
Black and White: I like Black and White and speculating and discussing the game was fun and all, but Black and White is entirely too active for my liking and therefore I wouldn't want to be a devoted moderator to the forum. Kudos to Nica and Shinell for lasting so long. Weird saying that, considering a half a year ago, I wanted this forum so much. Glad I didn't get it. x__x
Other Entertainment: Other Entertainment was my first forum and I got depressed because no matter what I did, activity just wouldn't increase. I put so much time into trying to revive that wasteland and to no avail. I would pass this forum up without a second doubt.
Other Voting Polls: One of my favorite forums, and my second forum I modded. These days, I have less and less interest in this forum with a majority of threads being posted that I have little to no interest to reply to. I wouldn't take this section back.
Other Chat: I wouldn't say yes to this, while I enjoy discussions and debates, most of the ones posted these days I don't have interest in. So I'd pass this up.

So, all in all, due to impossibilities and lack of interest, I think I'd actually pass up a chance at becoming a moderator. Hard to really believe that I'm saying that, to be honest. Also, just saying, but I saw a lot of people say "I'm not cut out for it." A lot of you should really try to believe in yourself a little more. There's an aspect in everyone that I believe will make a good moderator. It's just a matter of expanding that aspect and making it shine through the uncertainties. There's also nothing wrong with wanting to be promoted, to those who think there is.
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Old September 30th, 2010 (08:55 PM).
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Nick, we all know you asked to be a mod. :]

I'd only say yes to maybe a few forums. I haven't really been active enough lately.
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Old September 30th, 2010 (09:03 PM).
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I would say no. With any forum, I often have times where I won't visit it for months. And being a mod just hasn't ever really interested me. Though I'd be greatly flattered of course!
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Old October 1st, 2010 (07:08 AM).
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Lucy Lu
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If I was asked to be a mod, I would decline. Because for one I am not as active as I was. Most of the forums I used to go frequent has slowed down a lot. And I don't like telling people what to do. I am not assertive enough. D: I probably end up closing a wrong thread or something by mistake. Yep, I could see that happen. And besides I got other things to do anyway. I won't have time to watch over a forum.


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Old October 1st, 2010 (07:22 AM).
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Spherical Ice
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Yes, I would accept.
Especially if it were in Pixel Art, or ROM Hacking (yes; I realise I actually quit from the latter, but still).

So yeah.
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Old October 1st, 2010 (01:20 PM).
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I never wanted, I don't want and I won't want to be part of staff. Never. ever. in. my. life.
I just wouldn't handle it. Being shy and hesitant like I am, it would be too much for me. Plus I don't have time due to school.

But anyways, the chances of me being asked to be a mod are the same as my city's soccer team being the league champion, which means it's an absolute, big and round ZERO.

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Old October 1st, 2010 (04:57 PM).
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Mario The World Champion
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If I was asked to be a mod in any section of PC, I would decline for a few reasons.

1. I can be very biased and being a mod means you have to be unbiased on all things. For example, if I was mod in other Chat, I would have have banned all religion topics and all things dealing with politics, two things that cause flame wars.

2. I'm not on PC a lot like I used to. Being a mod means you have to be around PC and the section you're modding a great deal.

3. The stress of being a mod and all the hate that will be dumped on you by n00bs. That's the reason why a few mods I liked long ago are no longer here. I really liked this one Mod from back in 2005. She was the nicest person ever.

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Old October 1st, 2010 (05:39 PM).
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I would accept, I guess. And I've been wanting to Mod OT and OC for quite some time, though I wouldn't mind taking over the Roleplay section since I've had loads of experience with Roleplaying~ (I know I haven't done it here lately, but I can prove I've been doing it elsewhere~)
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Old October 1st, 2010 (08:33 PM).
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I am disappointed by the lack of enthusiasm for poor NU/W. It's a cool board too, guys. ;-;

Yeah, welcoming is what I've done for this community since mid 2008. I got no particular skills or anything, but I knew the boards themselves pretty darn well from being a super-mega lurker for a while. If I was asked to moderate NU/W, I'd gladly accept. It would be my first time being asked, you see. Since, much like Nick and Gavin, I was just given the position. :D

Other boards... I used to love OVP and would have taken it in a heartbeat, but there's just waaaay too much content to moderate on my own, and I'd obsessive over that kinda stuff. Can't really think of any other board that's ever caught my interest too much... used to like Pokémon General for a while, but not so much anymore.
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Old October 1st, 2010 (09:40 PM).
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If I was asked to be Mod of this topic, I would accept. Because I know I would try my hardest at moderating this particular section of PC. No seriously, I would. Because I love this section.
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Old October 2nd, 2010 (12:16 AM).
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I'd decline.

I'm not conceited enough to ever be a successful mod here.

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Old October 2nd, 2010 (12:37 AM).
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I would accept because i have a lot of time i can go on here.

I probably would like to be a moderator of the Introductions forum.
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Old October 2nd, 2010 (05:06 PM).
It would all depend on the section really. If I was asked for some random section that I never venture into I'd probably say no, but why that situation would even occur is beyond me.

My top favorite sections and the ones I am most active in (in no particular order) are OVP, NU/W, PG, OE and OC. So yeah if I ever got asked I would most likely say yes to those sections. I don't know, I just feel like they're are my -home- in a weird way and I couldn't pass up the chance to take care of them. Plus I enjoy the whole proving myself adequate if that makes sense. I mean adequate as in fully sufficient, suitable, or fit not barely sufficient in case you looked up the definition. xD
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Old October 3rd, 2010 (10:10 PM).
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Basically, if you were asked to become a moderator, would you accept or decline?

It depends what forum it is. PC wise - Definitely. I mean I've only been in the Staff of somethings as big as a vBulliten forum once since I do Asst. Admin on forum with vBulliten as it's host.

I've been asked way to many times to be someone on staff with a lot of smaller forums made on those such as forumotion and such. Plus, it makes you feel powerful, being mod on a high class forum doesn't XD?

If you accepted, what section would you want?

Maybe to run the Pokemon Groups section I would become active there again like I used to but really I wouldn't mind handling any place in the forum
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Old October 4th, 2010 (01:05 PM).
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If I was asking this question a few months ago, I would accept if it were in one of my active sections, like OVP.

If I was asked now, however, I would decline. I am no longer active due to school and personal reasons, so I wouldn't be fit to be a moderator right now.
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Old October 4th, 2010 (06:10 PM).
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Narcissus Secret
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I think I would have to decline. I mean, I want to be a mod, but I couldn't handle it. At least, I don't think I could. Maybe you should mod me so I can find out. But, if I was a mod, I would want it to be in one of three places: NU/W, FF&W, or RPC. I guess I wouldn't mind OC, OVP or OT, or something, but it would be quite draining on some days.
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Old October 7th, 2010 (02:30 AM).
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If I accepted, either Pixel Art or ROM Hacking. Maybe Pokémon General.
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Old October 7th, 2010 (02:49 AM).
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If I really was asked to be employed in the Emulation section as a Moderator... I might accept it, deppends how often I really come to PC anyways.
Even though it is my favorite forum, 'cause I enjoy researching the ROMs of the 4th Generation, and maybe even the 5th Generation if I get around into it.

Maybe my activity on the forums might change in the future, but I can't be 100% certain that it will. We really don't know what really could happen in the future.

As long as I continue to research the ROMs... and maybe even attempt to create a map editor for the 4th generation. Because I'm already learning about using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. Then once I've learned about it, then I'd have to learn about the hex editing in the objects and textures, as well as the possitioning.

So yeah... it deppends I guess. I'm just happy with the possition I am now.
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sure does feel like a brand new adventure!

I'm gradually learning to use Microsoft Visual Studio!

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Old October 7th, 2010 (03:43 AM).
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Yes. I would accept. It would mean I get perks that I would normally have to pay for. AND I'M FLAT BROKE. But I would ask to have the bar and the name turned back to normal. So I won't 0 DLTMSA, BECAUSE I GO THERE A LOT.

If I had to pick a forum, OT, reason stated above, OVP, OC and OG because I like the word 'Other', reminds me of Dragon Ball tend to go there a lot. o3o
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