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Old November 25th, 2010 (3:35 PM). Edited November 25th, 2010 by minime010.
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This is my first LP, and I thought the game was interesting so I'm doing a LP on it. Here goes:

Yeah. Gamefreak would make a game with zombies and rate it E...

It's my brother!
But what's the thing on the bike?

You are in a dream... That you will never wake up from!!!

I think it's the vantriliquist from down the street.

That Bulbasaur doesn't look normal. Did it do something with its hair?

Told you it looked strange!

I do my hair everyday! It's sooo odd. Yeah, I'm gonna die if i comb my hair again.

Everything dies! Well rocks don't die... but, they are never alive either. Same with hair...

You don't think you wake up, you either wake up, or go tho sleep.

Why is there only rocks? This is what you call a town? I don't live under a rock. Does the game think I'm a hobo? Or Patrick Star?

Do they study rocks here?

I don't want a sick pokeball! Do I look like I need to get sick?

More sickness.

Let's hope this doesn't kill me...

Makes me dizzy... I call dibs! Oh.. It's a baltoy... I wanted DarkMagician...

I didnt get to finish, but I'm working on it!
Updates will come whenever :cer_boogie:


Attempting to get back into ROM Hacking.

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Old November 25th, 2010 (10:12 PM).
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I don't know why the first few images are so stretched, or where the hell that red border came from - but in any case this just doesn't meet the standards of this section at all, sorry.


Suit Up!

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