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Old December 11th, 2010 (11:19 AM).
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Have you tired of all the Eggs looks exactly? With this script you can change this!
I also create Sample Eggs for the Egg Groups plus Togepi (see the zip).

# Change egg picture - by FL (Credits will be apreciated)
# This script is for Poccil Pokémon Essentials, to install put it above main,
# put one picture for each egg in YourGameFolder\Graphics\Pictures. Put the
# pictures for each Egg Group (15) like egg1, egg2, egg3... and  iconEgg1,
# iconEgg2, iconEgg3... for icons.
# Change a line in PokemonUtilities. The line
# return AnimatedBitmap.new(sprintf("Graphics/Pictures/egg"))
# change it for
# return AnimatedBitmap.new(sprintf(EggType.EggPicture(pokemon.species,false)))
# If you want change the icons too, change other line in the same script.
# The line
# return sprintf("Graphics/Pictures/iconEgg")
# change it for
# return sprintf(EggType.EggPicture(pokemon.species,true))
# This script changes the egg picture for each pokémon that they contains.
# I put one for each Egg Group, but in a way to Igglybuff (a pokémon that
# cannot breed and have Egg Group 15) to have they evolution (Jigglypuff) Egg
# Group (6).
# You can add special egg pictures like Togepi if you follow the instructions
# in specialcases. Name the special cases eggs+specialcasepokémon number, like
# eggs175 for Togepi. I recommend to use this.
# You can uncomment a line to change it to put one egg for EACH pokémon species
# instead one for each Egg Group. Use a picture for each pokémon species that
# can be in a egg, use the specie number in a picture, like egg100 for Voltorb,
# but the egg101 isn't necessary because that Electrode cannot be in a egg.

module EggType

def self.EggPicture(specie,isIcon) compat=EggType.getCompat(specie) # picks the Compatibility if(compat==15) # if the Compatibility is 15, checks for evo (for babies) ret=pbGetEvolvedFormData(specie) compat=EggType.getCompat(ret[0][2]) if (ret[0]!=nil) end resultnumber=compat.to_s # resultnumber=EggType.specialcases(specie,compat) # UNCOMMENT THE ABOVE LINE TO USE SPECIAL CASES # resultnumber=specie.to_s # UNCOMMENT THE ABOVE LINE TO PUT ONE EGG PICTURE FOR EACH POKÉMON SPECIES if isIcon eggstring="Graphics/Pictures/iconEgg"+resultnumber else eggstring="Graphics/Pictures/egg"+resultnumber end # use the egg picture, plus a number, like egg3 for Caterpie return eggstring end

def self.specialcases(specie,compat) case specie when 175 # Togepi Number return ("s"+specie.to_s) # Use eggs175 to Togepi Egg Picture #when ? # return ("s"+specie.to_s) # Copy the two above lines, uncomment and change the "?" for a special # case pokémon number. Do this for each special case pokémon else return (compat.to_s) end end

def self.getCompat(specie) # Returns the first Compatibility. dexdata=pbOpenDexData pbDexDataOffset(dexdata,specie,31) compat1=dexdata.fgetb compat2=dexdata.fgetb dexdata.close return compat1 end end

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Old December 11th, 2010 (11:30 AM).
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This is a pretty neat idea you got here, FL. I'll download it soon and tell you what I think of it. :D

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Old December 11th, 2010 (11:54 AM).
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I messed with something sort of like this a while back too. I didn't do the icons, nice idea by the way, but had the egg pictures change based on type. Yours is a bit neater though, and using egg group instead of types works a bit better since you don't have to worry about mixing (as you would with dual types).

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