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Old January 2nd, 2011 (8:43 PM). Edited October 8th, 2011 by Team_SJK.
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This fan fiction is rated PG-13 for violence and strong language. Reader discretion is advised.

The Prologue

In the late 1790s, when everyone else was using candles and oil lamps for light and using what is now considered archaic language, the Johto Region was already enjoying electric lighting and using what we now consider “modern language.” But quite honestly, that's water under the bridge.

On Saturday, August 31, 1799, Johto had excitedly greeted the new heirs of Kokuran Palace: Lord Darach Hirokazu Konokama, son of legendary samurai Kono Kama, and Lady Caitlyn Harada, daughter of Queen Lyn Harada and the late Lord Akira Muramasa. A reception at the palace’s grand ballroom soon followed the matrimonial service.

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Old January 2nd, 2011 (8:47 PM). Edited January 15th, 2011 by Team_SJK.
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The date is September 1, 1799, and the time is roughly 6:32 AM. A single day has passed since Lord Darach Hirokazu Konokama and Lady Caitlyn Harada became a married couple, and inherited the thrones at Kokuran Palace, located north of Mahogany Town. While Darach is still asleep, Caitlyn is dressed for the day.
“Ah, what a beautiful morning, right Darach?” Caitlyn spoke as she pulled back the balcony curtains.

All Darach could do in response was reorient himself while remaining asleep.
“Hmm, still not awake yet?” Caitlyn asked. “I have just the thing for that. Moro, come wake up your master at once!”

At that point, the Ninetales jumped up onto the bed and started playfully licking Darach’s face.

“Okay! I’m awake! You can stop now, Moro!” Darach laughed.

“Well, good morning, Sir Konokama,” Caitlyn began.

“Good morning, Caitlyn,” Darach replied.“Did you sleep well?”

“Indeed I have,” Caitlyn responded. “By the way, today is the day that Ecruteak City holds its annual Festival of Ho-Oh, and it starts at approximately 9:00. What do you say we go there after breakfast?”

“There are no objections on my behalf,” Darach replied. “I absolutely love to attend festivals.”

Once they were finished with breakfast, Darach and Caitlyn made off toward Ecruteak City. Darach rode on the back of his Arcanine named Byrne, while Caitlyn rode on Moro’s back. For the first part of the trek, there was nothing but farm land as far as the eye could see. On a whim, Darach decided to take a slight detour through the forest, and Caitlyn went right along with him. Up ahead was a very familiar location to both of them: the tall, grassy area that they had spent countless afternoons together as children.

“There’s no mistake that we’re getting awfully close,” Caitlyn pointed out.

“Yes, indeed,” Darach replied. “The scent of Sakura is getting ever stronger.”

Darach and Caitlyn arrived at the festival with five minutes to spare. Just as he was about to dismount from Byrne, Darach felt someone place their hand on his shoulder.

“Fancy I’d meet you guys here...” the mysterious voice said.

Darach knew immediately who this voice belonged to by just listening to the person. It turns out that it was Kono Kama, the world-renowned traveling samurai, and Darach’s very own father.

“And fancy we’d do the same, Kono,” Darach said. “Have you been keeping well, now that your son is the king of Johto?”

“Oh, yes indeed,” Kono replied. “It is of great honor to finally become part of the Royal Family... and it is most pleasurable to see you as well, Lady Caitlyn.”

“Good morrow, m’lord,” Caitlyn spoke respectfully. “Beautiful September morning, yes?”

“Very beautiful indeed,” Kono responded. “Are you guys ready for some fun times? Because the festival begins in approximately three minutes. And having said that, I shall see you around.”

“All right,” Darach said. “See you later, Kono.”

“See you later, Lord Kono!” Caitlyn replied.

After this point, Darach dismounted from Byrne and put the Arcanine away in his miniature Aura Staff, while Caitlyn did likewise with Moro. As soon as they finished, the gates had opened for the festival. Darach and Caitlyn toured the grounds in counterclockwise order, starting at the “Strongest Man of Johto” competition, an event where, with a sledgehammer, Darach succeeded at pounding in an iron stake within four seconds, while everyone else finished within ten. As a result of winning the competition, Darach received one-thousand PokéDollars as his award.

The next stop was a jewelry stand at which Caitlyn wanted to have a quick look. After much negotiation with the merchant, Darach ended up paying only 100 PokéDollars for everything Caitlyn wanted. The next stop for Darach was the weapons stand, where he found and bought various staffs, swords, and firearms for a very low price. An hour had passed, and Ho-Oh had officially made his appearance before Darach and Caitlyn, offering a free ride above the clouds, an offer they couldn’t refuse.

“What a beautiful view of the Johto Region,” Caitlyn commented. “Until now, I’ve never actually gotten a chance to see Johto from a... bird’s eye perspective.”

“You couldn’t have said it better, Lady Caitlyn,” Ho-Oh replied. “This is why I absolutely love to give people a lift, if you will.”

“Amazing,” Darach thought. “I can actually see Father Kono’s house from here. Awesome!”

“Ah, yes! I see it too,” Caitlyn exclaimed.

“I am afraid I’m not too keen about Mahogany Town,” Ho-Oh declared. “Isn’t Kono’s house the one that’s right there in the middle of town?”

“That’s the one,” Darach replied.

“Yes, indeed. By the way, isn’t that the Kanto region in the distance?” Caitlyn questioned.

“You’ve got a very keen eye, m’lady,” Ho-Oh answered. “Indeed it is Kanto. Well, I’ve got other people waiting for me in Ecruteak, so what do you say we head on back?”

“Yeah, we’ve got a number of things to accomplish this afternoon, so I think it would be best that we return,” Caitlyn replied.

As soon as Darach, Caitlyn, and Ho-Oh landed from their flight above the clouds, everything became suddenly dark all around them. Darach and Caitlyn met up with Kono Kama, and from thence, all three made haste back to Kokuran Palace. Almost immediately after their arrival, Caitlyn began to feel faint, and moments before crashing to the ground, Darach and Kono caught Caitlyn and laid her to rest on their bed. Ryu, Kono’s Lucario, promptly arrived at Kono’s side.

“Sir Kama,” Ryu began, “what happened to Lady Caitlyn?”

“I sense that she has fallen into catatonic sleep, but how that came to be, I am very uncertain about it,” Kono replied.

“Whoever did this to fair Lady Caitlyn will pay with their life!” Ryu said angrily.

“Ryu!” Darach said sternly, “Take it easy. There’s a time and place for anger, but now is neither that time nor place.”

“My son,” Kono began, “I would like to accompany you on the quest, but unfortunately, I cannot go with you, as I have vowed to remain at Her Majesty’s side. However, that isn’t to say I’ll be with you through the trials you have yet to face. Here, I want you to have my blade for your protection. Go ahead, take it. I hold no objections. And Ryu, please assist my son on his quest.”

“As you wish, my liege,” Ryu acknowledged. “Come along then, Darach. We have no time to dilly-dally.”

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By the middle of the afternoon, Darach had gathered his belongings, clothed himself in the very uniform that Sir Aaron had worn, and set out on the journey with Ryu by his side. Almost an hour after, they are encountered by a pair of Shadow Ninjas, one of which was easy to defeat, and the other had Darach pinned to the ground.

“Ryu! Get this freak off of me at once!” Darach yelled.

“Yes, sire!” Ryu responded.

But every time Ryu drew near, the Shadow Ninja kept trying to attack him. Fortunately, Ryu was able to evade the Shadow’s attacks. All at once came a feminine-sounding yell, followed by a blast, and the Shadow fell dead on top of Darach, with the Shadow’s clawed hands deathly close to both sides of Darach’s head. Frightened by the blast, Darach heaves the slain Shadow Ninja away from him using his legs and draws his sword.

“Sire! Put away your sword!” Ryu warned. “The Aura is with this one. She means us absolutely no harm!”

Evidently, Darach doesn’t heed Ryu’s warning, and continues in fear to keep his sword drawn.

“Now, now, Lord Konokama,” the woman spoke as she telekinetically re-sheathed Darach’s sword. “There’s nothing to fear... I am not what you would call an ‘evil sorceress.’ Allow me to introduce myself... I am Ayla Itakama, the Sorceress of Good and Aura. Pleased to finally be able to meet you.”

“Hold it! How did you know my name?” Darach questioned.

“You want to know how I knew your name?” Ayla questioned in turn. “Heh, take a wild guess... Actually, the Aura told me. It never lies, I might add. You knew that... right Ryu?”

“That is correct, Ayla.” Ryu responded.

"And I believe this belongs to you, Sir Konokama..." Ayla said, picking up Darach's hat.

"Thank you," Darach replied.

As the sun slowly sets, Ayla and Ryu find a place to set up camp for the night, while Darach brings back some fallen branches and starts a fire. Once settled in and seated before the camp fire, Ayla and Darach get to know more about each other.

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Old January 3rd, 2011 (10:27 AM).
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“So, what brings a noble man like you out into these parts of Johto?” Ayla inquired.

“My fair wife, Lady Caitlyn, has been stricken with catatonia,” Darach morosely replied.

“Oh, I see...” Ayla replied. “It sounds to me like this was all Muskha’s doing. Who’s Muskha, you ask? He is nothing but an evil, power-hungry individual who has visions of ruling the world. In fact, it was with this evil power that I was transformed from a beautiful young girl to the homely, older woman as you see me now.”

“You really shouldn’t put yourself down like that,” Darach said. “If I was never married, you’d make a beautiful wife for me.”

“You’re too kind, m’lord,” Ayla answered. “Getting back on topic, the only way to relieve Lady Caitlyn of her catatonia is by means of the Gilded Wing. However, you can’t just waltz into some random dungeon and expect to find it... no, Muskha is the only person who has control over it. You would be fool enough to seek it with no one other than Ryu. Hence, with your permission, Your Majesty, I would like to join you on the quest.”

“Well, you did save my life back there,” Darach began, “and I am deeply grateful for your valorous effort. Having said that, I have no objections of you joining me on the quest.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty,” Ayla said. “I will have you know: You can’t go wrong with one that is well-versed in the ways of Aura.”

“Very true,” Ryu agreed.

“Well,... I don’t know about either of you,” Darach yawned, “but I think I’m going to call it a night. I figure that there’s a long road ahead of us tomorrow.”

“Right,” Ayla said. “I probably should get some sleep myself. ‘Night, guys.”

“Goodnight, both of you,” Ryu replied. “I’ll keep a watchful eye over the camp site.”

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Old January 3rd, 2011 (10:31 AM).
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While Ayla rests soundly and Ryu keeps watch, Darach sleeps fitfully as a nightmare haunts his tired mind: At 1:26 AM, he dreams that Lady Caitlyn passes away as a result of her catatonic sleep.

“Darach! Wake up!” Ayla yelled as his nightmare began to intensify. “It’s only a dream. Would you care if I took you into my cloak and protected you from such evil visions?”

“Oi, that was one hell of a nightmare...” Darach said pensively. “Yes, protection from those horrible nightmares would do nicely.”
And so, Ayla shared her cloak with Darach, and for the rest of the early morning, Darach slept soundly.


“My liege! We have just gotten wind of the termination of those Shadow Ninjas,” a scout reported.

“What the hell?” Muskha growled. “That damned king of Johto must have taken them out. Send out three more Shadows and have them attack his camp site at the dawn’s first light!”

“Yes, my lord!” the scout acknowledged.

“You just wait,” Muskha spoke under his breath, “I’ll see to it that you never see the light of day again!”

Meanwhile, at the camp site, Ryu senses more adversaries en route as Ayla fixes breakfast.

“My lord! I sense more of those Shadow Ninja bastards coming!” Ryu reported.

“I sense them too!” Ayla said after she finished eating.

“All right, then it’s time to have some chocolate and kick some ass!” Darach replied.

“...And I’ve got the chocolate!” Ayla joked.

“Chocolate? CHOCOLATE? Slammin'! That’s what I’m talking about!” Ryu said while goofing around.

As quickly as they had set up camp, Darach and Ayla packed up their belongings and prepared for battle. Ayla equipped her Aura Staff, Darach pulled out his father’s legendary blade, and Ryu assumed the stance of a ninja, ready to pounce. Three Shadow Knights appear from nowhere and attempt to attack Ayla and Darach, but they fail as Ayla’s Aura Staff throws them to the ground, Ryu confuses them, and Darach slices the armor ropes and thrusts the blade through their chests.
After the battle, Dialga sends Ryu, Ayla and Darach a telepathic message, stating that an evil force has trapped him in Union Cave, and they have only two hours to arrive and to defeat the force before it possesses Dialga. Before Darach gets the chance to summon his Arcanine, Ayla had already teleported them to the entrance.
Kono Kama’s blade starts to behave erratically as Darach and Ayla draw closer to the dark force’s lair. Once they get to the evil force, Darach draws the blade, swings it, and the Blade Beam defeats the evil force with just one hit. Ayla uses her powers to break the barrier, thus freeing Dialga.

“Well done, my friends...” Dialga began. “I give you thanks for rescuing me from that dark force...”

There was a brief period of silence as Dialga caught a glimpse of the legendary blade that was in Darach’s hand.

“...So you’re the wielder of the Legendary Blade of Kono Kama, is that right?” Dialga inquired.

“That is correct,” Darach replied.

“Hmm...” Dialga pondered. “As a way of thanking you for rescuing me, I shall provide additional strength to the blade of which you wield. And on that note, we shall meet again.”

And then came a blinding flash as Dialga left the cave. Darach then tested the blade’s new power, which threw him to the ground. Ayla and Ryu helped Darach back up, and they proceeded on the quest.


“Damn!” Muskha yelled, “They have broken the barrier around that pathetic Dialga, AND defeated that dark force! They’ve undermined me yet again... Well, how’s THIS for being undermined! Shadows! Make haste for Union Cave and defeat those twerps at once!”


As Darach and company was ready to leave the cave, a large group of Shadow Ninjas ambushed them. Ryu and Ayla were able to confuse all but one of them, and Darach managed to defeat all that were confused. The last Shadow seemed to be a pain in the ass for the trio, as it kept dodging every move they made against it. And then, behind the Shadow arose a sharply dressed Argonian, or a reptile with human features.

<Everyone! Please stand aside at once!> the Argonian said to the trio through telepathy.

Darach and company did as they were told, and without further delay...

“HU-YAHHHH!” the Argonian yelled as his leg cannon sent the Shadow Ninja flying out of Union Cave. The trio stood there thunderstruck by such strength from a total stranger.

“Holy ****! That was freaking awesome!” Ayla exclaimed.

“Stole the words right out of my mouth, Ayla!” Ryu said.

“Who exactly are you, anyway?” Darach spoke.

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“Lexion Malonius, Argonian of Aura and master of kung fu, at your service m’lord,” the Argonian spoke as he offered to shake hands with Darach.

“Lord Darach Hirokazu Konokama. Pleased to meet you,” Darach replied as he accepted the handshake.

“Long time, no see, Ayla... Have you been keeping well?” Lexion asked.

“That I have, Lexion.” Ayla replied.

“My lord, what do you say about me joining you on your quest?” Lexion inquired.

“With impressive kung fu moves like what you just showed us, I have absolutely no problem with you joining us,” Darach replied.

“My lord, don’t forget that Lexion showed those moves to the Shadow Ninja as well,” Ayla commented.

At this point, everyone had a good laugh at Ayla’s witty remark.

“Yeah, well...” Darach began, “Don’t you think we ought to continue on our quest?”

“I think we shall,” Lexion agreed.

“I concur,” Ayla said.

At around 7:30 PM, the quartet calls it quits for the day and decides to check in at an inn somewhere. The first one they found, which was located in Violet City, was booked solid, with almost no room for anyone else. Located in Cherrygrove City, the second inn they came across had plenty of open rooms, but the valet didn’t want anything to do with Lexion or Ryu, so he politely escorted them back to the front door. The third inn they came across, in what is now New Bark Town, was the charm: more than enough space for everyone, and the valet didn’t have an issue with Ryu or Lexion staying the night. It was here that Ryu, Ayla, and Darach got to know more about Lexion.

“This is not what I actually look like,” Lexion explained. “About six months ago, a curse was laid upon me, which turned me from a handsome young man into this horrendous reptilian form. I suspect that Muskha had something to do with it.”

“That’s odd...” Darach pondered. “Muskha’s the one who gave my wife, Lady Caitlyn, the horrible gift of catatonic sleep. It is to my knowledge that the only way to bring her out of catatonia is through... what is called again, Ayla?”

“The Gilded Wing, m’lord,” Ayla replied.

“Thank you,” Darach said. “Anyway, do you think the Gilded Wing might benefit not only Caitlyn, but both of you as well? I mean, one would think it would restore anyone to their original selves.”

“I don’t see how it wouldn’t be possible...” Ayla answered.

“It very well could work out for us,” Lexion replied.

“Well, I think we better get some shut-eye,” Darach yawned. “There’s a long road ahead of us, I figure.”

Once again, Darach had a nightmare at 1:26 AM, where he suffers the same catatonic sleep that had stricken Caitlyn: He never escapes the catatonia, and eventually passes away from it. At this point in the nightmare, Darach snaps out of it with a pounding heart, and is relieved that it was only a dream.

“Lord Konokama!” Lexion whispered, “Are you all right?”

“Yeah, it’s nothing...” Darach reassured. “Just had a vivid dream, that’s all.”

In his lair, Muskha gets even more angry, because Darach and Ayla managed to defeat the three Shadow Ninjas he had previously sent out. Still frustrated, he has some of his Heartless Shadow Ninjas hold Palkia captive on Ice Path at sunrise.

As they were finishing their complimentary breakfast at the inn, Darach gets a telepathic message from Palkia.

“Sir Konokama!” Palkia began telepathically, “You must help me! I am being held captive at Ice Path. You’ve got to get here on the double!”

“Yes, Master Palkia! I’m on my way,” Darach replied.

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“What’s going on?” Ayla asked.

“Palkia is being held captive in Ice Path Cave,” Darach replied. “We must free him as soon as we finish eating. I hope everyone is all packed and ready to leave.”

“Just finished doing so, m’lord,” Ryu chimed in.

“Very good, Ryu,” Darach said as he handed a complete bar of dark chocolate to his hungry Lucario. “Here’s some chocolate for your breakfast.”

“Slammin'! Thank you, m’lord!” Ryu replied.

Just then, everyone else was finished eating and they set a course for Ice Path.
Once they arrive, the Heartless Shadow Ninjas attack them. Darach, Ayla, Lexion, and Ryu are able to hold them back, but are unable to defeat them. Just as things were about to get dicey, young man with silver-colored hair and a black hooded cloak teleports in, followed by an Alakazam.

“Have a taste of the Keyblade, you heartless bastards!” the mysterious young man said as he defeated the Heartless Shadows. While the young man was owning the Heartless Shadows, the Alakazam breaks Palkia free from the barrier using ExtremeSpeed.

“Thank you, young lads,” Palkia began. “It is with my honor that your Keyblade is given more strength. Having said that, I would like for both of you to aid them on their quest. And you, Sir Konokama... because you at least tried, I shall provide more strength for the Legendary Blade of Kono Kama.”

“Thank you, Master Palkia.” Darach replied as he bowed before Palkia.

“It would be of great honor to travel with the likes of them,” the young man said.
Just then, the young man and his Alakazam walked over to Darach and his companions.

“Who would have thought I’d be able to meet the king of the Johto Region? It is indeed a small world,” the young man spoke as he bowed before Darach. “Riku Mortensen, master of the Keyblade and expert seafarer, at your service.”
“Pleased to make your acquaintance, Riku,” Darach replied as he offered his hand. “Lord Darach Hirokazu Konokama, at your service.”

As Riku was getting to know everyone else, his Alakazam got to know Ryu a little bit more.

“What’s your name, Mister Magical?” Ryu asked.

“Aheh heh! Sounds like you’ve got quite a sense of humor!” the Alakazam said as he smiled. “The name’s Crono, and your name would be...?”
“I’m Ryu.” the Lucario replied. “It’s pleasure to meet you, Crono.”

“So, what brings a bloke like you out into these reaches of Johto, m’lord?” Riku inquired.

“My wife, Lady Caitlyn, has been stricken with catatonia, and we’re in search of the ultimate cure, the Gilded Wing.” Darach replied. “I suspect that Muskha is responsible for this cruel act.”

“Muskha, eh?” Riku thought to himself. “Why is that name familiar to me? Oh yes, that’s right...”

“So, you know about Muskha, then?” Ayla asked.

“Unfortunately, yes I do. That bastard stole my ability to feel emotion, and as a part of this curse, I am forced to wear this uncomfortable hooded cloak... in summer, even. However, it is quite possible that the Gilded Wing would break the curse. Anyhow, to get to Muskha’s Domain, we’ll have to get to the Orre Region first. Luckily, my steamship is docked in Olivine City.”

“So that makes all four of us having been impacted by Muskha’s evil designs...” Darach thought. “All right, everyone, let’s make haste for the Olivine City Port.”

“Crono, teleport us to Olivine City Port at once, if you’d please,” Riku requested.

“By your command, Master Riku,” the Alakazam responded.

Almost instantly, everyone was teleported to Olivine City’s harbor, where a shining silver-colored steamship awaited the six of them.

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“Behold, my father’s finest cruiser, and also, our means of getting to where we were destined to go. Since I know of the fastest route to the Orre Region, we shall hit the open seas at once. All aboard, and enjoy your free ride on the HMS Mortensen.” Riku spoke before boarding.

By three o’clock that afternoon, they were hitting the open seas, en route for the Orre Region. Just when a storm was brewing and beginning to thrash the HMS Mortensen, Riku advised his companions to join him on the bridge where it was much warmer. This was when everyone got to know each other a little better.

“This is not my normal form,“ Lexion began. “My true form is a compassionate young man who knows more about kung fu than anyone I have ever met.”

“Same here,” Ayla explained. “I was given this hideous appearance because I defected from Mushka’s Domain. My true form is a beautiful, young lady.”

“Hmm, interesting... How about you, m’lord?” Riku inquired.

“I’m afraid I don’t have that much to share,” Darach answered, “although I am the son of the world renowned samurai, who goes by the name of Kono Kama.”

“What? You’re Kono’s son? No freaking way!” Lexion asked in an excited tone.

“I am his son, indeed. How do you know about my father, may I ask?” Darach asked.

“In terms of kung fu, Kono was my teacher.” Lexion replied.

“Hmm... it is a small world indeed.” Darach thought.

“Master Riku! Gateon Port is dead ahead!” Crono reported from the conning tower.

“Very good, Crono! Ryu, decrease the throttle to half, if you’d please.” Riku requested.

“Aye, sir!” Ryu responded as he pulled the throttle lever to half speed.

By sundown, the HMS Mortensen had pulled into Gateon Port, in the Orre Region.

“I must say,” Riku began, “you did exceptionally well for a group of landlubbers. I never thought that all of you would make it across the seas without becoming seasick. Anyhow, it seems we have arrived in one piece. I shall have you know: there are plenty of thieves roaming about in the Orre Region, so whatever you do, keep your heads on straight and your fists tight on your belongings, and don’t take too kindly to anyone other than any of us. Having said that, I think we would better off camping out for the night, as even the innkeepers cheat their customers out of their money.”

In the middle of a dense forest, the crew decided to set up camp, secluded from the rest of Orre. While Ryu and Crono kept watch and everyone was sleeping soundly, Darach had yet another restless night. At 1:26 AM, he had a nightmare that was even more intense than the previous two: Darach dreams that the Johto Region falls under the rule of a corrupt leader, leaving a world of nothing but sin and vice. In the same dream, he hears Arceus crying for help, and at that point, Darach wakes up with a shiver in his spine, a shiver that soon covers his entire body.

“M’lord! What’s going on?” Riku whispered.

“Oi... not another nightmare...” Darach said pensively.

“I know something that might take that nightmare off of your mind...” Riku offered. “Please come with me.”

Darach and Riku got out of their tent and started walking through the forest.

“Where are you going, Master Riku?” Crono asked quietly.

“Don’t speak... just come with us, Crono.” Riku requested. “Ayla and Lexion must not know about this... at least not yet.”

“My lips are sealed,” Crono replied.

“Darach,” Ryu began, “wherever you’re going, may I come with you?”

“I don’t see why not,” Darach said. “However, Lexion and Ayla must not know about this, so keep it a secret, if you’d please.”

“I won’t say anything further. You have my word.” Ryu agreed.

With Crono’s help through teleportation, Riku and Darach ended up at a jeweler’s store, the only shop in the Orre Region whose owner was honest to his customers. This was where Riku ended up purchasing the finest diamond ring ever sold at the time.

“You know, m’lord,” Riku spoke before they teleported back to the camp site, “I just got to thinking about Ayla. If what she said of her comeliness is true, then I was thinking I could make a good husband for her, hence the reason I bought that ring. With all that being said, do you see that kind of potential within me, despite my emotional state being as cold as a stone?”

“I’ll have to be honest with you,” Darach replied. “You must still have a bit of emotion left within if you’re contemplating these things. Yes, I can definitely picture you and Ayla being a happily married couple, and as the king of Johto, I encourage you to follow through with your plan.”

Shortly after Darach finished, Crono teleported the four back to the camp site.

“Thank you for being honest with me, m’lord.” Riku went on. “Well, I think we better get some more rest. Goodnight, governor.”

“‘Night, Riku.” Darach replied.

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When the sun rose later that morning, Riku informed everyone of the master plan.

“All right,” Riku began, “to get to Muskha’s Domain, we’ll have to scale the Cold Mountain. Fortunately, we do not have to trek far to arrive at the foot of the mountain. I hope you all have a way to keep warm while we climb, because it gets pretty damn chilly going up. This is all secondhand information, by the way.”

“I was going to ask you how you knew all this stuff... seriously,” Lexion replied.

“Good thing I got this cloak,” Ayla commented as she winked at Riku.

“I guess I’ll just have to freeze my tail off...” Ryu groaned.

“...Or not,” Darach said as he pulled two cloaks out of his rucksack, one for himself, and the other for his Lucario. “Look what I brought, Ryu.”

“Slammin'! That’s my favorite cloak, too! Thank you, m’lord,” Ryu said, feeling much better about the trek up the mountain.

“I don’t really mind the cold,” Lexion added.

“Neither do I,” Riku agreed.

“All right, then what are we waiting for? Let’s be off.” Darach requested.

“Right!” everyone agreed.

Without further delay, the six of them worked their way out of the forest and, as Riku had anticipated, started scaling Cold Mountain (now known as Mount Battle) within five minutes of departure from their camp site. The weather on the mountain was as cold as Riku had also anticipated. To get to the summit, they had to travel through a series of smaller caves and narrow ledges. About a quarter of the way from the top, they hear the unmistakable cry of Arceus, but it sounded a little more distorted than usual.

“Darach!” Crono reported, “That cry... It originated from the cave that’s just ahead!”

“Very good, Crono,” Darach said. “All right, everyone... let’s provide help to Master Arceus at once!”

When they got into the cave, they did indeed see Arceus, but it wasn’t his normal self. It was his doppelgänger, Shadow Arceus, instead.

“Lord Konokama...” Shadow Arceus began, “please... help me...”

“As you wish, master...” Darach replied, sensing the good that still remained within Shadow Arceus.

This became the first truly cooperative battle between the six of them. Ayla began by heaving an Aura Sphere at the shadowy figure, which weakened him to about 75% health. Two minutes of endless combat later, Shadow Arceus succumbs to the power of Kono Kama’s blade. As the Shadow Form crashed to the ground, the true Arceus remained standing, thankful for the good deed that Darach and his team had committed.

“Well done, my children,” Arceus began. “For the good deed of liberating me from my darker self, please accept this increased power as my thanks. Now, you possess the power to defeat Muskha, whose domain exists beyond the wall directly behind me. Use your inner vision to find the doorway. And on that note, we shall meet again after Muskha’s defeat.”

Armed with the powers that were gifted to them by the real Arceus on the summit of Cold Mountain, the sextet enters a cave from what appears to be an illusionary wall, a cave that leads to Muskha’s Domain. Riku and Lexion spot and distract the guards, while Ayla and Darach take the guards down with absolute stealth.

“I could sense his presence before we even arrived...” Lexion commented, “what in the hell did he eat?”

“I know, right?” Riku added, “Damn! I could probably smell him all the way from Kokuran Palace!”

“Why do you think I like to call him Musk-ugh?” Ayla commented. “I swear, he NEVER bathes, ever.”

“You guys are silly,” Darach laughed. “Ahem... it looks like we could be getting ourselves into the stickiest wicket ever. And if we do... well, quite frankly, I do not give a damn. I will take whatever means necessary to free Lady Caitlyn of her catatonia. Are there any objections?”

“Actually, Sir Konokama, I do object,” an evil voice laughed.

“I figured you would, Muskha... So, are you ready to lose?” Darach said.

“Hmm,” Riku thought, “I don’t believe I’ve seen an ugly face quite like Muskha’s before... No wonder he cannot have a girlfriend for very long. Hey Muskha! The flying circus was lookin’ for their freak! I’ll tell ‘em I found him!"

“Silence, boy! I resent such foul insults. Put your pathetic Keyblade where your mouth is!” Muskha growled.

“What? You resemble that, Muskha? Feel the wrath of the Keyblade, you stupid, evil, kinnnnnnnnnnnnniggit! Your mother was a Magikarp, and your father smelled of Sitrus Berries!” Riku continued taunting.

“You know, Mortensen,” Muskha began, “I’d like to get to know someone like you... and then drown them in an ice field! I see you’ve made it past my guards with not a scratch nor scrape... how pitiful of you to have wasted all of your energy in reaching my domain. And what is this? You brought a traitor with you?”

“Yes, I am back, you chauvinist pig. This time, I seek not only revenge, but your precious Gilded Wing!” Ayla threatened.

“Oh wow,” Muskha said, “is that all you can say, woman? Well, welcome back, Ayla. Consider this a ‘coming back’ gift for you. Shadow Soldiers! Eliminate these vermin at once!”

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The final battle was underway: almost one hundred and fifty Shadow Soldiers against just four humans and two Pokémon. As cowardly as he could possibly be, Muskha just sat on his throne and watched as his soldiers did all of the grunt work. In a quick ten minutes, all but twenty-five Shadow Soldiers had been defeated. One of these Shadows stabbed Ayla in the chest, mortally wounding her in the process. Falling to the ground, Ayla covered her chest wound with her right hand.

“Ayla! No...” Riku shouted with a shocked tone. “Please don’t die! I beg you!”

“Riku! Don’t worry about me...” Ayla spoke as her consciousness and her life quickly faded away. “Just finish the battle...”

Ayla then drew her last breath.

“As you wish, Ayla. I shall never forget you.” Riku acknowledged. “And on that note, off with your head, Shadow Bastard!”

Riku decapitated the Shadow Soldier before joining Lexion and Darach in taking out all but two Shadow Knights. Just then, the two Soldiers mortally wound Lexion and Riku, in that exact order. Without hesitation, Darach uses Sword Beam to take the final two soldiers out. Thinking that they are dead, Darach kneels among his fallen companions after the battle.

“I shall never forget you, my companions on the journey,” Darach prayed sympathetically. “And Master Arceus, please watch over my companions...”

“Heh, you really think praying is going to save them...” Muskha said in a mocking tone, “Well, I shall have you know: you’re wasting your time, as praying is for the weak. Besides, once a person is dead, they can never be revived! Hell, I ought to kill your wife while she’s still in that state of catatonia...”

“Saseru mono ka! Lay a finger on Lady Caitlyn, and you will be history! I’ll have you know that you don’t stand a chance against my father and I,” Darach threatened, “I mean it, you lot!”

“I hope you have your casket already built,” Muskha went on, “Because I am afraid that you shall have to witness your own funeral, feeble King of Johto...”

“What, are you drawn about witnessing my funeral, Muskha?” Darach replied, even more agitated than before. “I think you ought to rephrase that. On behalf of Johto and Lady Caitlyn, it would be quite the honor to make worm’s meat of you. In the words of my father... Shin no tatakai wa, korekare da! It’s time you fought like a REAL man. Let’s do this! Iku ze!”

“So be it!” Muskha growled, “Turn thee, Lord Konokama... look upon the death that is thine!”

Muskha tries to use an Aura Sphere to destroy Darach, but misses as Darach gracefully dodges it, while Ryu and Crono sustain quite a bit of damage, thus knocking them out.

“Ryu!” Darach screamed, “Oh god... now what do I do?”

“Parry, cut his ropes, and put that blade through his chest is what you will do,”
Arceus replied telepathically. “I will take care of them. You’ll take care of Muskha.”

“Got it,” Darach said.

“You’ve got what?” Muskha mocked, “I’ll answer that for you... you’ve got NOTHING!”

Within inches, Darach avoids Muskha’s next move by rolling on his back and parrying to cut the ropes of Muskha’s armor, and uses an Aura Sphere to weaken Muskha.

“I’m sorry, but it’s YOU that has nothing,” Darach contested, “while you say goodbye, I’ll be saying... HYAH!”

And the final blow was dealt to Muskha: Darach downward thrusted the blade into Muskha’s chest, square into the heart.

“UGH! WHAT?” Muskha grunted in disbelief, “Im...possible! How could I be... defeated? God... damn... all of Johto!”

“No, Muskha... I shall damn you,” Arceus answered.

“Arceus?!” Muskha scoffed.

“Arceus!” Darach secretly exclaimed with joy.

“Forget about your sinful whim, Muskha,” Arceus went on, “it does not fit the plan for those who seek immortality. So, please enjoy your stay in the Darkest of Dark Voids, the place from which you came, and also where you shall remain for eternity! AWAY! BEGONE!”

Just when Arceus had uttered his final request, Muskha’s corpse disappears, leaving behind the Gilded Wing, the item which started Darach’s quest some months earlier.

“Darach,” Arceus began, “do not worry about your companions; Dialga and Palkia will have them revived before you know it. Also, that battle during which you just poured out your sweat and tears? I must say, that was quite a valiant effort on your behalf. What is left now is the Gilded Wing, which is now yours for the taking. For the good of not only Lady Caitlyn but for the good of Johto as well, I would counsel against leaving it behind. Once you return to the palace, place the Gilded Wing in Caitlyn’s hands, hold her close to your heart, and I will handle it from thence. Think you can handle such a responsibility?”

“I don’t think I can...” Darach replied. “I know I can.”

“Hmm...” Arceus thought, “Well said, Lord Konokama!”

As soon as Darach got a hold of the Gilded Wing, Ayla is transformed into her more beautiful counterpart. In addition, Lexion is transformed back into a human, Ryu and Crono are granted immortality, and Riku regains all emotion and loses the uncomfortable cloak. Meanwhile, at Kokuran Palace, Caitlyn’s catatonia begins to fade.

“Ah yes! Dialga and Palkia, you’ve done a great job of restoring everyone to their normal selves. This will do very nicely!” Arceus commented. “And on that note, Sir Konokama, we shall meet again at Kokuran Palace.”

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Once everyone in their new forms got up off of the ground, they walked out of the cave, only to find that there was sunshine all around, with no snow, and no heavy gusts of wind. This definitely made for a safer way down the mountain. Five minutes have passed since they left the summit, and they were already at the foot of the mountain. Before long, they found their way back to Gateon Port, and after five minutes on the seas, Riku decides to make an announcement.

“Ayla, I have a question to ask you...” Riku started.

“Yes, please ask away.” Ayla replied.

“When we return to Kokuran Palace... would you marry me?” Riku questioned as he pulled out the ring and got down on his knee.

“Riku, I think you already know the answer to that... of course I would, you silly man!” Ayla replied.

At that point, Lexion, Darach, Ryu, and Crono congratulated the engaged couple. A few hours later, they all found themselves back at Olivine City Port. Before long, they all made their way to Kokuran Palace. Darach arrives at Lady Caitlyn’s side, places the Gilded Wing in her hands, and holds her to his heart as instructed. Without missing a beat, Arceus says the prayer that activates the Gilded Wing, and suddenly, Lady Caitlyn is relieved of her catatonia and reawakens.

“Oh... thank god it’s you...” Caitlyn began, “I was getting very worried about you. I’m glad to see that you are safe.”

“Equally, I’m glad you’re safe, my love,” Darach said to Caitlyn.

“Who are these fine people you’ve brought with you?” Caitlyn inquired after getting out of bed.

“These are my companions on the journey,” Darach replied.

“Riku Mortensen, at your service, m’lady.” Riku spoke.

“Lexion Malonius, m’lady.” Lexion answered as he kissed Caitlyn’s hand.

“I must say,” Caitlyn added, “you are quite the gentleman, Sir Lexion.”

“Je suis Ayla, madame,” Ayla responded.

“Wow! I never knew you could speak French, Ayla.” Riku added. “That’s way too awesome!”

“Now you know, Riku.” Ayla laughed. “This silly man proposed to me on his boat, m’lady.”

“Hmm... is that right? With that said, I heartily congratulate the both of you,” Caitlyn remarked with a smile. “I insist that the two of you be married in this very palace.”

“We would be honored to, Your Majesty,” Riku replied as he paid obeisance.

At the mercy of Arceus’ human form, Shonosuke, the love of Ayla and Riku became one love in the form of holy matrimony on June 8, 1800, and just three days prior to the event, Ayla revealed that she is Darach’s younger cousin, which made the wedding even more meaningful for Darach. Later in the afternoon of Riku and Ayla’s wedding day, Darach called Lexion into the throne room, where Kono Kama touched his legendary blade on both of Lexion’s shoulders in front of an audience of Kokuran Palace’s elite knights. Under Kono Kama’s command, Lexion then became the Honorary Knight of Aura for Kokuran Palace. In the evening, Darach and Caitlyn share a kiss as they gazed upon the sunlit horizon from the balcony of their bedroom.


I am the reason why "KO" is in "Konokama."
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