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Fifth Generation Are Pokémon slaves to humans? Team Plasma thinks so. Travel the Unova region and prove them wrong in Black & White, and then return two years later in Black2 & White2.

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Old March 5th, 2011 (01:59 PM).
Beechlgz Beechlgz is offline
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Well, I'm definitely finding myself doing a lot more grinding than I used to do in previous games. I don't know if this is maybe due to lower EXP rate, or more EXP needed for level ups, or just an absence of trainers (I think not, at least there are a lot of storyline trainers). I doubt it's any of these things really, since those things aren't really true about this game. Maybe it's because I'm spreading out my training over more pokemon because hey, I actually like this gen's pokemon and can't choose which ones to train. So I got a bigger party than normal for this part of the game.

I'm just training at Pinwheel Forest reading myself for the gym leader at Nacrene City.


Ottah - DEWOTT - lvl 17 - WATER
- Razor Shell
- Focus Energy
- Water Gun
- Water Sport

Zeb - BLITZLE - lvl 16 - ELECTRIC
- Quick Attack
- Thunder Wave
- Charge
- Shock Wave

Pidgey - PIDOVE - lvl 16 - NORMAL/FLYING
- Gust
- Air Cutter
- Work Up
- Quick Attack

Judo - THROH - lvl 12 - FIGHTING
- Rock Smash
- Leer
- Bide
- Focus Energy
Old March 5th, 2011 (02:36 PM).
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So I've beaten Lenora and Burgh now. Burgh was shockingly easy to beat. Only his Leavanny hit me once with razor leaf cause it was faster than my Darumaka.

I'm on my way to Nimbasa City now finally after taking a detour to catch a Yamask and pick up the cover fossil.

Dewott (M) Lv 25
Gurdurr (F) Lv 25
Darumaka (M) Lv 25
Yamask (F) Lv 24
Whirlipede (F) Lv 25

I feel my team is finally starting to come into it's own, around Striaton/Nacrene City my team was a bit hopeless but we're making waves now. :p I want my final team member to be a Solosis.

Then that might be my final team, although if a pokemon I want more comes along Whirlipede would be the most likely to take the fall.
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Old March 5th, 2011 (02:46 PM).
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Got bored and just went with my serious Woobat.

Grinded it up to Lv20 and took on Lenora with my Lv20 Pignite and Woobat.

Finished the events in Pinwheel forest. Arrived in Castelia ~ Decided to visit the GTS. Looked for a Sewaddle, traded a Lv24 one for my Lv10 Pansage :3 Its Jolly to! :D
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When the sun went down, I went a-grinding.

When I was younger, I didn't understand what was meant by grinding, and I think I got the wrong impression, because I was certain it was illegal. But as my team and I entered the Battle Company of Castelia City, the word took on it's true meaning: I was working hard to make us stronger. When I thought we were finally ready, we entered Castelia Gym.

Burgh was waiting for me, and the battle we had was fierce. More than once, I thought I was done for by my Pokémon were there for me, and they fought well. It was a struggle to reach the end, and when we finally prevailed, I have to admit, my jaw dropped. It dropped even further when, as Burgh was handing me the badge, my dear Pidove, Fawke, began to glow - he was evolving! The light cleared and he had grown bigger and more colourful; a Tranquill!

As we were leaving the city to head on to Nimbasa, Bianca called me on the Xtranceiver and asked for a battle. I met up at the entrance to route 4 and we had a battle, which I won, but Bianca wasn't upset because she felt she was learning about Pokémon.

I went out onto route 4 - and nearly choked. It was covered in sand which a heavy wind had whipped into a sandstorm! It was all in my eyes and nose and mouth, and it was hard to walk in. I had to put a scarf over my lower face and squint as closely as possible, which was probably why I didn't see Cheren until he was asking me what was wrong. And then, of all things, he challenged me to a battle! Of course, I won, but it was only due to type match-ups - he let me have the advantage of picking second so I could always out-type him.

I fought long and hard through the sandstorm, occasionally stopping for battles or to shelter in alcoves and behind girders - there was some kind of construction work going on. When I got to Nambisa City, surprise surprise, Team Plasma were causing trouble. I beat one of the goons off and the man they had been attacking gave me a bike for my trouble - people are really generous around here. o__o

The two goons ran into the fairground, but I had to go to the Pokémon Center before I could chase them. Then, I ran into Bianca who showed me to the Pokémon Musical. I tried telling her I had somewhere I had to be, but she insisted, and then, when we got there, decided it wasn't for her and ran off again. What the Mew, Bianca?! When I peeked outside, I saw why she had freaked out. Her father had showed up out of the blue and was threatening to send her home. I tried to get past them - c'mon, guys, I have bad guys to catch - but Bianca roped me into things and tried to use me as defense against her stupid father. What the Mew, Bianca?!?!

Of course, I can't go and run after the bad guys yet. Elesa of all people shows up and puts a stop to things. Elesa! A gym leader and world-famous model! And she doesn't care that the bad guys have probably been able to go twice around the ferris wheel and escape by now!

I finally pull away and run into the fairground, Poké Balls ablaze, ready to kick Plasma butt, and N shows up.

What bad guys?

Me and N go on the Ferris Wheel together. ♥ It's a perfect date, the sun is setting in the background and the lights are coming on, and there's just me and N sat alone in a ferris compartment. Could this moment be any more perfect?

"I'm the king of Team Plasma."


We get off the Ferris Wheel. Moment's ruined. The goons show up but I got over them a while back. N confuses them with logic and we have a battle - mainly because I'm angry that he deceived me like that. Of course, I win, because my anger is my Pokémon's anger. Oh, and we're really really strong. N seems kind of upset too, but then he says something that makes my blood boil. He says he wants every trainer to release their Pokémon, and to make it happen, he's willing to become champion, and he wants me to be the one to try and stop him once he's gotten that far. And then N leaves with the Plasma goons... HIS Plasma Goons. D:<

Well, I don't know whether to be angry about what he wants to do or flattered that he asked me to be his challenger. After all, that moment on the Ferris Wheel was sort of a date... ♥

So, I'm grinding for the fourth gym after only narrowly defeating the third, with 9 hours on the clock and a total of 1 date with N.

Key moments:
Beating Burgh
Fawke evolving into a Tranquill
I consider using my water stone on my Panpour, but decide against it in the end
Bianca is a wierdo. What the Mew, Bianca?!
And finally, I have a date with N and he spoils the atmosphere by telling me he's the leader of my enemies. Ah, forbidden love...♥

Currently resting at the Nimbasa Pokémon Center before a long day of grinding.

... Look at N. Look at him up ^ there and down v there. He's so pretty~♥

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Old March 6th, 2011 (01:23 AM).
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To the above poster: if you love him now, you'll love him even more for what he asks you to do later on.

Well, last night I reached Opelucid City in preparation for battle with the final Gym leader. Its prior to this and just after the 7th Gym that the story begins to kick off properly so i won't spoil it for anyone, but I'm really enjoying this game so far. Haven't had any problems with Gym leaders or training or whatever.

I did however run into my first Shiny of Generation 5: a female Tranquil, who is now an Unfezant. I decided not to use her though as I had another Unfezant in my team already, but I'm really happy that I came across one in my third day of playing Gen V when I never came across one in five years of the fourth gen.

Unfezant Lv. 45
Cinccino Lv. 45
Ferrothorn Lv. 45
Zebstrika Lv. 50
Samurott Lv. 50
Mienfoo Lv. 39

Currently grinding them all to level 50 before I face the final gym.
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I've started a new game since I hated my Pokemon having dreadful natures. :L Now, both my Pignite and Blitzle have an adamant nature (+att, - sp att), while my Drilber has a quirky nature (which basically does nothing, but I don't mind.) I'm currently at Route 3 trying to get my Pokemon to level 20. Currently, my Pignite is level 20, while Blitzle and Drilber are level 19.
Old March 6th, 2011 (02:23 AM).
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I've had my games for 2 hours now. I'm playing through White first. I just reached Route 2 and caught myself the cutest Purrloin. ^-^
Old March 6th, 2011 (02:42 AM).
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I've reached Castelia city now and after A LOT of exploring I headed out to Route 4 to catch a Sandile [Thank god I could catch it before the road-block]

Probably gonna grind a bit for Castelia gym, problem is, I dont seem to know where it is >.> *noob* I regret not purchasing the guide with my game in GameStop now :L

In progress
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I just past the first N event. I actually love the way the game looks.

here's my current team:

lvl 7
Water Gun

lvl 7
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I've restarted also my Black game, I didn't like Serperior a lot.
Now I'm already in Chargestone Cave, training my 5th team member.

Pignite Lv. 34 - Rollout, Arm Thrust, Grass Knot, Heat Stamp
Stoutland Lv. 34 - Dig, Retaliate, Work Up, Crunch
Gigalith Lv. 33 - Strength, Gem Power, Rock Slide, Bulldoze
Sigilyph Lv. 34 - Synchronoise, Fly, Air Slash, Psybeam
Joltik Lv. 26 - Electroweb, Bug Bite, Volt Switch, Slash

I think my last team member will be Axew.
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Made it through Dragonspiral Tower last night. Loved the small cutscene. I went through Relic Castle. I then went to Opelucid City and battled Iris. Took every Pokémon in the gym out with Fraxure. Iris' Haxorus went down in one hit haha. After that i went to Route 7 and met Thundurus. And met him again on my way to Victory Road. Made it to the Elite 4 and have already started. Took Shauntal down, now that just leaves three.

My current teaam:

Zoroark (F) Lv 49
Haxorus (F) Lv 48
Unfezant (M) Lv 48
Emboar (M) Lv 49
Simipour (M) Lv 48
Watchdog (M) Lv 27

I hope all my Pokémon are up for this.
Old March 6th, 2011 (03:50 AM).
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Defeated Team Plasma in the Cold Storage and on my way to get my 5th badge. Man I'm so slow...
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Old March 6th, 2011 (04:22 AM).
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Having trouble beating the 5th Gym Leader, Clay been training my team for quite some time now but had atleast 9 attemtps now, and all my team are 30+

Liepard - Lv. 30
Ducklett - Lv. 30
Zebstrika - Lv. 30
Pignite - Lv. 30
Mushrana - Lv. 31
Vanillite - Lv. 31

Can't take down his Extradril
Old March 6th, 2011 (04:23 AM).
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What a day we had ahead of us!

I woke up in Nimbasa Pokémon Center with a bright perspective! ... until I remembered my confrontation with N last night. I didn't want to dwell on it too much, so I headed over to where I met Bianca yesterday. Thankfully there was no confusing parental confrontations this time; I managed to clear my head by taking part in a Pokémon Musical!

Tempo, my Servine, was great at the Musicals! He knew just when to appeal to the crowd and we ended up with a lot of fans, all giving us new accessories! It was so much fun and after the bright lights and jaunty music... N? Who's N? ;D

I checked in on the Gym and it looked pretty flashy and fun, like a fairground ride, but after battling one of the trainers in there, I decided extra training was necessary. I took my team out onto the next route and battled a few of the trainers there and did some more of this 'grinding' business against the wild Pokémon. I even made the decision to evolve dear Pendant, after finding the Water Stone in my bag while digging around for a Potion. I showed my Panpour the stone and he nodded excitedly, so I handed it to him and he immediately began to glow. When the light cleared, he was a lot bigger, with longer 'hair' and a more colourful body.

Evolution is fun!

So we did some more battling. And a bit more. And some more. And then I saw it.

I saw the Pokémon of my dreams.

A tiny little body surrounded by jelly... a cute little face... an adorable cry... It had to be my sixth team member. Solosis! Solosis, the ADORABLE little blob! ♥

I caught one as quickly as I could and straight away gave him a hug. He was so SQUISHY! It was love! ♥ I named my little Solosis Tardigrade and immediately started training him alongside my team. However, he was a little weaker than the rest of them, so I handed him the Exp. Share I had recently obtained... somehow. I don't know quite how the Exp. Share got inside the jelly, but he's definitely holding it...

Solosis is so cute and it was made even cuter when I found out it was based on mitosis/meiosis (the process in which a cell splits in two - there's separate methods for plant cells and animal cells) and a Tardigrade - hence his nickname!

For those who don't know, the Tardigrade, or Water Bear (bwaaah♥), is an extremely resilient type of bacteria that is said to be even mightier than the cockroach in terms of endurance. These things have survived intense heat and cold, terrible conditions and even the vacuum of space!

They say that when the sun burns up and all life on earth is killed, all that will be left are cockroaches and tardigrades.

Also, I have a strange obsession with tardigrades.


Key moments:
Evolved Pendant into a Simipour
Caught a Solosis (SO CUTE ♥)
And obsessed over the Solosis (SO CUTE ♥)

Next stop, Nimbasa Gym!

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Today I started breeding for the first time in Unova, and I received a ditto over GTS which had Pokerus. So I can start EV training once I get the proper items and don't have to worry about grinding to get Pokerus.

Ignited In Glory
Old March 6th, 2011 (04:50 AM).
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Just getting ready for my first playthrough of the day.

Last night I saved and went to bed after the battle with N at the Ferris Wheel.

Current Team:

"Shawty" Level 25

"U Mad?" Level 23 (Named because he's a B*tch to level up)

"Trolltini" level 21 (Named because of how difficult he was to catch)

"PullUps" level 22 (I LOVE this guy)

"Alfonso" level 16 (Named after an Aligator on Animal Crossing for the DS)
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Originally Posted by Sleet View Post

"Alfonso" level 16 (Named after an Aligator on Animal Crossing for the DS)
I love you quite a bit right now.

"You want to look up at the sky and always see the stars." ~ Things You Remember
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About to face Elesa, might be tough though since I have no ground pokemon. Although it probably wouldn't matter much since she has two Emolga's. I taught my Gurdurr dig which might help.

Gurdurr (F) lv 26
Dewott (M) lv 27
Yamask (F) lv 26
Darumaka (M) lv 26
Whirlipede (F) lv 26
Solosis (M) lv 26

Something doesn't seem right about my team though...and I can't really put my finger on it. It doesn't have a good way of dealing with water types at the moment...

Edit: Just defeated Elesa, she was harder than the previous three gym leaders. Mostly because of Volt Switch. Solosis was my saviour in this battle, knocked out all three with it's Psyshock attack. Darumaka helped a lot too. When I taught dig to Gurdurr I wasn't counting on Volt Switch, sure enough when I used dig on Zebstrika she switched to one of her Emolga's and it didn't do anything...

I really like how the gym leaders feel much more involved in this game.
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Beat all four members of the Elite 4. Mostly absused Zoroark's Night Slash to do it. Saw Team Plasma's Castle rise out of the ground. Watched Reshiram burst through the wall and unleash it's flames. Battled Zekrom. Haxorus used Dragon Claw and then I threw a Pokéball and it was caught! Battled N. Battled Ghetsis. And then the game finished after N finished speaking. Spoke to Looker and got the Super Rod. And got my Pokédex upgraded.

My current team:

Zoroark (F) Lv 52
Emboar (M) Lv 51
Unfezant (M) Lv 50
Zekrom Lv 51
Simipour (M) Lv 49
Haxorus (F) Lv 49

Think I'll head to White Forest now. BTW anyone else got to where I am yet?
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11 hours gameplay. I just got my beetle badge and I'm currently (ie. right now) battling Bianca at Route 4. Finding it okay but not really liking my team at all right now;
Throh - L24
Dewott - L22
Blitzle - L22
Liepard - L22
Munna - L17
Pansear - L15
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Just arrived in Driftveil city and I have to say it has easily my favourite city/town theme so far. Love that ethnic flare.

I may never leave! <3
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EDIT: I didn't see the journal thread above. Mods, pleas move this.

I just got my copy of Pokémon White today, and I loved holding it. (I've been
waiting four years for a game of a new generation. Anyways, I
will be telling about the travels of my character, randomly named Mustard.

So, when I first played, I reseted four times because I wanted a female Oshawott. However, I didn't get it, so I just settled with a male one instead.

First, I battled Bianca and her Tepig. I beat her, but my Oshawott was the
second to attack- for every turn. I was wondering why my Oshawott was
slow to attack- and then I saw my Oshawott, at Level 6, has a speed of 9, a
defense of 11, with the other stats being 12.

Next, I fought Cheren and won. His Snivy was a bit harder than Bianca's
Tepig, but both were easy to beat.

I did all that beginning-of-game stuff, seeing Bianca having an argument with
her dad, getting the Pokédex, walking down Route 1, etcetera.

Next, I went to Accumula town, did all that mandatory story stuff, then I
battled N- and nearly lost. That Purrloin really scratches! However, my level
went up to 8, which is very good.

Poseidon the Oshawott
Level: 8
Max HP: 28
Attack: 16
Defense: 15
Sp. Atk: 15
Sp. Def: 14
Speed: 10 (Might need some Carbos )

When I was in Accumula Town and I went up to that house on the hill, I
wanted to jump onto the rooftops!

So, I went to Route 2 and listened to the lovely music there and then-
RING! My character's mom called me on the Xtransceiver, then
appeared, talked, then left. Typical beginning-of-game stuff. But I did get
Running Shoes, which made it worth all that talking. Finally, I was left to go onto Route 2.

When Poseidon got to Level 8, he learned Water Gun, which I had fun using.
After battling some wild Pokémon, Poseidon went up one more level. This
route, however, had TRAINERS! These trainers helped my Oshawott
gain more levels! :D Gotta love leveling up three times! I also battled Bianca and won- usual stuff.

When I got to Straiton City, I battled Cheren, but lost. Losing hurts. To ensure that I wouldn't lose
again, I battled some of the trainers near the Dreamyard. When I got to a dead end, a girl gave me a Pansear! I named him Vulcan.

Poseidon the Oshawott
Level: 13
Max HP: 39
Attack: 22
Defense: 19
Sp. Atk: 21
Sp. Def: 20
Speed: 15

Vulcan the Pansear
Level: 10
Max HP: 32
Attack: 16
Defense: 17
Sp. Atk: 16
Sp. Def: 17
Speed: 22 (This is odd... ?)
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I got Black yesterday. I am loving it.

Anyway, I just got the third badge, and my team right now is:

Burgham - Pignite

Lv. 24
Arm Thrust
Flame Charge
Defense Curl

Elvisage - Pansage

Lv. 22
Work Up
Leech Seed
Seed Bomb

Martin - Blitzle

Lv. 23
Quick Attack
Thunder Wave
Shock Wave

Again, love this game :D
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/ω´ 3`)。
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So, after healing my Pokémon, I fought Cheren- and swept the floor with Cheren
using Vulcan. Sorry to put out your campfire, Cheren. Anyways, for battling him,
I got some Oran Berries. If only I had some in my Platinum game.

After my triumph, I challenged Cilan, but not before battling the waiters.
Poor Vulcan nearly fainted from battling a Level 11 Lillipup. After that, I had
to battle a waitress- and she packed a punch. I can tell you that Vulcan will
need a bit of training before he is able to battle normal-type Pokémon. However,
pummeling Grass types is his forte. Vulcan did get healed before the gym
leader battle, though.

The battle with Cilan was okay. His Lillipup- well, you could say his bite was worse than his bark! It was a grueling battle.

Poseidon the Oshawott
Level: 13
Max HP: 39
Attack: 22
Defense: 19
Sp. Atk: 21
Sp. Def: 20
Speed: 15

Vulcan the Pansear
Level: 12
Max HP: 37
Attack: 11
Sp. Atk: 18
Sp. Def: 20
Speed: 25

Fennel came up to me and gave me HM01, Cut, then I went to the Dreamyard
to catch some more Pokemon, but not without healing my two miniature
warriors. When I got to the Dreamyard, two Team Plasma grunts battled me.
After I kicked some plasma butt, I went to catch a Munna.

Brizo the Munna
Level: 8
Max HP: 32
Attack: 10
Defense: 10
Sp. Atk: 15
Sp. Def: 25
Speed: 9 (Carbos please!)

Before leaving for Nacrene City, I talked with Fennel and got some awesome gear!
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Ah, it felt good to be out training in the open! My team just seemed to be getting stronger and stronger, especially my squidgy Tardigrade, who had needed a lot of catching up but was especially skilled in battle. Tardy used an attack called Psyshock and it was amazing! Like a mind crush!

I happened to glance at my map and remembered the bit of route four that I'd missed out because the sandstorm had been too much. It had been a while and I think I'd gotten all the sand out of my hair... and mouth.. so I decided to check it out. I took my team and we headed to the Desert Resort!

But, like all good ideas, this was a bad idea. I guess I forgot how bad that sandstorm actually was. >.>
However, there were plenty of trainers around who were willing to battle me to test my skills. While I was rooting around in the sand, finding hidden items thanks to my itemfinder, I noticed a set of stone steps... surrounded by these big grey-white things, like statues. They freaked me out because they looked alive, but weren't moving, so I ducked into the stairwell to get away from them. It turned out the stairs led to a hidden chamber, and some people were already down there. A scientist told me it was called Relic Castle, and a couple of 'psychics' said stuff about it having the remains of magic and once, long ago, being the heart of Unova for both humans and Pokémon...

Something about that reminded me of N so I left. I don't want to think about him right now... hehe♥

After a little more training in the desert, I couldn't wait to get out of there, so I headed back to Nimbasa and decided it was time. It was finally time for me to take on Elesa at the Gym. The trainers waiting in the gym were tough and after a couple of close calls, we were ready for the end, so when I finally reached Elesa's platform - those coaster tracks are FAST - I was glad of the items I had bought beforehand. I lavished potions and healants over my team and then we were ready to roll.

Unfortunately, I wasn't counting on Zebstrika being so hard to beat. And even when I managed to get him down, Elesa's constant switching between her two Emolga left me confused and my team worse for wear. After a while, I only had my squidgy Tardy and poor Pendant left. Pendant, being the Water type, wasn't keen to get out there at all, especially since Fawke, my Tranquill, had tried his luck at distracting Zebstrika so I could heal Marik, only to get knocked out himself.

I had no choice. I send out Tardigrade. My poor little Solosis, in his first real battle, against a powerful gym leader.

He used Psyshock.

It was awesome.

Three attacks later and that was it. I had won. I could barely believe it and Elesa was even worse - she had severely underestimated my little Solosis and paid the price for it. She grumpily handed over the Bolt Badge - woohoo! - and told me to meet her on route six. I healed up and obliged, following her over to the route gate, ready to see why she wanted me--

FFFF. CHEREN. What are you doing here?!

Of course he wanted a battle, right there and then. I proceeded to beat him up and take his money to buy myself some chocolate. ♥

Cheren was moody because he thinks Pokémon is about strengths and weaknesses and that he calculated everything to perfection - but Pokémon aren't statistics to be shimmied into equations. They're friends and partners, and we create bonds with them in order to reach a common goal, be it strength, companionship or even love... oh N... waitwhat. Where was I?

Elesa came along, all strutty, wondering what was taking me so long, and noticed Cheren. Instead of having a go or even ignoring him, she introduced us to a strange red-haired man watching the dancers, who introduced himself as Alder, the current Champion. He them put Cheren firmly in his place.

Cheren's jaw hit the floor. I heard it.

We proceeded to beat up two kids because Alder told us to. Man, why didn't I start my journey earlier?! This is so much fun!

Elesa called us back on track - spoilsport - and opened the bridge for us, while telling us not to underestimate the man on the other side. But what of that right now? I'm enjoying a leisurely stroll with my partners after an intense battle, across a beautiful bridge with a gorgeous view. In that moment, I felt that everything was just so, and it felt just right.

Next stop, Driftveil City! To check in to a Pokémon Center, to check out the gym and most important of all - to stalk N! WOOHOO!

Yaay! I beat Elesa!
She was tough. >.> Seriously, little Tardy was my final hope and boy did he pay off.

Key moments:
Tardy got strong ♥
Some wierdo in Relic Castle gave me a Plume Fossil but since the only Pokémon I'm going to be using are the six I have with me, I didn't think it was worth mentioning. I might revive it post game D:
I know the blue things are Daruma-mode Darmanitan but I don't want one and they'll still be there later.
Beat Elesa! Finally!
Gained access to Driftveil City!
Got to see Cheren put in his place for once!
Bought chocolate!
Didn't see N D:

I might post more later but I had to take notes for this one, since it was pretty long (I know. Notes! and I kept messing stuff up so I was trying to write with my stylus and touchscreen with my pencil) so the next one will be shorter, for sure. probably the intro to driftveil and anything that happens in the city. If I keep in character, I won't move on from Driftveil until tomorrow so I might just go grind outside of posting.

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