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In-Game Team Help Can't defeat the Elite Four with your current team? Need help improving your Battle Subway team? This is the place for team help concerning in-game and casual play. Teams focused on the more competitive aspect of Pokémon must be posted in the Competitive Team Help sub-forum.

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Old December 10th, 2011 (3:55 PM).
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This is a request for you guys to rate my Black/White team. THIS IS NOT FOR COMPETITIVE BATTLING. I battle for fun with a friend down the street and we are planning to have a massive amount of battles over the Christmas holidays, which are in two weeks for us. I have battled this rival since June of this year and we notoriously modify our teams to defeat the others. I will supply you with my knowledge of his team as well as the full description of mine, and all suggestions will be appreciated.

MICHAEL'S TEAM- TO MY KNOWLEDGE (I sadly cannot recall movesets off of the top of my head)
Scrafty- Dark/Fighting
Hi Jump Kick
Banette- Ghost
(He had a Banette months ago but replaced it, he's now returning to it with a different nature but the previous build was Destiny Bond)
-unknown, mostly fire STABs and Earthquake-
Shell Smash build with Ice Beam
and the last two are unknown. He has speculated he is searching for a grass type with an 87.5% male-12.5% female ratio and of the other I am entirely unaware.

My team (Pokemon with an asterisk next to them are personal favorites- if such is possible I would not like to replace them but will do so if absolutely necessary):
*Bisharp (Careful Nature)
Swords Dance
Night Slash
Iron Head
Iron Defense
Comments: A simple STAB build for a powerhouse as Bisharp.

*Typhlosion (Blaze)
Sunny Day
Comments: Eruption STAB + Sunny Day has swept his team in the past.

Galvantula (Relaxed Nature)
Volt Switch
Energy Ball
Bug Buzz
Comments: Energy Ball to cope with the lack of a grass type, Thunder + Compoundeyes and Volt Switch to scout.

Machamp (Adamant Nature)
Ice Punch
Stone Edge
Comments: Payback to deal with ghost switch-ins, No Guard of course, and Ice Punch/Stone Edge for coverage.

Swampert (Docile Nature)
Stone Edge
Ice Beam
Comments: Multiple physical moves, Ice Beam for coverage.

*Gengar (Docile Nature- level 100 so it wouldn't be ideal to breed at this point)
Shadow Ball
Focus Blast
Sludge Bomb
Comments: Two STABS and coverage moves; I've recently added Machamp to the team so Focus Blast is switchable.

As this is not for competitive battling over WiFi I will not post IVs/EVs/most abilities.

Please, any comments are welcome, I'd love to be ready for some fun and victorious matchups against a rival in a few weeks.

Mysterian- Gengar
Blume- Swampert
Crono- Infernape
Magus- Hydreigon
Zerai- Magnezone
Gourys- Whimsicott/Aerodactyl

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Old December 10th, 2011 (9:37 PM).
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While I have no comments to add right now, this belongs within in-game team help, so I'll move it there for feedback and such :) Post any future teams for other games in that section!


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Old December 11th, 2011 (9:43 AM).
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Perhaps I should replace Machamp with the following (whom I already have in the box?):

Gallade (Jolly Nature)
Close Combat
Psycho Cut
Stone Edge
Swords Dance

Ability---> Steadfast

Mysterian- Gengar
Blume- Swampert
Crono- Infernape
Magus- Hydreigon
Zerai- Magnezone
Gourys- Whimsicott/Aerodactyl
Old December 13th, 2011 (11:02 PM). Edited December 14th, 2011 by grumphie.
grumphie grumphie is offline
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get a hydreigon. he has kickass stats, stab+high sp attack dragon pulse, and levitate.

ill look a bit on bulbapedia to see if i can get a nice team for you.

neutral nature(if you can breed with arbok, ekans, gyarados or seviper for dar pulse, go modest and replace crunch with dark pulse)
dragon pulse(for epic STAB+high special attack damage)
crunch(for great damage against ghost/psychic types. dark pulse is better tough

great against: any actually.
watch out for fast fight, dragon and water/ice types. even then he isnt easy to take down, they just take out a chunck of his hp. special walls are your greatest enemy

keep him, but replace focus blast with thunderbolt for water type annilation. focus blast is missing fairly often anyway.

great against: other ghosts, psychic, fight, water, grass, low sp defences.
watch out for: dark, fast psychic

machamp: keep him. i'd advice to replace his dynamic punch with something more reiable like cross chop or brick break and ice punch with a move of choice. maybe bulk up?

great against: low defence, normal, rock, steel, dark, ice
watch out for: psychic, fight, defense walls, flying.

typhlosion can be replaced with blaziken if you have acces to it, or another strong fire type. blaziken can sweep easier with combined power of fight and fire.
if acces to blaziken:

neutral nature
sky uppercut
shadow claw

this setup swept quite some teams of my friends.

great against: grass, bug, ice, steel
watch out for: water, ground rock

if you dont have acces to blaziken, typlhosion is fine. i still advise blaziken tough.

braviary(sheer force)
adamant nature
flying move you prefer
rock slide
shadow claw

great against: fight, gosth, psychic, flying, bug, grass
watch out for:electric, ice, stone

if there is any chance you can get a samurott, get it. neutral samurott
x scissors
ice beam

eelektross(neutral)(not weak to anything!)
wild charche
volt switch
dragon claw

strong against: water, dragon, ghost, psychic ect.
weak against: steel ground types. really. watch out for those.

general tactics:
open with either hydreigon or eelektross. i'd advise eelektross because of his volt switch, which allows you to switch in safely on any non-ground type. if eelektross can handle his opponent, kill him. wait untill a dangerous opponent fro eelektross emerges(general strong pokemn),then use volt switch.

send in the pokemon that can handle his opponent best. grass type? send in fire type. dragon type? send in hydreigon(preferably wait until you have him down to 3 pokeomn first time. dont tell him you have hydrigon. you cant counter your enemy if you dont know him)

once you get him to half pokemon, or he manages to faint one/two of yours, send in hydreigon. start a major sweep, IF he gets down your hydreigon you should be able to easy ovecome him, even if you have to fight a war of attritionl. is 1-2 pokeon should be no match for your 4-3. if he manages to KO your hydreigon before he killed 1-2, youre likly having bad luck.

continue to wear down his pokemon until you win, or lose. not likely however, unless he uses some smart tactic i forgot.

alternative tactic:

open with hydreigon. use him to kill as many as possible until he gets beaten himself. overwhelm opponent after that.

lolz tactic: act bad. wrong moves against wrong pokeon(dont use hydreign. ko 1-2 while he beats down all but one/two pokemon, send in hydreigon. he didnt expect that, and became overconfidend.quickly overwhelm him before he can think of a strategy.

Old December 14th, 2011 (12:12 PM).
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I thank you tremendously for your help. I will definitely take into account what you have said as I didn't think of a Hydreigon when considering team options! Or a Blaziken, which I personally adore.

Many thanks,


Mysterian- Gengar
Blume- Swampert
Crono- Infernape
Magus- Hydreigon
Zerai- Magnezone
Gourys- Whimsicott/Aerodactyl
Old December 14th, 2011 (12:48 PM).
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One thing noticed with the Eelectross that grumphie, and this is why I wished Game freak came up with better physical electric moves.

With Wild charge comes great power. Even more so with a life orb bonus or CB bonus...The only downside is that blasted recoil. Unless you're planning to Kamikaze the poor thing I would advise against the use of recoil moves or moves that make you weak. (I.E Draco meteor and Super Power).

With Wild charge you suffer a slight recoil but that's all it would take for a Mold Breaker Haxorus to come in and destroy him completely. I've seen videos where people have taken advantage of recoil damaged Pokemon to swoop in and go for the kill!

My advise for in game. Anything is fine really! All you need are types that counter the different types in each of the gyms. That's all there is to it really. Once you're done with the gyms it's off to elite four with you. There's a very simple way to defeat all four of them if you have at least one of the type weaknesses against them..What I discovered is that they practically give away what they are weak against.

Let's start with Shauntal

Shauntal is ghost...Ghost < Dark

Dark = Grimsley...Dark < Fighting

Fighting = Marshal...Fighting < Psychic

Psychic = Caitlin (Snarky skank.) Psychic < Ghost.

See the patter there?

That's what you pretty much need...Or just bring a powerful bug,Dark and and Fighting type Pokemon that's really fast and just plow through them.

Best of luck! Hope this helps!


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Old December 14th, 2011 (10:47 PM).
grumphie grumphie is offline
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can be. but wild charge isnt his nly move. like i said, only fight those you can handle. ohko'ing flying and water pokemon with wild charche, severly damaging anyy dragon type with dragon claw, ect. hes meant as a strong scout, thats why he has volt switch. only fight when you 100% you can handle him, otherwise volt switch.

Old December 16th, 2011 (6:17 PM). Edited December 17th, 2011 by Aust77.
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I just switched my team to Infernape, Gengar, Hydreigon, Magnezone, Swampert and Whimsicott. Many thanks!

One more question-- Whimsicott or Aerodactyl?

I'd like to have a counter to fighting with Aerodactyl's Flying type, but Whimsicott with Encore-Stun Spore-Leech Seed-Substitute is a powerful support type among a team of attackers and special attackers (Gengar, Hydreigon, Magnezone, Infernape and Swampert).


Mysterian- Gengar
Blume- Swampert
Crono- Infernape
Magus- Hydreigon
Zerai- Magnezone
Gourys- Whimsicott/Aerodactyl
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