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Competitive Team Help Having trouble with your competitive Pokémon team? Be sure to check here if you need any help on it. Any teams intended for in-game and casual play should be posted in the In-Game Team Help sub-forum.

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Old January 9th, 2012 (07:37 PM). Edited January 9th, 2012 by JadeX.
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EV 64 Atk / 252 SpA / 192 Spe
Focus Sash
-Stealth Rock
-Vacuum Wave
-Fire Blast
-Close Combat

My favourite Gen IV lead that has made it all the way to Gen V, but instead of fake out, it carries Vacuum Wave. Either sets up Stealth Rock or just go on the offensive to start the momentum for this team.

Nature Cure
EV 252 SPA / 252 Spe / 4 Def
Life Orb
-Ice Beam
-Hidden Power FIRE

Starmie has proven itself very useful in battles such as stopping a DD Gyrados when it switches in, hurting Ferrothon, Skamory with hidden power fire, my multi-elemental pokemon thus many coverage.

EV 248 HP / 252 ATK / 8 Spe
Choice Band
-Bullet Punch
-Super Power
Scizor has been a powerhouse with its high damaging Bullet Punch. Also, use to trap common threats like Starmie, Gengar etc with Pursuit.

Choice Scarf
EV 252 Atk / 252 Spe / 4 Sp,Atk
-Fire Blast

My Revenge killer. Fire Blast to knock off Steel pokemon that are used to stop Salamence.

Lum Berry
EV 252 Spe / 252 Atk/ 4 Def
-Sword Dance
-Drain Punch
-Sucker Punch
-Zen Headbutt

A replacement for Conkedurl. Mew is able to set up Sword Dance almost 2-3 times easily. Lum Berry to reflect status which they thought could cripple Mew. Sucker for prior, Drain for healing and Zen headbutt for stab !

Natural Cure
EV 252 SpA , 252 Spe , 4 HP
-Nasty Plot
-Giga Drain
-Earth Power
-Hidden Power FIRE
Same function as Mew but allows me to deal with quagsire, swampert, steel pokemon with hidden power fire. Earth Power is just for extra coverage

Sorry got to rush off will fill in more details later on when I get back from school
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Old January 9th, 2012 (08:49 PM).
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Infernape: Use Fake Out instead of Vacuum Wave so that you can break opposing leads' Focus Sashes before getting SR up.

I'd use Dragon Claw instead of Crunch on Salamence because the former is a more reliable STAB than Outrage and the latter doesn't really add noteworthy coverage.

You're still better off using Conkeldurr instead of Mew. Conkeldurr is somewhat bulkier than Mew, plus it's stronger than Mew and has more reliable priority in Mach Punch.

I think you're talking about Celebi rather than Togekiss.

Old January 9th, 2012 (10:12 PM).
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Join Date: Aug 2007
Gender: Male
Nature: Bashful
There's not much sash leads nowdays and Vaccuum Wave can be used for prior to cover fake out if the enemy is sash. (though its a free turn for the opponent, but Infernape doesn't really OHKO with one attack nowadays)

Conkeldurr is bulkier than Mew, but then the speed and setting up is slow. I find it easier to set up with Mew. Not just that, Mew had a good base 100 speed as well which sync nicely with my team. I find Conkeldurr abit too slow, thus hard to use though no doubt it is a great pokemon after a few bulk up.
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Old January 10th, 2012 (12:57 AM).
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On Celebi you're better off with Psychic, because in OU, other than Heatran (which could have air balloon anyway), any other steel could be hit with HP fire (making earth power not really as needed). Plus if you switch out, you have Salamence, Infernape or Starmie to resist the fire attacks from Heatran anyway who can outspeed and revenge kill them (except if it has HP ice or d. pulse for Salamence and watch for earth power on Infernape but you'd outspeed anyway & use CC). Sure you'd lose Nasty Plot's boosts, but for Celebi it isn't that hard to get a Nasty Plot boost easily. Psychic, however, does neutral damage to dragons other than the Lati's, which you'd otherwise have issues with on that set.
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Old January 11th, 2012 (03:23 AM).
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Dark Azelf
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Outrage is illegal on Moxie Salamence (4th Gen tutor Platifail move vs Dream World). Plus there are much better scarfers, Mence sucks as a scarfer because of SR + SS i.e it wont revenge kill anything or live long. Terrakion, Haxorus and Landorus (this really needs sand to function though) are probably the best ones along with Rotom-W.

Suicide leads that only set up one hazard are dead weight in B/W and a wasted slot, you need every team slot. Replace it for something cover that horrific sun weakness, Heatran would work decently, it still gets SR too.

Other than that not really too many issues. Mew probably wants a Life Orb, cos that set is weak as hell.
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Old January 11th, 2012 (05:19 AM).
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Salamence is released with DW Outrage Moxie (: But it cannot be paired with both Moxie and Dragon Dance.

Alright, shall try out Scarf Haxorus.

I'm looking for a lead for my team to replace Infernape this way :/
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