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New Staff Lounge (archive) This forum was used in PokéCommunity's 2012 April Fools Day prank. All content in this forum is fabricated for the entertainment of the reader.

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Old March 28th, 2012 (10:50 AM).
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Olli97, you are my one true love. I have always adored and respected you and I want nothing other than to spend my time by your side. <3 I know we've had minor disagreements in the past, but together we work perfectly and I think we're the best damn team out there. No matter what anyone *cough*Lerroux*cough* says, we'll always be amazing.

Up your's to you purple admin boy and whatever twisted views you have about us as a staff team. Maybe if you'd been around more than 5 minutes you'd have some idea about how things work, but whatever, you've made it impossible to care about this forum anymore. Do whatever you want based on your bull**** opinions of how mods work as partners or how the staff in general work as a team, but don't you dare demand respect from preaching **** like this and expect to be loved. You've crossed the line this time. And I know this probably counts as another point on your little review points bull**** scheme, but I don't give a **** anymore, do what you want. You need the staff on your side or this place will fall apart even more than it has since your arrival, so do something about it whilst you still have the slightest chance of redemption or you'll see what we've all been saying come to life. And it won't be pretty.

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Old March 28th, 2012 (11:01 AM).
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Yeah! Go to hell Lerroux, and stay out of our business. We don't want your opinion on how we work as a team, so no matter what you say, your opinion won't matter to us, and it shouldn't to the rest of staff either. Instead of sticking your long nose into our business, stick it up your ass and stay away from us. We still haven't heard Steve confirm anything, so I still believe that you didn't become an admin legit, in which case I just want you to leave us alone and stop ruining the forum. Everything was perfectly fine before you came, and everything will be better once you leave again. kthxbye
Old March 28th, 2012 (12:08 PM).
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Mod Team Of The Year 2012 RIGHT THERE. <3

So loyal of you, OzCake.
So far away we wait for the day,
For the light source so wasted and gone.
We feel the pain of a lifetime lost in a thousand days,
Through the fire and flames we carry on!
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