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Team Sealand

Hello. I'm dead (more or less) set on making a Pokemon/Hetalia crossover hack. This will be a FireRed hack, and will include redoing the entire region, a new villainous organization headed by none other than the childlishly sinister Russia himself, a new legendary, and many new kinds of trainers, from Ladonians to Turks to Molossians. I need your help, though, because unfortunately making a full-out Pokemon hack is difficult if you only have three people on your team, as I do right now. I'd prefer a little bit of experience (as I have none) for my teammates, but if you're able to help, that is great!

Application form

Proof of work (optional):
Past experience:
Contact information:
My application:
Skills: I'm okay in a bunch of areas
Proof of work (optional):
Past experience: None ;_;
Contact information: "kyra_pancake" on Skype, "" on Facebook, woxihuanchirenrou on Tumblr.
Timezone: -6 GMT
Current team members

Tile Makers
Overworld maker

Current Projects
You are Sealand or Fem!Sealand. You want to be a country, and have decided that in order to be recognized you must beat the World 8 (who are the gym leaders) and your own "mother" (AKA, Finland) and father (AKA, Sweden) in the Elite Four/Champion league. Battling your way through the world will not be easy, however. You are a small nation (nation, meaning, you recognize yourself) and even though you are made out of steel and concrete, you are still small. Your big heart, courage, daring, and Pokemon will help lead you through to victory!
The villainous organization has superpower Russia at the head, and the Baltics and Belarus as its admins. Their name: Team Moroz. Their intent is not-so-simple: To control the trade routes of the major cities from the inside, infiltrating the top organizations with Pokemon and their own people in order to gain economic power. This may sound boring, but it has been suspected that they are using blackmail and hired thugs to carry out their devilish plan. When you find out about this, you are accidentally brought into it, and now it's up to you so stop it.
Will you finally get your dream of becoming a country? Will you eventually fill up your Pokedex in order to meet PROF. AUSTRALIA's expectations? Will you stop the evil Team Moroz?
It's up to you to find out!
The order of Gym Leaders would be UK-France-Italy-Germany-Us-Japan-China-Russia.
Map progression would look something like this:
(warning, large image)

Sweden would be the Champion, and you want to prove yourself to him. Of course, Finland and the rest of the Nordics will be in the Elite Four.
There will be some new Pokemon, such as the legendary Flying Mint Bunny, which you will find at England's town, unsurprisingly.
The town assignments are as follows (scheduled to be changed, some are very unbalanced):
England: Cameroon
America: Canada, Cuba, S. Korea, Molossia
France: Seychelles, Prussia, India
North and South Italy: Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Seborga, Luxembourg
Germany: Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Kugelmugel
China: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam
Russia: Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland
Japan: Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
Nordics: Sealand, Wy, Australia, Hutt River, Ladonia, New Zealand
You'll be able to battle people from the area that you're in, for example, along the first route will be "Ladonian ____" and so forth. Not only will you find characters from Hetalia, you will also find citizens from the country the town is based off of. You may find some grumpy Brits in England's town, and some pesky street venders in China's town.
Progress screenshots:

Progress percent:

Thank you!


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