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Old March 28th, 2012 (11:28 AM). Edited April 4th, 2012 by Oryx.
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Make Your Own Adventure Camp

While the hubbub for Black 2/White 2 has been dominating Pokémon news, "Pokémon Adventure Camp" was quietly trademarked, tucked away, and not talked about in the least. This contest is based around the idea of a real Pokémon Adventure Camp. What's in it? What do you do there? That's up to you to decide!

In this contest, you're creating your own camp for children (and maybe young adults like most of us here that love Pokemon) would attend that would be considered a "Pokémon Adventure Camp". It could be a camp with cabins you stay in for a few weeks, a day camp that's open year-round, anything that qualifies as a camp. Tell us all about it, providing pictures if you'd like, of the events that would happen there and what it would be like. Get creative!

Rules and Time Frame

☛ This is primarily a text-based contest. While you can submit artwork or the like to supplement your entry, the basic judging will be done on the text you used to describe what your camp would be like.
☛ Only one entry per person.
☛ Keep in mind that this is meant to be a real camp; so don't include things from the Pokémon universe that can't be replicated here (e.g. "You get to pick a Pokémon to have as your partner the entire week!")
☛ Feel free to change your entry up until the submission time has passed. If it's passed and you've edited it, I'll take the last edit before the time given and use that as the entry to be judged.

The contest begins as soon as this is posted and will last until 12:00 AM EST April 23rd, 2012. The judging will then be one week, and the winners will be revealed no later than 12:00 AM EST May 1st, 2012.


Nothing here is required, just some jumping off points, things to think about, and options for you to expand on.

☛ If you're stuck for a starting point, try what kind of camp you're creating. Which one would be most fun or fit with your ideas the most?
☛ Think about small details, such as the kind of people that would be counselors in the camp, how it would be decorated, and the age group the camp is directed towards.
☛ While the camp has to be possible in reality, that doesn't mean you have to dream small. Want a camp that's required for all starting Pokémon fans to teach them all that they need to know? Go for it! Want to make a camp that would take billions of dollars to fund yearly? Feel free!


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Old April 4th, 2012 (11:34 AM).
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Err, here goes?

Pokémon Adventure Camp aims to give the young (and young in spirit) the chance to take their love of Pokémon out of their handheld devices and into the real world by combining the classic game mechanics and latest 3D and interactive technologies available.

Every week, 150 lucky campers will be spirited off to Pokémon Adventure Camp for 6-days and 7-nights of outdoor, Pokémon fun. Each camper will be given a special new game cartridge for their Nintendo DS and one of dozens of Pokémon with which to play the game. It won't be a standard game because in this incarnation the campers will be acting out the roles of real Pokémon trainers with the help of a special interactive training course.

Campers will help train their Pokémon while training themselves, becoming healthier and fitter as their Pokémon grows stronger. They will have the options of training physically on race tracks and obstacle courses or mentally with a series of puzzles and brain teasers. All the while their games are receiving information based on the efforts of the campers. For instance, when a camper runs one lap around a track their pokemon becomes a little bit stronger, and when a camper completes one puzzle their pokemon becomes a little bit faster.

Some of the games will even allow campers to capture new Pokémon for raising or trading with friends. There will be many special and unique Pokémon with moves and abilities not normally available to them.

The centerpiece of the campgrounds will be the Battle Arena where campers can see their Pokémon brought to 3D life in the most realistic battles possible. They can battle against computer trainers or against other campers. The final day of the camp even involves a tournament where one camper will be crowned champion.

But the fun doesn't end after the last day. Everyone's games will continue to be playable as standard Pokémon games and all their Pokémon will stay with them.
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Old April 4th, 2012 (11:56 PM).
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Following the success of Pokémon Adventure Camp Tokyo, it is now going global and reaching new cities such as London, Paris, New York City and Rome. In the Pokémon Adventure Camp, you'll be in for an adventure that you'll never forget. The camp aims to to be fun as well as make you feel like you are in the Pokémon World.

Facilities include:
  • Free Wi-Fi!
  • A variety of contests.
  • Outdoor and indoor swimming pool.
  • Large play area.
  • TV room.
  • A shop to buy food and merchandise.
  • Walkthrough path.
  • Cabins, electric hook ups, and shallets available.
  • Activities including rock climbing, surfing, canoeing.
  • Quiz and a maze.
  • A game corner which includes slot machines, arcades and interactive gaming. You can also exchange tickets for prizes.

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Old April 6th, 2012 (7:56 PM). Edited April 10th, 2012 by Taro Tanaka.
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I'll take a crack at this too, why not? X3

Coming soon to a site near you...

Pokémon Adventure Camp! Celebrating the successful Nintendo franchise, this international camp is for both children and adults who are still Trainers at heart to compete, train, and explore a whole new enviroment throughout the summer, just like an actual Trainer!

Every camper will be assigned a cabin to share with three other Trainers at random, to increase socializing and sportsmanship among other people. As this is a summer camp, the duration of the event lasts for three weeks, with each week being a trimester of its own. Bringing your own DS and a copy of either Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version is required. If a camper doesn't have either, they may borrow either copy and the console system from our facility. Borrowing the other version as well will cost $5.00 extra.

This camp will partake in three main activities for all to experience, to encourage both gaming and physical fitness. Rewards will be given to those who participate/complete these activities. Trading and gifting of these Tickets is allowed, if chosen by the Ticket holder. One type of reward is the PokéTicket, which is redeemable on an array of prizes depending on the type of Ticket:

PokéTicket (Bronze): This Ticket may be redeemed for a figurine of any one of the 649 existing Pokémon available. Otherwise, this Ticket may also be redeemed for a snack and drink when meals are not being served.

PokéTicket (Silver): This Ticket may be redeemed for Pokémon figurines, action figures, or apparel (keychains, t-shirts, hats, etc.). This Ticket may also be redeemed for a snack and drink instead.

PokéTicket (Gold): This Ticket may be redeemed for any one of the choices that the previous tickets offer, with an additional choice of a Pokémon plush doll. Otherwise, this Ticket may be redeemed for an official download of any Pokémon of the camper's choosing (any one of the 649 existing species) at the Level of Lv. 50. Along with a chosen prize, the Ticket's also worth a complimentary snack and drink along with the chozen prize. Two snacks and drinks may be taken, if chosen by the Ticket holder. Campers who borrowed a cartridge may keep the videogame if they submit 5 Gold PokéTickets at one given time.

The activites are as follows:

Competative Battling

Each Trainer will get a chance to battle each other in different tournaments held. Each trimester will have a major tournament. In order, the first trimester will have the Tournament of Truth, followed by the Tournament of Ideals in the second trimester, and lastly the Tournament of Absence to end the camp. Trainers may choose to partake in said tournaments, but are not required to. Tournaments will have standard battle rules, to keep matches fair amongst all Trainers.


Participation: Even if one does not become champion or make it to the final three, the participant will still earn a participation prize. This prize will range between keychains, hats, and redeemable PokéTickets (Silver). Participants may choose any two of the three available prizes.

Final Three: Contestans who make it to the final three spots (champion not included) receive prizes for their hard work, ranging between clothing, hats, and redeemable PokéTickets (Gold). Participants may choose any two of the three available prizes.

Champion: The champion of any three tournaments will recieve a hat, a redeemable PokéTicket (Gold), and Pokémon plush doll of any one of 649 existing Pokémon.


In order to promote physical fitness and give campers the experience of being an actual Trainer, "Adventure Challenges" are available to all Trainers to take on. These facilities may be either outdoors or indoors, depending on the choice of challenge. Each trainer will be given a pedometer at the start of a Challenge, to measure the amount of excersize done in a Challenge. There will be three different challenges to choose from, with three different difficulties as well, being Easy, Medium, and Hard.

Serene Jungle

This outdoor Adventure Challenge tests the participant's physical skills, ranging from running to climbing. The Challenge involves both speed and valor to get through. Do you have what it takes to become king of the jungle?

Hidden Flare

This Challenge revolves around scavanger hunts, with items hidden throughout the facility. The indoors facility is themed around molten magma and volcanoes, to give the Trainer a feel of actuality and adventure. The items are hidden randomly through the Challenge, to prevent passing tips. This Challenge revolves around both physical fitness and clever thinking. Find the fire inside of you and light the way!

Aiming Currents

This Challenge is themed on Water, taking place both indoors and out. This Challenge revolves around puzzle-solving and creative thinking, promoting thought and processing to increase the participant's wisdom. Puzzles may be simple or skill-oriented, depending on the difficulty set. Think like the waves to master the currents.

Redeemable PokéTickets will be rewarded to the trainer who successfuly completes a Challenge, depending on the difficulty:

-Easy: Pokéticket (Bronze)
-Medium: PokéTicket (Silver)
-Hard: PokéTicket (Gold)

Camp Pokémon League

To give Trainers the chance at refining their skills through challenges, a Pokémon League will be held all session long, so those who are ready to take off may take the challenge immediately, and those who'd like to wait may do so. The League is designed after Unova's own Pokémon League, and comemorative badges are handed out for each victory. The Elite Four members are stronger than the Gym Leaders, as is the Camp Champion, simulating gameplay as it would be in real life. The Gym Leaders, Elite Four, and Camp Champion are also part of the camp counselor staff, which means that campers are free to ask them for help on any situation they may be in. Prizes are awarded to those who achieve the following:

All Eight Gym Leaders Defeated: Not only do Trainers get their comemorative badges to prove their victories, but they also recieve a keychain of any Starter Pokémon of the franchise along with a redeemable PokéTicket (Bronze).

All Elite Four Members Defeated: Those who manage to defeat all four members of the Elite Four will be rewarded a DVD copy of any one of the currently released Pokémon movies (remastered, bonus features, and TCG cards included) along with a redeemable PokéTicket (Silver).

Camp Champion Defeated: Trainers who overcome the challenge of completing the entire Camp League will be rewarded with a Pokémon plush doll and a redeemable PokéTicket (Gold).

Pokémon will be checked to prevent cheating and tampering, which are not encouraged. Trainers found cheating will be penalized. Battles will commence with standard rules, to provide fairness to both Leaders and Trainers.


For those hardcore participants just itching for a challenge, prizes may be rewarded for achieving certain goals. These goals may be anything, such as ending a battle with a draw, winning a battle under three turns, catching and/or presenting a legitimate Shiny Pokémon, completing an Adventure Challenge under a certain time limit, ranking up a certain amount of pedometer steps in a single Challenge, traditionally defeating the Elite Four and Camp Champion in a winstreak, and so much more! These prizes may range between PokéTickets and downloadble content for Pokémon game cartridges (Shiny Pokémon, berries, items, etc.).

Living Conditions

Living with others may get a bit harsh, and counselors may meet to help organize a few new conditions if this type of situation is to occur. Campers are divided between Junior (ages 10-17) and Senior (ages 18-25) Cabins. Campers between the ages of 10-25 are allowed to participate. Courtesy between others is greatly encouraged. Lights go out at 10:30 PM, when all campers are instructed to go to bed, and lights up is between 6:00 AM and 10:00 AM, when breakfast will be served. Rowcall will be held every night to ensure that no camper is left behind and to keep everyone safe.

Throughout the session, all campers will be guaranteed to have leisure/free time. Campers may go for a swim at an outdoor pool (Next to the Aiming Currents Adventure Challenge). Campers may also visit the arcade room to play alone or with other campers, which contains Pokémon-themed games, such as Pokémon Battrio, and non-Pokémon games, such as airhockey and skeeball. Wifi is available throughout the entire site. Campers may also bring electronics for entertainment, but be aware that they are banned from certain areas (swimming pool, Adventure Challenges, mandatory camp meetings, etc.).

Breakfast will be served between the hours of 6:00 AM and 10:00 AM. Lunch will be served between the hours of 10:00 PM and 3:00 PM. Dinner will be served between the hours of 7:00 PM and 9:00 PM. The cafeteria is kept clean and sanitary all session long to reduce illnesses. If a camper has any allergies, be sure to inform the staff to prevent allergic reactions and to modify any meal recepies.

Although the campsite takes place both indoors and out, there are still a few threats to be aware of, such as wildlife and intruders. If such an event is to occur, a lockdown of the camp will commence to ensure the safety of every camper and the authorities will be called to resolve the problem. An onsite clinic will operate all session long in case of an emergency.

Should a camper wish to get out of the program, they may sign out and be on their way, but they may not sign back in. Those who wish to return will have to register for another session and may not go back into the current one. Campers under 18 years of age will need to contact a parent or legal guardian to get picked up and signed out. If a camper also needs to contact a legal guardian for an item from home, the item may be mailed/dropped off at the campsite. Don't forget to include the camper's name!

Camp counselors are found everywhere throughout the campsite, including Gym Leaders, Elite Four members, and the Camp Champion. If a camper needs help, be it with a harsh situation, help with their consoles and games, or just tips when it comes to Pokémon training and battling, counselors will be sure to help. Rest assured that counselors will not discriminate campers due to age, race, or any other uncontrolable condition of the camper. Counselors have the right to file an expulsion report on a misbehaving camper, which will be tried by all counselors.

Orientation and Closing Ceremony

Orientation will be held on the first day of the session in the main building to familiarize campers with the program and its activities. Afterwards, campers will be free to participate and explore in the campsite and its activities. Throughout the session, a gift shop will also be open, to allow campers to buy anything that's also offered as a prize (note: campers are not required nor encouraged to bring money to the program, but may chose to).

During the closing ceremony, all campers will celebrate the time they've spent together in the program. Slideshows and videos of the campers will be played, allowing them to remember their experience both as a Pokémon Trainer and a fellow camper. Those who also achieved certain goals will also have special mentions to comemorate their winning feats. Parents and legal guardians are also invited to the closing ceremony, and may remain for an additional few hours to let their children say good-bye to their friends and counselors.

This camp aims to spread joy and a sense of adventure to all fans of Pokémon!

Start from a new beginning!
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Old April 22nd, 2012 (10:07 PM). Edited May 29th, 2012 by Oryx.
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Thank you for entering, you 3! I'll get to work on the judging ASAP :)

Edit: And the winner is...

Taro Tanaka!

Thank you to everyone for entering!

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