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Genre: Anime, Action, Scifi
Contains: Blood, inferred gore, Scary situations
There is a place in the multiverse where legends speak of a savior with unlimited kindness and potential. The only human with supernatural powers. This savior is reborn again and again but always has the same distinguishing features. At a young age the savior is sent to the dimension of Demi-humans that has the most strife. This is the tale of one such hero, who was torn from his destiny, his friends and his values by a powerful evil. This is also the tale of the legendary Bounty Hunter that was found in the same world:
Shirubā Anchihīrō
(Silver Antihero)
This is written using other animes as reference and A google translation for japnese names and terms, it was originally written to record a vivid and long dream I had months ago.
Have fun reading.

"Do you know who they are?"
"No...not really.. They were supposed to be my helpers"
"and do you know what happened to them?"
"They... died... Because of me they died.... I-i couldn't save them I don't know how it happened"
"yes you do. You know who killed them"
"No-NO! It's not possible!"
"Say it, Say who killed them!"
"And how did it feel...."
Chapter 1:
Silver hair and Ghostly arms- the strange boy
Shinia Yakuin, once a Guntai corps mid-rank solider, now part of a small group of sweep survivors was, once again, lost in thought while keeping a look out for other Demi-humaniods in the desert outside the camp. Had this place always been a barren desert? She never knew it to be otherwise. But Sweep attacks had left other places looking like deserts once they were finished. Perhaps there were no deserts until the Sweeps began. Shinia and her fellow survivors had heard rumors that the sweeps were coming to an end. But Shinia doubted these to be true. How could something that took her fellow soldiers stop before they took her as well? She couldn't see why she should live for disobeying orders when all those who followed them were taken down in a sweep.....

"Hey Shinia, are you keeping watch?"
Shinia startled out of her daze and, out of an old habit, saluted and reported as if to a high ranking officer of Guntai. "Master Kage! I have been keeping watch for signs of life SIR! I have had no sightings as of today SIR!" she realized what she was doing as her good friend, Toki Kage scratched his chin in annoyance.
"Sorry Sensei Kage...I mean Toki,"
"I keep telling you, don't call me that, I'm not so old that I can be anyone's 'Sensei'"
"Sorry, its just in my nature to call you that since you've taught me so much"
"I didn't teach you squat, apparently. Because after five months you're still spacing out"
"Sorry sen- I mean Toki. I'll try harder."
"Kay, you go do that.. I'm going to help Ken with his tinkering"
"Okay, I'll get back to work, sen-er-Toki"
She looked back out to the desert, they never saw anyone, last time someone came was five months ago when Shinia herself came to the camp.
But after a few minutes she could see something coming closer. A boy with blue arms and shiny hair, he was about twenty yards away. He was stumbling around with something tied to hiss back. He got about a yard closer before collapsing to the ground. "Sensei Kage! theres someone out there!"
Toki ran outside and started to say something before he saw the boy in the distance.
"Shinia, come with me! We need to get him inside!"
when the two reached the boy, Shinia was able to get a better look at him
not only was his hair shiny, it was silver, A color she never saw on a demi-human before... Any other color she wouldn't be bothered by, but silver hair was said to be the sign of the Human Savior. Another look gave her even more shock. "His Arms! They're gone!"
"Shinia, have some sense, haven't you seen a Mechnor before? He lost his real arms long ago, and he probably had to remove his mechanical ones because they were damaged."
"But I saw arms earlier, not only that, his hair..."
"So he died his hair, perfectly understandable, He probably had pink hair at first, here help me get him and this tarp inside"
The "tarp" was wrapped around something and tied to his back, the two took him into the building and set him down against the wall with his tarp set down next to him.
"He's lucky he came when he did" Toki said looking outside. "The suns setting, We wouldn't have gotten to him until the morning... Shinia, look after him till he wakes up"
"Okay Toki, I will" she made sure to address him the way he asked this time, she didn't want to loose the chance to learn about this boy.
She stayed up, keeping the candle in the room lit for longer than she ever had.
Finally, the boy opened his eyes, and blue arms appeared from the metal sockets of his shoulders. He looked at his company with deep, green eyes.
"Hello," he said, smiling kindly
Shinia blinked at the boys bright and cheery expression, "Um, H-hello,"
he tried to push himself up with his arms but they went through the floor like a hologram, So he set them at his sides and looked back at Shinia.
"My names Gin Sinsetsu, whats yours?" the way he said it made him seem even younger.
"I'm Shinia, Shinia Yakuin"

PM me for info about this project.

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