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Old September 10th, 2012 (06:29 PM).
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Weekly Pixel Art Challenge: #22 - Form
Hosted by: Logiedan
Approved by: Logiedan
Medal System activated

Theme: Season's Greetings 1 - Autumn Form

This week's task is to choose any 649 Pokemon, and give them an alternate form. If you didn't get the idea, then the form is an Autumn form. Try to be clever and use ideas from the season. Perhaps the colours can be changed to represent the changing leaves or maybe the 'age' of a Pokemon to represent the hardening and crunching of the leaves. Be creative!

Keep in mind that you may not choose an alternate form(e)s as a base as it is another forme itself. For example choosing a Keldeo Resolution Forme -> Autumn Form. If you need clarification on if X is an available option, then feel free to post a question.

In some cases and themes there will be omits.
  • No alternate form(e)s
Main Rules:
  • One entry per person. You may update your entry until the end of the contest.
  • You can't enter if you picked the theme.
  • All work must be made from scratch (unless the current theme states otherwise).
  • No previously made work.
  • You are allowed to post WIPs (Work in Progress) but please specify which image is your final.
This Week's Rules:
  • Canvas Size: 96x96
  • Palette Requirements: 24 colours max.
  • Transparency: Optional (WILL NOT COUNT AS A COLOUR)
  • Animation: None
  • Other: N/A
Good luck. If you have any questions & concerns, feel free to send me a PM.
Old September 10th, 2012 (11:38 PM).
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Chandelure Fall-Forme (The Jack-o-lantern Spectre)


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Old September 11th, 2012 (03:02 AM).
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Thought I'd go for something simple.

I took inspiration from some arctic animals that change colour of their fur to blend into their environment.

Depending on whether I'm allowed to do Spring or not, this is either:
Seel's Autumn malting period before Winter to lose it's brown fur
Seel's Spring malting period before Summer to lose it's white fur.
Seel fell in some mud..
Old September 11th, 2012 (01:35 PM). Edited September 12th, 2012 by Superjub.
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I was originally gonna go with a plant-based Pokemon (e.g.: leaves falling off etc.) then I decided that would be too predictable. I did kinda go with a Pokemon that is already pretty seasonal already, but I did kinda try to make it as different as I could while still trying to make it a forme. I chose it since I thought about how some animals store food during the Autumn for Winter, and that Delibird would be perfect. :D So yeah, I'm sure you'll Fall (pun INTENDED xD) in love with this Autumn Delibird. :D Differences inclue it's 'eyebrows' turning more leafy for camouflage, it's feat changing from webbed feet to the average bird feet for easier travel and a different colour scheme again to blend in.
Old September 11th, 2012 (03:25 PM).
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Autumn Forme Tropius. Representing the fall harvest with the cornucopia headpiece, orange and yellow colors, and fall gourds hanging from its neck. 17 colors + transparency


<dA <Pixel thread <Etsy
Old September 11th, 2012 (05:45 PM).
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Fall Forme Shaymin

I guess in real formes pokemon wise they transform automatically, but that doesn't make sense.

So with Shaymin being such a spring looking pokemon, it also tries very hard not to get eaten. To camouflage, in fall it's brush turns orange and becomes more prickly, and it rolls around in dead leaves till it gets a good coat of them to stick.


Old September 13th, 2012 (09:34 PM). Edited September 13th, 2012 by Chesu.
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As the days shorten and the air starts to become cooler, Ursaring grow a
thick coat of fur and begin to bulk up for the coming period of hibernation.

(original sprite for comparison)

Updated 11/07/10.
Old September 18th, 2012 (12:31 AM).
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Here's leafeon's autumn forme. Poor leafeon, he's lost all of his leaves =( Oh well, at least they'll be back in spring.

Old September 25th, 2012 (08:58 PM). Edited October 12th, 2012 by Logiedan.
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WPC will be paused momentarily due to the celebration of PCX.

October 12th 2012
Results will be posted soon along with a new WPC this weekend.
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Old October 14th, 2012 (08:57 PM). Edited October 14th, 2012 by Logiedan.
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And the winners are...

1st Place - Retribution

The colours and theme work perfectly. The yellow with the orange and even with the brown body colour flows so well together.

2nd Place - -ty-

The idea design was very typical but well executed, and I'm, surprised I didn't see more Halloween-related sprites.

3rd Place - Chesu

lol fat ursaring
I didn't expect to see a sprite with a more complex design such as this.

Honourable Mention(s)



Thanks for participating. See you next time! Check this thread to look at past winners and contests. You can also chat about the contest in the General Pixel Art Discussion thread. An emblem has been revealed.
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