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Old September 24th, 2012 (08:10 PM). Edited September 24th, 2012 by Sheep.
Warrior Garcia
Unhatched Egg
Join Date: Sep 2012
Gender: Male
Hi, i'm known as Garcia across a lot of forums (Cuz he's my favorite character in FE:sacred stones). Though, Garcia was already taken so i used Warrior Garcia. Though i'm sorta glad that happened since i hate using heros. I'm gonna stop talking about fire emblem and say one of the most simplest facts about me, I LOVE CHARIZARD!!!!!! Isn't that great:P Though, as much as i love charizard (I use the word though a lot don't i) i prefer leaf green over firered. Why is there SO much exclusive grass types in firered?!? And so much exclusive fire types in leaf green!!!! My most hated pokemon game is by far pokemon pearl and diamond. What did they do to the once AWSOME flamethrower animation from the GBA games??? I think the game was really repetitive with it's unnatractive wild pokemon theme. People say that wild pokemon battles are really annoying, but it seems to be more bothersome in these games. You don't seem to run as fast in comparison to the GBA games. ARGH! im getting almost nowhere with this topic, i talk about my favorite fire emblem character and how i hate using an evolved form of something in a completely different series that doesn't relate to pokemon. And then i rant about firered and the sinnoh games.
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Old September 24th, 2012 (08:19 PM).
Rainbow Arcanine
now known as narnia
Join Date: Aug 2012
Location: Australia
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Hi Garcia, welcome :3! Charizard is an awesome Pokemon and he does have a spot in my heart as one of my favourites. I'm the opposite of you actually, I prefer FR over LG, for wild Pokemon reasons xD. You hate Pearl and Diamond? I guess people can't like everything...

So it seems you're interested in the GBA games? We've got a section for that, it's called Advanced Generation Games. I have no idea what Fire Emblem is but I'm sure there are plenty of crazy fans like you out there :D.

Welcome, have fun here :D.
I'm not using this account anymore! I'm now
known as Narnia. Any VMs or PMs on this account
will likely go unanswered
. :p
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Old September 25th, 2012 (05:53 PM).
Sheep's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2011
Location: Hoenn
Age: 23
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Hiya, Garcia, welcome to PC~! :D Your username sounds a lot prettier as Warrior Garcia to me, so I'm glad you went with it!

To be honest I've never played Fire Emblem, but I do know a few people that have. It does sound like a pretty good game, so perhaps I'll add it to my (extremely long lmao) to-play list. :3

Also, I do agree with you about Flamethrower's animation. I really loved it in the 2nd and 3rd gens but come the 4th it looked less powerful, although they did make it look a lot more like actual fire haha. Well, I've gotten used to the newer animations, so I'm all right with it now!

But yeah, is there anything you joined the community for, since I'm curious? Do you plan on keeping to one or two sections or will you branch out and post everywhere that interests you? Whatever the reason, our community is pretty darn awesome so I'm sure you'll enjoy it here. <: So here's hoping you keep checking back!
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Old September 25th, 2012 (06:36 PM).
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Hi, Garcia, welcome to pokecommunity. I also like Charizard. Charizard is very awesome. I also prefer LG over FR because it was the first game I played. But unlike you I love to play pokemon Diamond and Pearl but it can be boring after a while. You like GBA games. If you are playing on a emulator, Visual Boy Advance is the far best emulator to play GBA and GBC games.

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