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Basic Info

The "Waiting Game" is a series i have started where i play random games (like pokemon ruby) to kill time while people (and me) what for hacks like Pokemon Dark Future to update so i can play the new patch. The games i play will be random and ranged to what i feel like playing (i may take suggestions in the future). *Warning there is some coarse language (especially in my hack videos)*

Pokemon Ruby Part - 1 - I'm back and waiting!

Pokemon Ruby Part - 2 - Frank, Promotion... Thug life!

Pokemon Ruby Part - 3 - Bruce Lee and PewDiePie

Pokemon Ruby Part - 4 - What goes with salt?

Also check out my Lets play of Pokemon Dark Future *Warning Coarse Language* (the game is hard )

Pokemon Dark Future Part - 1 - Derp Derp Derp

Thanks for watching and leave some feed back!
VCheck out my Youtube Channel content comming soon V

Want you hack tested/played? Just PM and i could start a Lets play!

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